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If Thine Eye Offends Thee

Yup, still here, just as I suspected.  But that only means we dodged the collision bullet.  Still plenty of fun to be had right here on good ol' Earth.

Today was interesting in that the Asian markets were hammered.  The Hang Seng lost 5.25% alone.  At the same time, Europe was all green.  Now go figure that?  Europe is falling into a black hole of debt, while Asia is doing fair to middlin', and our markets get trashed.  When I looked, US futures were up near 100, which puts a little cream on the burn yesterday, but the underlying infection ain't going away until we do some serious surgery.

With the demise of Libya, the number of countries with natural resources that don't bow to the fascist empire is dwindling fast.  Still have little ol' Cuba and North Korea.  Cuba doesn't appear to be in any immediate threat, since all they have is good cigars, rum and a submerged ancient city off the coast.  North Korea is fine, as long as they don't try to join the nuclear club.  That's a position only doled out to court jesters at the Vatican.

Iran, of course, is in major danger.  The Saudi king, who owes his wealth and priviledge to Lawrence of Arabia and his kow-towing to THEY, wants to put the kaibosh on Iran because it makes them look bad.  

The left-over Nazis, aka Israel, don't want ANY challenge to their nuclear hegemony in the Middle East.  They want to have one-button veto over everything that happens in the region.  Considering the way they treat anyone and everyone around them, can't says i blame 'em.  If I were the neighborhood bully, I'd want the biggest stick on the block, too.  I just wish they'd quit calling themselves Jews.  Makes it sound like they have some morals, which quite obviously they don't.

But why all this debt?  How did/do the banksters manage to get everyone in debt without anyone questioning it?  Today is not new.  They've been doing it, at least in Europe, for centuries  Eventually, folks wake up and lamp-post the whole damn lot of 'em, but for some reason, neither side ever learns.  Obviously, there's some deep trigger THEY use to fool people into buying into the Ponzi scheme again and again and again...

What could possibly be buried in the psyches of masses of people, that crosses all cultural barriers, and fosters a mind-set of debt, slavery and master worship?

Could it be...religion?  Hmmm...let's see.

First, you teach everyone that God is this hateful, vengeful being who demands utter obedience or He will torture and burn you in Hell for all eternity.  But He loves you.  Then you teach everyone that because some mythical ancestor ate an apple, we owe a huge, unpayable debt to this God.  We are to spend our entire lives lamenting and supplicating ourselves to this God for the apple-eating incident.  Furthermore, we are to offer the blood of goats and sheep to keep this God from getting angry and wiping us all out for what the mythical ancestors did under the apple tree that day.

That's right, this God loves the smell of death and burning flesh.  Cain's fruits and veggies just piss Him off.  He needs real death and destruction to make Him feel happy and needed.

All this blood and death was enough to create a story about the Son of this God, who comes around to teach us that we should love and share and that He will die to pay the debt, so we don't have to keep doing all this killing to make God happy.  Yup, that's right.  God Himself is the only Being capable of paying off the debt we owe for eating apples!  So now, we humans have to slaughter our own God and hang Him on a tree to pay off this debt.

But what happened?  To hear the Catholic church tell it, we still owe a debt!  We are born in Original Sin and baptism cleans that mess up, but we STILL owe a debt, because (God forbid) someone might masturbate, or not finish her Wheaties, or tell his wife she looks great when her belly is hanging over the waistband.  We are hopeless, corrupt, worthless sinners who can never repent enough to make God happy, even though He supposedly created us in His Own Image.

Wait a minute.  If we are in His Own Image, then killing, lusting, destroying, and masturbating are all good things, right?  After all, He does it!  He knocked up Mary without marriage ceremonies or anything.  He even abandoned her as soon as she got knocked up, which means He owes back support, doesn't it?  OK, so it was Gabriel who did the deed, but still...

Here we have slavery, debt and bloodlust, sewn into our collective psyches from birth, etched into our culture and civilization, and what do we get?  Empire, slavery, debt, bloodlust, war...everything we see God doing in The Book!  In fact, we can pretty much blame God for all the war and misery on Earth today!

