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A Sign Of The Times

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...

Remember when Bammy was elected?  There was a religious fever surrounding the man.  People were harassed, called racist and even charged with crimes for daring to speak against the Bammy-nator.

He was the Man Of Peace.  He was given the Nobel Peace Prize before he had even sloughed off dead skin cells to that effect.  He could do no wrong, and the PC police across the entire globe fanned out to protect Bammy, as if he were some savior sent to show us The Way.

My, how times have changed.

It's hard to even find someone who admits to voting for the guy.  The Man O'Peace has killed more people in a day than all the famous mass murders in America in the past half century combined.  John Wayne Gacey and Ted Bundy would be so proud, if not a bit jealous because Bammy can do it with impunity, and even get prizes for it.

In just one short decade, the US has gone from a position of moral superiority to being the target of just about everyone on Earth.  People have gotten fed up with the militaristic nightmare, the financial destruction and the social decay of the once-great power.

Russia was our buddy for a while, as they threw off the Communist labels and opened the doors to rampant capitalism.  Now they are threatening to point missiles at US targets again.  Newsanchors are flipping off Bammy.  It has taken a polar opposite position on the UN Security Council, voting almost 100% against the US.

At one time, the US was the shining hope of the Middle East.  It was the broker of last resort for peace deals at one point could almost argue it wasn't the fully reliant puppet of Israel.  Now the US has made itself (key concept there) the target of hate, ridicule and scorn.  It no longer has any moral high ground from which to cajole the warring parties to the table, much less broker a truce.  Counties the US supposedly liberated now despise it.  In fact, when was the last time you saw a 'purple finger' story?

Asia, formerly chock full of US friends, is circling the wagons as the US ups it military presence and shows it cards with regard to its China policies.  Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, and Japan are all slowly stepping away from the US as they choose up sides for dodge-ball.  China, the US' big ally and trading partner, is slowly backing away and looking for the exit.

What's happening is that the US' goodwill and moral superiority have all been cashed out.  At one time everyone wanted McDonalds and Levis jeans and couldn't wait to have an excuse to 'go to America.'  One doesn't hear that much anymore.  Folks don't really want to go there and be mauled and accosted by TSA.  The nutrition information on the McDonalds burgers are turning stomochs.  The Levis just aren't cool, especially since most of them are made elsewhere now.

America sold its soul for greed and avarice.  It went all in on global domination.  It wasn't happy being the older brother, it wanted Big Brother.  You can't point the finger at someone else when you have the largest prison population of any country on Earth, by any measure.  You can't scorn the Banana Republics when you are torturing and murdering innocents for the sheer fun of it, and even posting the pix on the internet.  What's more, instead of apologizing and mending your ways, you line up legal jack-jaws to justify it by torturing the English language.

All the years of being the warm, open, giving people that Americans used to be, has been traded in for cynicism, war and hate.  Completely unprovoked, the US has invaded countries, carried on covert wars, bullied entire regions into accepting horrid terms in exchange for mental, economic and political rape.

What is really telling is the fact that, even though Bammy isn't shiny any more, his possible replacement is Newt Gingrich.  Like Nixon, this slime ball has risen from the political dead to haunt us once again with nightmares of his hand signing orders, bits of rotted, diseased flesh falling off his arm in the process.  It's a sign of the times that most of the cast of characters looking to replace Bammy are even worse, by orders of magnitude.

There is only one hope.  The American people must figure out a way to put this genie back in the bottle, to reverse the nose dive, to rebuild the City on the Hill.  If this were a Dickens novel, it would be five minutes to midnight and the ghost of Christmas Future has yet to show.  In a minute, the US is going to be taken into the future to see its own demise, and to hear the curses of future people, when the bother to remember that America once fouled the face of the Earth.

Will it take that kind of dramatic wake-up call for folks to realize they are complicit in the Melodrama of the Macabre?   Or will the world actually witness the horror of Hillary vs. Newt, as they drop to their knees and pray that America snaps out of it fast.  From where the world sits, this slasher flick is taking a serious turn for the worse, and unless the cavalry shows up soon, there's gonna be a massacree.  Unfortunately, the cavalry is too busy watching TeeVee and playing with BlackBerries to be of much help.  This opens up the possiblity that the world may take matters into its own hands and stop the onslaught before it does more damage.

Wouldn't that be a hell of a note?  A global Coalition of the Willing launching Shock and Awe on Peoria in order to restore world peace!  Now THAT would be a ghost of Christmas Future worthy of Dickens.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Wakie wakie!  The time is getting short...

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