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The Game's Afoot!

I have known people who knew Qadafi.  To a person, they all describe him as a personable man, erudite and a congenial host.  He had a penchant for Chivas Regal and a deep sense of history.  His vision built one of the shining jewels of Africa: a country without debt, a well-funded social services program and modern creature comforts.  He made one fatal mistake, though.  He dared to sell Libya's oil, some of the lightest, sweetest crude on Earth, to the Chinese, and not exclusively to his neighbors across the Mediterranean Sea.

For that, he was shot like a rabid dog in the street and his body dumped in a grocery store freezer to be displayed like a prize buck at the end of the hunt.

We should all take one lesson away from this: if the US feral gummint will do this in broad daylight, in front of the whole world, who is safe?  Answer?  No one.  There is no status that ranks one above being mowed down in the US lust for global domination.

That is one lesson, but there is another.  The US feral gummint has tipped its hand and shown us some cards. Though the strategies are different, both the Republicrats and the Democans are thirsting for another Cold War.  They are deathly afraid of China and are doing everything in their power to pinch off China's energy supplies and markets.  There is now a clear set of dots that lead to this conclusion.  In fact, any power that doesn't play by the Anglo-American rule book is in imminent danger.  Get out your world map and do a red/blue election-night display.  Color all the countries the US has brutally attacked in the last decade red, and all the countries where China has gone in with gifts and money to get trade agreements in blue.  A pattern clearly emerges.  All the countries with strong ties to China are red

You'll also notice that the blue countries are in the so-called Third World.  You see, in all its hubris and bluster, the US ignored the little guys.  They were nothing but slums where corporations could set up sweat shops and produce Nikes for the self-absorbed, fluoride-swilling masses back home.

China, on the other hand, went in with offers of technology and infrastructure and strategic partnerships.  Where the US carried a stick, China planted carrots.  China developed mutually beneficial trade partners, where the West put their door mats.

In fact, China is the living embodiment of Lenin's famous quote, "The West will sell us the rope by which we will hang them."

It's the inevitable downfall of empires to stretch themselves so thin defending what they stole in the first place, that ultimately they collapse under the sheer economic weight of projecting power.  It is also the hallmark of empires to fight their wars by proxy.  It's the scene from 'Braveheart' where the king says, "Send in the Irish.  They cost us nothing."

We saw it during the First Cold War.  The US fought Russia via the Koreans and the Vietnamese.  Cuba and Central America became pawns in the Grand Game.  The war even moved to the ultimate high ground in orbit and beyond.  You can see it even now.  China's manned space program is growing, with the first part of their own space station already in orbit.

Russia is blowing up their rockets to put the US in a position of having to abandon the ISS.  Once it does, the Russians can simply move it and take over.  Law of the Seas.  What can America do about it?  It has abandoned its manned space program, at least in the public sphere.  A move like that would certainly force any black programs into the open.  Should be interesting to watch.

The US has scattered its pieces all over the board.  It can't muster decisive force in any one place, but must constantly thrust and pare, using its strength and resolve with each step.

The Chinese are fighting a war of attrition.  Realizing that the US can only see the world in two dimensions, it has moved into the third.  It is slowly bleeding off the West's power like a small, wiry boxer wearing down a larger and stronger opponent.  In fact, the Chinese even have a name for it: The Death of a Thousand Cuts.  There's no swift and costly death blow, there's only a protracted series of small hits that take more and more of the opponent's strength to fight off.

Think of it as geopolitical AIDS.  The virus (China) doesn't actually kill the host.  It cripples the immune system so that the host dies from repeated opportunistic infections.

Ultimately, we are looking at Reaganomics come home to roost.  The plan of leveraging future wealth against an enemy with a far smaller economy, and forcing them into collapse by trying to maintain, seemed like a great idea at the time.  The problem was that it created a massive debt pile in the middle of the US economy, and shifted so much industrial production into military build-up, that now the US is sitting on a rotting pile of paper with an economy that can only create more military.  It is incapable of doing anything else without a massive shift that would be a death blow.

Now the US is in a classic case of haing a hammer, and only seeing nails.  Remember all the happy talk about a 'peace dividend'?  So much for that, eh?

It's only a matter of time.  China can afford to sit back and let the US spend itself into oblivion.  It things get too dicey, China need only whip out its one trillion dollars in US treasuries and dump them on the market.  The US goes down by the bow, just like the Titanic.  The one major concern in that scenario is that desparate creatures do desparate things, and the US has a lot of nukes.

And that's why the America people need to get a-hold of the feral gummint lickety-split.  For the ten thinking people left in that country (the readers of this article), the only thing worse than destroying the world one country at a time, is toasting all of it at once.

At this point, Iran is the only wild card left in the Mideast.  All the remains after that is Central and South America.  The Chinese own the Panama Canal, thanks to Jimmie Carter, and they've been making a lot of friends down there with money and trade deals.  Two can play at the international 'buy-a-friend' game, just as easily as one.  It would be interesting to see Ron Paul get elected.  Once aid is cut off to all US 'friends,' it will be telling to see who sticks around.

And so, here we sit, spectators in a 3-D game of Risk meets Chess.  The US has lost a lot of key positions and is now in the position that it must attack or lose.  Or...lose anyway.  With nothing left to throw away, global destruction becomes an option, and one which the Man of Peace and his controllers seem more than willing to take.

The thing the American people refuse to recognize is that the feral gumming is no longer theirs.  It has been co-opted by elements unknown, and now no one, including its own citizens, are safe.  Not even the Nazis did what has just been done to Qadafi. Some would rant and rave about holocausts and all that, but even the wildly inflated figure of 6 million doesn't compare to what the US has inflicted with its economic sanctions and merciless bombing.

If Americans were serious about taking their country back, they would be spending a lot of time worrying about who to elect sheriff, than the clown in the White House.  If just 25% of the counties in the US elected the right sheriff, most of the immediate problem would be solved.  Then take back the White House.  If you scoff at such a thing, just read up on the power sheriffs have in the US.

Sadly, most Americans don't know how their system works, and the majority are too blasted on Xanax to care.

By the way, FEMA will conduct a nationwide test of the national emergency broadcast system.  Since recent history shows that major attacks happen on days when there are tests of the system, one ventures to guess that it would be a good day to be vigilant.  Especially since the date is 11-9-11.  Just a word of caution to the aware reader.

So there we have it.  The outcome seems written in stone, though the means to the end may fluctuate a bit.  How many hopeful detours there will be remains to be seen.  Mankind, it would seem, is incapable of learning a lesson without a good club over the head.  One hopes this time is different, but one dasn't allow optimism to blind the soul.

The future, for now, is lying in a freezer in Sirte, Libya.  Choose your steps carefully.

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