So where did Christianity go astray?  After all, the central message is peace, love and no debt, right?  Instead, we ritually slaughter God every Sunday and eat His Flesh and drink His Blood.  And this is a good example for a bunch of unruly creations?  It would seem we got completely derailed!

And it's not the first time.  The Aztecs had a God of peace and love, but He was kicked out by a demon, and the Aztecs actually called him that, and started human sacrifice in order to what?  Why, pay a debt of course. The Maya did the same thing.  The Hindu had it for a long time, but then Buddha came along and reformed it. Makes it one of the few religions without debt and bloodlust at the heart of its philosophy.

We just had Idul Adha here, and across the Muslim world.  Guess what?  The Day of Atonement (debt) is marked by none other than slaughtering goats and cows.  The Zionists (note I didn't say Jews) have their Day of Atonement, in which they go out and slaughter their neighboring countries to atone for all the evil they bring into the world.

With all these fundamental beliefs at the cores of our societies, is it any wonder that banksters enslave us with debt, governments become tyrannical and churches dole out guilt and low self-esteem?  The whole damn thing is based on a fundamentally flawed and perverted view of the world, and that view is institutionalized at the deepest levels of our societies.

We are worthless, wretched sinners who need caretakers to whip us into shape and make us work our tails off in order to repay an unpayable debt to a murderous and evil God who loves the smell of burning flesh.

You see, the problem here is not the banksters (OWS), and it's not governments (Tea Baggers), it's the churches.  They are preaching hate and death and debt to us from the minute we spring into the world all steaming fresh.  They have so perverted what amounts to a Buddhist message from some guy named Jesus that was trying to reform Judaism and all the other debt-based, brutal religions of the day.

This problem is like a mesquite tree.  You can whack that booger right down flish with the dirt, and in three months you'll have a bigger mesquite tree.  This will continue to go one until you drag out the chain, hook it to the tractor, and yank the damn root ball out and burn it (preferably in a slow-cooker with some tender aged beef).  We will never free ourselves until we see what the real problem is, and fix it.

We can tear down the banks, revoke corporate licenses, erase all the police state apparatus, but as long as we believe in this religious guilt, slavery and debt, we will never be free.  All that will happen is that it grows back bigger, stronger and with nastier thorns, until the root is dug up and utterly destroyed.

Honestly, for all we know, Lucifer really is the Light Bearer, but we've been so snowed by BS that we can't see it anymore.  And don't get your religious panties all in a bunch, I'm just making the point that we have been so throroughly bamboozled that we have to assume everythng is a lie, at this point.  In other words...

The Matrix

Really, it's time for people to start taking a fresh and honest look at what they believe and where those beliefs come from.  We can no longer take anything for granted.  Our entire civilization and all our future generations depend on it.  But we need to move fast.

We are all Winston Smiths.  We are all the last of those who remember, and who can remember.  Our kids have been so thoroughly TeeVeed and public schooled that they wouldn't know there was something else to think and believe, much less where to find it.  Our parents helped create this empire of blood, and through our sloth and thoughtlessness, we have allowed it to continue.  It's up to us to clean it up, or it may be centuries before the next opportunity comes.

Start bartering and stop using the slave bux.  Pay off your debt and get free of it.  And for God's sake, stop going to the mega-churches and giving them money.  Starve all the Beasts at once.  Get out of banks and find alternative forms of payment wherever possible.  This is not something that needs to be gotten around to, it is an immediate and desperate need.  Gold and silver are one means, but not the only one.

Most importantly, question everything.  Harbor no sacred cows.  Open you mind to everything.  The Truth is always apparent, when you hear it.  Remember what Jesus said, "If your eye offends you, pluck it out.  If your hand is false, cut it off."  We have to be willing to jettison everything false and untrue, which is the meaning of that statement, no matter how dear and sacred it is to us.

Truth demands nothing less, and the reward is real, blissful and lasting freedom...of the heart, the mind and the soul.

Our children deserve nothing less.

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