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See Ya And Raise Ya

Finally, the gloves are off.  The Vatican has called for a global bank, and the OWS are calling for global governance.  The good part is that the masks are slipping.  The bad part is no one seems to be awake enough to notice.

My working hypothesis has been, and continues to be, the Chinese are doing everything they can to flush out the West.  It is not enough to simply defeat the West in open battle.  For one thing, the US for all its failings is still the global leader at projecting power at a distance.  It is not enough to financially break the West.  That will only martyr the system and it will roar back after licking it wounds.

No, what China wants to do is expose the West's treasured secrets.  If it can get the West to come clean on all the things it's been hiding for nigh on a century, then it can completely demoralize the opposition.  At this point, you should be visualizing the superhero movies.  The bad guy, rather than confront the hero head on, chooses to expose the hero as a moral degenerate, beneath contempt rather than above suspicion.    China has carefully avoided direct confrontation.  Instead, it has worked to expose the greed and corruption at the heart of Western leadership.

Suppose that every conspiracy in the past 100 years were suddenly shone in the full light of day.  Suppose you had the power to maneuver your opponent into the position that they had to expose all their dirty laundry in order to fight back.  It's a tactic torn directly from Sun Tsu's The Art of War.  Once an opponent is completely demoralized, it only takes a slight breeze to blow it over.  Nary a shot fired.  It would appear that Chna knows some dirty secrets, and they're willing to play Russian Roulette on an international scale in order to let the air out of the West's balloon.

One doesn't have the oldest contiguous society in existence without learning a few tricks from history.

Any student of history will tell you that Mankind's advancements have always come by expanding frontiers.  As famously noted, space is the final frontier.  And in the quest to exploit the frontier, America is playing Spain, while China is playing England.  Yes, South and Central America still speak Spanish, but their leaders don't go running to kiss Juan Carlos I's ring.  America's still bow and scrape to Lizzy2, though.

In other words, America achieved the greatest technological feat since the Golden Age, and then gave up and went home with some rocks and dirt.  The Chinese, however, appear to be poised to go and stay.  Whatever secrets the US found there and have kept for 40 years will be forced into the open.  Why secrets?  Because something there run home to low-earth-orbit.  Why else would you stop once you've set 12 men down on the surface and found hard evidence of mineral wealth, energy sources and water?  It would be a small push to create a permanent base, and later manufacturing.  In fact, much easier than the International Space Station.

Of course, now the US can't even get to the ISS without hitching a ride, since they've mortgaged their future on the 'War on Terror,' based entirely on a false premise and the short-sighted policy of cutting others out, rather than competing head-to-head.

Try this scenario on for size:

China successfully launched the first piece of their space station last month.  The next will go up and dock the first week of November.  At the same time, the Russians will attempt to launch another resupply ship to the ISS.  At the same time, the US/FEMA has sceduled a test of the National Emergency Alert System.

If the Russian rocket is not successful, then the US will have to abandon the ISS, with no (public) back-up system in place to get there.  Once abandoned, the ISS becomes a piece of space junk and under the Law of the Seas, anyone can claim salvage rights.  The Chinese maneuver their pods over and link up with the ISS, and then launch their own astronauts to occupy it.  The ONLY countermoves the US has is to expose any secret manned program it has, or join hands with Iran and get their manned program into high gear.

Once the Chinese control and occupy the ISS, then Russia's Soyuz can magically start working again, and poof!  Instant space program.  You use the ISS as a hub to assemble a full-blown Moon mission, first landing habitats, followed by automated production for air and fuel and water, then drop a few astronauts off to hang out for a while.

With what the Chinese hold in US debt paper, there's no reason why they can't claim the ISS as collateral on the debt, especially if it's abandoned.

If that all seems to far-fetched, then consider this:

A few years ago, the New World Order was a myth, an urban legend, a conspiracy theory.  As of this morning's headlines, it's as real as any other form of governance.  The Pope is calling for it.  The People's Protestors in New York are calling for it.  Hell, it was a Big Secret just a decade ago.

The US is obviously trying to box in China.  Amrose Evans-Pritchard told us yesterday that US industry is moving back home.  Trying to cut off China's money.  The US has attacked Pakistan and Libya in unprovoked wars.  Trying to cut off China's energy.  The US is pushing to get China's currency unpegged from the dollar.  Trying to cut off China's trade.  Everything the West is doing is trying to put the Chinese genie back in the bottle, because it's kicking their hind ends.

This has forced the West into openly admitting global governance (NWO) in an effort to politic and market China into a controlled situation.  Meanwhile, China is doing everything it can to call the West out into the open and completely undermine the populace's faith in their institutions.  Classic strategy.  The US has been using it on the world for decades.  We call it economic sanctions, but the effect is never the leass, the same.

Like a good poker game, the other guy is trying to draw out the well cards and see what he's up against.  The US is desperately trying to keep it's aces in the hole, but it's being forced to turn them up to keep control of the betting.  It's going to be really interesting to see how this plays out.

The US has sold out its future in an attempt to lure China into the box canyon and head 'em off at the pass.  Meanwhile, China is using decoys to flush the US out of its hiding places and flank 'em.  The big question is, does the US and the West still have the moral, social and financial will to bushwack the bushwackers?  It is in a position now where it must expose some of its cards in order to stay in the game, but it's betting on IOUs and the house is getting a tad nervous.  The house, by the way, is the Vatican.

It's a tough call.  We're on the fourth box of popcorn, and the climax hasn't come yet.  The suspense is nerve-wracking and the subtle plot twists are hard to see coming.  No one is telegraphing any moves, but the beads of sweat are beginning to show on the US's forehead.  You're never supposed to let 'em see you sweat, but somehow the underdog became the overdog, and it's a game of catch up now.

When Nixon explained the rules all those years ago, no one told him that Asians will nod out of politeness, but you shouldn't take that for consent.  The Chinese were willing to play, so long as the West kept selling them rope.  Now they're tying a noose and the US had better think of something fast.

If the US really has scalar weapons, now would be the time to turn them on Three Gorges Dam.  Meantime, we're whippng up another batch of popcorn for the first week of November.  Gotta hate these relativistic movies though.  It's so hard to tell the good guys from the bad.  We'll just have to wait for the Big Finale.

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