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We Control The Horizontal

Rick Santorum, intellectual midget that he is, has called for treating Iranian nuke scientists like al-Qaeda.  Brilliant, Mr. Rick!  But which al-Qaeda?  The one in Iraq that is the sworn enemy of truth, justice and the American Way?  Or the one in Libya, where the western powers massed their technological might and bombed the country into dust so that al-Qaeda could raise their flag over the government complex?

For decades now, we've been inundated with the message that Global Warming is the downfall of Mankind.  Sea levels will rise due to melting polar caps and the only way out is to trade carbon credits in yet another rigged and BS market that literally puts a price tag on the air we breathe.  Yes, sea levels are falling and no one...except yours truly...has bothered to point out that Venus and Mars have atmospheres that are over 95% CO2, while Earth's is only 0.035%, and that seems to have no bearing whatsoever on the mean ground temperatures on any of the three planets.

Think about that for a minute.  Two planets with +95% CO2, one hellishly hot that other frigidly cold.  In the middle is a planet with 0.035% CO2, and it's just right.  I don't see a connection, though temperatures do seem to be related to mean distance from the Sun.  Hmmm...could it be the Sun has something to do with it?

It does seem like extreme weather is ramping up around the world.  The question I have is, what part of the impression is due to increased reporting and sensationalism, and what part to actual statistical increase.  It's hard to find unbiased reports on the incidence of extreme weather, versus the hype.  No one can deny that amazing floods in Pakistan (last year) and Thailand (this year) have occurred.  There doesn't seem to be anything amiss with tropical weather.  The number of storms and the number of major hurricanes hasn't changed much in over a century.

Of course, if you live in an area that has been devastated by a hurricane or typhoon, you'd tend to think the world was coming to an end.  Certainly, having personally witnessed the destruction after Katrina/Rita, I have a healthy respect for Ma Nature, but the storms caused more hysteria than relative damage.

There does seem to be a dramatic increase in the number of tornadoes in the US since the 1950s.  However, this is not statistically significant, since the data is limited to one geographical area, has a very short period of coverage, and does not account for the introduction of things like Dopler RADAR and other nifty tools.

How about crime in an around the OWS protests?  If you take the headlines as a measure, then the groups are riddled with rape and murder, and drugs and theft.  The media would have us believe by implication that the OWS groups are moral degenerates.  Yet, if we were to subject any similar urban area at random to the same scrutiny, would it reveal a greater or lesser amount of the same crimes.  Also, how must of that crime is due to agents provocateur shipping in problems to generate this kind of image, and how much is due to the media focus attracting all sorts of characters to these events?

I looked and couldn't find any statistics that compared the geographical incidence of crime in any US urban area to that of the OWS protests, but I imagine that there's very little difference, other than the proximity to any given group of people with intense media focus on them.  In my experience, if you set up a TeeVee camera anywhere, especially with a network news logo on it, you will attract weirdos like moths to light.  In the Age of Ego, the medium is the message, as McLuhan so famously said.

All of the information inundating us is neither knowledge nor does it involve facts.  It is completely subjective clap-trap that is being used to control and motivate us in whatever direction the Purveyors of such rubbish care to point us.

There problem is, there is so much of it and so little time to absorb and digest it, that we often must act (or not) based on little or no truth.  In general, people can no longer distinguish between knowledge, facts and truth.  They are trained by TeeVee to passively soak in 'information,' but they are not taught how to process it and critically evaluate it.

Rick Santorum pushed an emotional hot button that has been installed in the average person over the past 20 years (look up news coverage of al-Qaeda-goes back to Iran-Iraq war).  Twenty years ago, al-Qaeda was the US' best buddy, as they fought on the front lines against the mean and nasty Iran, which was defending itself from an aggressive invasion by Iraq, which in turn as using chemical weapons supplied by the Bush crime family (that's why they were so sure Saddam had them).

Then al-Qaeda became the US' mortal enemy in the Iraq war, incapable of moralistic action and deed.  The US' propaganda would have us believe that this group sprang up whole cloth to destroy the American Way, though they are hardly capable of scheduling their own laundry pick-up without CIA assistance.  Then, they were our friends in Libya, best buddies in fact.  They had morphed into great and shining future of a country that was already quite great and shiny, as far as the residents were concerned.  The US and EU marshalled the cobined might of NATO and spent eight months and billions of dollars to destroy Libya and make it safe for al-Qaeda.

Now they're the enemy again, and what's worse, Iran's nuke scientists (what's left of the after all the plane crashes) are just as bad as al-Qaeda.  It makes my head quite literally hurt to ponder the two sides of that equasion.

Carbon dioxide has become our mortal enemy, even though there is absolutely no proof that is caused a greenhouse effect, at least on the scale we are told.  Two other planets have nearly 100% more CO2 than Earth, yet their ground temps are at polar opposites, so there must be some other cause or explanation.  Furthermore, a look at the real numbers leaves us with inconclusive data regarding increases in extreme weather and other ancillary effects of 'climate change.'

The whole thing is nothing more than a scam to create yet another gambling table in the market casino, as well as find a way to literally charge us to breathing.  BREATHING, for God's Sake!  Who in the hell has the right to charge us for breathing?  But, since we allow THEM to charge us for water on a water planet, and we allow THEM to patent DNA, which is the foundation of all life as we know it, why not pay-per-breath?

Also, since all life on Earth, so far, is carbon-based.  Without it, we don't exist.  So, trading in carbon credits allows THEM to literally own the very atom that is the foundation of all life on Earth.  It is the only logical conclusion that a thinking person can draw from the endless hype and pant-wetting surrounding CO2 and carbon trading.  No single life form on Earth can reduce its 'carbon footprint' to zero.  It's freaking impossible if you respire, eat and otherwise go about the activities that define Life Itself!

What it comes down to is the absolute need for critical thinking.  The first major step in that direction is to turn OFF the TeeVee.  You can not think when you are literally drowning in information.  We must also remember that information is NOT knowledge, nor is it facts.  Information is mutable and can be morphed into anything one desires.

In fact, recently the good folks at CERN, who are obviously unconCERNed about the future of all life on this planet, or even in local space, have yet again broken the light speed record.  They shot some nutrinos into the Earth at a target 400-some miles away and the the nutrinos arrived at the target before they were shot out of the cannon.

The basic implication is that information can be sent backwards in time.  Therefore, all information that we have today can be polluted by the future.  It literally implies that someone in the future can propagandize someone in the past to manipulate future outcomes.  Wrap your head around THAT one!

Meantime, don't listen to anything your hear.  It's all BS designed to confuse us and make us act on emotional triggers rather than critical deduction.  If everyone can be manipulated into emotional tizzies with never a break to actually think about what is going on, then two things can be achieved.  One, no one will ever have the time to realize that they are being manipulated, and two, everyone will eventually burn-out and suffer emotional collapse, since that state of being can not be sustained over lifetimes.  Takes entirely too much energy and causes people to react before they completely ingest the information and convert it to knowledge and facts.

Especially important is to realize when someone is making an emotional appeal, and to tune them out immediately.  They are trying to manipulate you and a very low level of consciousness, and therefore should be considered evil and unworthy of our attention.  The one distinguishing feature of human beings is our capacity to reason, though many of us ever use it.

And remember, EurAsia is our friend.  It has always been our friend.  There was never a time when EurAsia was our enemy...

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