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Meiosis Mulai

Let's see...what's a good metaphor for the global situation at present?  How about cell division?

What we are seeing now is the nucleus spitting itself in two, while the DNA is busy replicating itself to make two identical sets...evil empire East and evil empire West.

The mitochondria (militaries) are busily producing proteins and glucose to fuel the process.  The first hints of a new cell wall are appearing, being built block by block between the two halves.

It's all a matter of degrees.  A push here, a nudge there to move things along.  Then, suddenly it moves really fast and the dividing wall closes up and the two sides grab the last of whatever they can before it seals.  Finally, the one original cell is two identical cells competing for the same resources that only one cell used before.

The world famous Man O' Peace, the Nobel winner, the Great Hope and Sweeping Change has succeeded in throwing gas on the fire.  The process has sped up and the wall is quickly sealing itself.  He has brought death and destruction to great swaths of the Earth with his brand of peace and change.

The Russians are threatening to once again point missiles at the US.  The Chinese are building aircraft carriers and holding naval drills in the Pacific.  The Pakistanis are buring the Man O' Peace in effigy.  The Malaysians have convicted Tony Blair and G. W. Bush of war crimes, and GW cancelled a speaking engagement for a Jewish charity function in Switzerland because charges of crimes against humanity have been filed there also.  Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are in ruins.  Syria and Iran are on the chopping block.  The US has put marines in norther Australia and fomented rebellion in Egypt.

There's only two ways for this to, a world war the likes of which we have never witnessed in all of history, with millions and perhaps billions dying within a few short years; or two, we all simply refuse to fight.  This, as all wars, is a manufactured event put on by those who laugh at misery, thrive on death and drink the blood of the innocent for dessert.  It is NOT our war, and by our I mean most of humanity.  It's a sick entertainment for a few depraved individuals (I won't honor them with the title of Human).

The war only works if they have bodies to throw at each other.  If we, en masse and worldwide, refuse to participate, then the sickos must attack us directly and show their true colors, or cower from the roving bands of Humans looking to lynch anything with the self-adorned moniker of 'elite'.

Part of what's going on is a complete re-make of the fall of the Soviet Union.  You may recall that the Soviet army had been bogged down in Afghanistan for ten years and had gotten deep in debt because of it.  Reagan cranked up the Cold War and threw gas on the fire of the arms race, which caused the utter collapse of that country.

Now, the US is mired in Afghanistan, as it has been for ten years.  It is deep in debt and the Russians are talking of a new arms race, with China as a partner to make it doubly threatening.  Ultimately, the political minions will spend the country into the dirt to build up a military response, and will crash and burn because of it.

Because the play book is so freakin' similar, it's hard to call this anything like a coincidence.  Instead, this is a manufactured series of events designed to do precisely what is being done: a replay of the fall of empire, but with a different empire.

Out of the chaos and destruction, the 'elite' plan to do what they have always done, use these kinds of event sto consolidate power even more.  The last conflagration resulted in the EU and the US empire.  The next one will result in finally achieving global, centralized Empire of All Things.  This EXACT scenario has been played over and over, with the last two major clashes still in living memory, though fading fast.

There's only one sure way to stop it, and that is to realize it's happening.  Then it's just a matter of stopping your unwitting participation by not going along with the propaganda and the jingoism and the willing sacrifice of our children.  But how to do that?

The sure-fire answer is to refuse to pay taxes to any government anywhere, and then stop buying gee-gaws produced by or sold by a corporation.  Simple, isn't it.  Except for one problem.

Trying to get the majority of the world to stop paying taxes and chasing gee-gaws is virturally impossible.  Most people can't think beyond their nose and will pepper spray and maul their fellow human beings to get useless junk on sale before someone else does.  Scanning the Black Friday headlines was depressing.  For all our hubris and self-congratulations on being such advanced creatures, we are nothing of the sort.  Rather, we are greedy, grubbing animals with clothing.

Watching the spectacle of a so-called advanced nation tearing itself to pieces over waffle irons was almost enough to make one want to join the bad guys, because honestly, what's there to save?  Watching people trample a grandfather to death to get at the latest iPoop is simply unbelievable, if not sick-making.

The only thing that spurs one to continue the fight is the prospect of the slimy 'elite' actually succeeding, but it can be argued that they already have.  After all, we humanity jump on command, run blindly after trinkets dangled like carrots before our mule-headed souls, give virtually the same amount of care to our fellow planet dwellers  that they maggot-ridden 'elite' do.

We are divided/dividing because we allow it.  We allow those putrid excuses for lifeforms to push our emotional buttons and create strife and hatred where none existed before.  We allow ourselves to be tricked and fooled, like patrons at an illusionist's mercy.  We have willingly suspended our humanity in favor of turning off our reasoning and storing our self-will.

We are quickly descending the circles of Hell on an express train to the maw of the Great Beast.  The goal is to destroy thos of us who reason and have souls and refuse to be played like chattel animals.  The goal is to filter out those of us who see through the veil and have the will to fight.  The goal is to reduce the world to perverted, blood-line obsessed, megalomaciacal sociopaths, and the unthinking, uneducated, unwashed servant classes.  If they have their way, even those will be reduced to select breedstock and their fresh offspring, waiting to be sacrificed to their depravity.

The fuse is lit and the war will ignite soon.  Once the cell begins to divide, there is no stopping it, short of poisoning and killing it.

The problem, at it's root, is that people keep looking 'out there' for a savior, a deus ex macina, something or someone to come along and save the day.  They give little thought or credence to the fact that the savior is within each one of us.  In fact, the message of Jesus, of Buddha, of all the great religious leaders, is that we are the answer!  Of course, the message gets all garbled up with debt and self-loathing imposed by the 'elite'.  We haven't got much time to grow a little fortitude and take back control of our own destinies.

A cell divides because it is programmed that way.  It has no choice.  It can not select the time that it will divide.  It simply does so on command from some invisible chemical signals.  In the same way, humans are acting on mindless autopilot.  We are being programmed and controlled.

The difference is that we have a choice.  We have higher reasoning and are able to cogitate abstractly about things that are not directly seen or felt.  We can decide whether we want to divide or not by examining all the possible options and choosing the one most beneficial to the greatest number of people.

Look at English slang.  Terms like, "You got owned," and, "You're such a tool," show that, at some level we are aware of what is going on, even if we are not conscious of it.  We have the capability to stop this process and demand the arrest and trial of all those in the 'elite'.

Or we can simply fight over waffle irons and chase iPoops and maul each other for trinkets, and die soon in a blaze of anonymity.  We have that choice.  The right one will take a bit of effort, but it depends on how badly you want to blow up your own children and grandchildren.

The mitochondria have split, the nuclei or nearly formed, and the wall is building.  What's your choice?

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