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Farce and Flatulent

It has been suspected for years, by the tin-foil crowd, that the US government has pursued a policy of using crimes involving guns to further an agenda of undermining the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

When I say "using", I am referring to the best case scenario, because the worst case scenario is that it has actually had a hand in causing the crimes in order to further a political agenda.

It is worth rereading the text of the Amendment:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
The first part, up to the word "State" is an adverbial phrase, providing more information about the active verb 'infringed'.  It does not limit the right, merely provides one of the conditions influencing the negation of the main verb.  Regulated, in the sense that it is used here, is a gerund (verb being used as an adjective), meaning, "to adjust so as to ensure accuracy of operation."  Militia, as defined in 18USC, is all males between the ages of 18 and 59.

In other words, all prime-aged males kept in good working order (trained) are necessary to protect a free country, and so their right to own and carry weapons (of any kind) can not be changed in any way, shape or form.

Seems pretty straight-forward to me, and with sound reasoning.  There's no ambiguity in the "shall not be infringed" part of the statement.  No weasel words or legalese...just plain ol' English (not that many folks speak it any more).

Where all this gets a bit hairy is the current administration has been caught creating crimes in order to use them to 'infringe' on the rights of individuals to own guns.  It's called Operation Fast and Furious, and the key event took place in Arizona, which seems to be a battleground right now for these sorts of things.

Seems that the federal agencies, particularly the Bureau of Alcoholics, Tobacco Subsidies, and F**k Ups (BATF), were under direct orders from the White House to violate federal law by executing 'strawman' gun purchases at local, legal gun shops, transferring the guns to Mexican drug runners, and then waiting for the inevitable murders that could be traced back to gun sales in the US.  This, in turn, would be hyped in order to create a national backlash and create more 'infringement' on personal rights.

The murders would be combined with the attempted assassination of CONgresswoman Giffords way back at the beginning of last year.  She was chosen because her husband is a big hero astronaut, so they could tie all the nationalistic pride up into it.  They used a brainwashed Jewish kid who went to the same synagogue as Giffords, and who vlogged all kinds of nonsensical claptrap and was amped on psychotropic drugs (again those damn pills).

These gun-related incidents in a state with fairly liberal gun laws would then be spun into a national froth to disarm everyone (except the criminals, of course).

But then, a BATF agent was killed in Arizona using guns that were purchased under Operation Fast and Furious.  That led to questions, which led to cover-ups, which have now led directly to the door of the Oval Office.  You may recall some time ago, Obama said that they 'had a plan to institute gun control,' just wait and see. He was obviously referring to Fast and Furious, though that egg has exploded in his face, it seems.

At this point, we're going to do a thought experiment.  I'm going to mention a term, and I want you to consciously record the images and feelings that pop into your mind.  Here goes...


Now, if you've been a good little citizen and taken your daily propaganda fix, then the images that came to mind in the first instant included military-style rifles, criminals, drugs (non-prescription), feelings of fear and anger, etc.

The legal definition of assault is to attack someone, and a weapon is anything used to hurt someone.  As such, an assault weapon can be pretty much anything you can imagine, including words, used to attack someone.  A slice of bread and duct tape can be assault weapons.  A high-ball glass or piano wire can be assault weapons.  In fact, just reading Agatha Christie and P. D. James novels will give you a veritable what's-what of assault weapons.  So why, in particular, did a military rifle come to mind?

Because you are mind-controlled.

So here's the thing: from all appearances, the White House gave the order to a federal agency to make illegal gun purchases using tax dollars, sell those guns to criminal drug runners and look the other way while they crossed the border, and then plan to use any and all murders committed with those guns to force a political agenda down everyone's throats.

Things that should be coming to mind at this point are conspiracy, RICO, high crimes and misdemeanors.  There's no way out of this one.  A BATF agent is dead, the murder weapon is a gun registered to a BATF strawman purchaser, there's recordings that make conspiracy to commit crimes and to cover them up fairly plain, and there's documents tying it all back to the White House.

This is de facto proof that the US federal government can and has conspired to kill US citizens to further political agendas.  This opens dozens of lines of inquiry into things like 9/11, OKC, Ruby Ridge, Waco and many other similar incidents.  Even the Miller incident which started gun control and created the BATF back at the beginning of the 20th century.

Add to this today's headline that the CIA targeted and assassinated an American citizen, a Muslim cleric and non-combatant living in Yemen, a country against which the US does NOT have a declared state of war.  The killing was approved by the DOJ and there were no Letters of Marque or Reprisal issued.

In fact, Anwar al-Awlaqi was a guest at the Pentagon right after 9/11 occured, and was an operative for the CIA/military.  Obviously, he was getting too expensive.

What you have here is clear proof that the federal government is no longer acting to protect its citizens, and in fact, is using blatantly criminal acts and conspiracy to target and subdue its own citizenry.  There is not the least shred of plausible deniability and the acts are clearly documented and lead to the highest offices in the government.

That anyone needed THIS level of proof is rather amazing, considering the tin-foil crowd has been crowing about this sort of thing for decades.  But the fact is now on the table and it is incontrovertible: at least some elements of the US government have acted in criminal conspiracy to target and kill US citizens, both at home and abroad, to achieve political goals.

There is only one question remaining: What are we going to do about it?

We have a long list of scandals and abuses, that individually might be written off, but which collectively display a policy of aggression at the highest levels of government against its own citizens.  At the VERY LEAST, this information should weigh heavily on your voting decisions.  But it should be causing a massive uproar demanding accountablity and jail time for those guilty, regardless of what position or authority they have.

Of course, what will actually happen is that Obama will retire to Uruguay, next to the Bushes.  Perry will be elected president, and a couple of bureaucrats will be fired with cushy pensions.

And the beat goes on...

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