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Embracing Insanity

There's so many significant things going on in the world today, it's hard to stay focused on anything.  The global auto industry is about to be brought to its knees by flooding in Thailand.  Jesse Ventura has vowed to leave the States and kick the dust from his shoes on the way out.  Fukushima is threatening to poison the entire planet.  A half-kilometer wide space rock will buzz the Earth and Moon in a couple of days.  The COMEX has reportedly raised margins to 100%.  And any pretense that the US and EU support democracy is now gone, as they put the thumb-screws on Greece to cancel a referendum on EU membership.

It's a special kind of insanity going on.  A nation with at least 300 nukes is threatening to go to war with another for the possibility that maybe they have thought about perhaps making some nukes of their own.  The war, of course, is completely unprovoked, and is backed by other nations with several thousand nukes of their own.

The US's mortal enemy al Qaeda has taken over Libya and raised its flag over the government buildings.  Since insanity is the rule now, al Qaeda is now the US's best friend in North Africa, while still shooting at them in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is progress?

Does this strike anyone else as just freakin' nuts?  Or am I alone here in seeing so much strangeness and hypocracy?  Those are rhetorical questions, of course.  Obviously, readers of this blog are excepted from the ranks of the insane.

Heck, we've got a measles outbreak among supposedly vaccinated people in Canada.  We've got legal, authorized prescription pain-killers killing more people in the US than cocaine and heroin combined.  We've got Gardasil crippling and maiming teenage girls all over the place.

There's a spreading 'Occupy' movement protesting the financial system by calling for global governance and monetary controls.  The Vatican, which normally takes 400 or 500 years to get around to anything, has jumped on that bandwagon.  Meanwhile, MF Global, Solyndra and AIG are all dying and taking a lot of hard-earned money with them

And Andy Rooney died.  Apparently, the world was SO absurd, that it killed him trying to make sense of it all.

One person that always makes me feel better, though, is Clif High at  His latest interview lets us know that no matter how crazy it is now, it will get worse.

Then there's the 9,000-year-old Caucasian mummy found in Nevada.  Kind of blows pretty much every theory of human development out the window in one fell swoop.  The local Indian tribe is, naturally, reticent to allow DNA testing, since it may blow their claim to First Inhabitants out the window, as well.

Even my sister got married for the first time, at the tender age of 41.  This is a certain sign that the End of the World is at hand!

I've even started doing voice-over work again.  Now you KNOW the world is in deep trouble!

It seems the tide is rising, at least figuratively.  As we approach those weird dates of 11/9 and 11/11, people just seem to be wigging out.  It just feels like folks are getting to the point where they just don't care any more.  Why fake civility and hope when you can form up a mob and scare the hell out of Detroit bus drivers?

The facade of peace and plenty is quickly being stripped away, and what's left are a bunch of fat banksters in the center picking the human flesh from their rotted teeth.  As we've seen throughout history, when things get lean and tough, people look around to see who's still eating, and they attack.  For the past millennium, it's been the banksters, of course.  You'd think after a thousand years, we would have figured it out by now.  More to the point, you'd think the banksters would have figured it out and taken more precautions in hiding their crimes.

Sometimes I wish the world would hurry up and jst get it over with, but when I think of the horrors on mass upheavals in past civilizations, and then multiply that by a truly global scale, it's not something to look forward to.  Real revolutions destroy everything in an orgy of blood.  They tear down to the roots all that came before in a bid to excavate the ills of the old regime.  The world hasn't seen something like that since Mao Tse Dung or Pol Pot.

We are standing at one of the cruces in history, where dozens of threads have come together at one time to cause massive upheaval.  The crumbling ruins of the former financial system, along with the ossified remains of intolerant and inflexible governing models are battling each other to the bottom.  At the same time, the standards of civilization that underpin our collective view of the world are imploding.  Religion, law and common courtesy are colliding.

All of this makes acts such as Jesse Ventura's denunciation of the US terror state, all the more poignant.  He is washing his hands of one out-of-control fascist state and moving to another.  In the end, there is nowhere to go.  The cancer of modern political entities has metastasized worldwide.  There is no place safe enough or far enough away.  It comes in the form of drones and missiles and projected force to every corner of the globe.  The merchants of death and masters of war can not stop themselves.  They are without restraint or moral compass.  Their banquet is the bones of the patriot and the blood of the innocent.

In the end, the slime will darken every stoop.  We must face the problem square on, because normal is no more.  We must decide which side we are on and proceed into the darkness.  There is no other way.  People are desparately clinging to anything that seems normal and routine, but those things are mere illusions floating in a sea of change.  The one who will survive are the ones who let go of what has always been, and embrace whatever is to come.

It would be nice to think that things can still be fixed, but at some point, people seem to accept whatever course they are on, because to change it would risk too much.  The irony is that by not risking everything up front, we risk it all in the end.  At some time or another, we will all be forced to choose, and by then the battle is already lost.

There is no such thing as normal, as a quick scan of the headlines will tell you.  There is only refusal to see the truth.  Sure Ron Paul could be elected and things could change radically for the better, but bracing one's self for the storm is a more effective and realistic approach.  The old saying is, "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

What really screws with your head is whether preparing for the worst is actually causing the problem?  After all, is that a form of capitulation?

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