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Zen And The Art Of Civilization

When the going gets weird, the weird get strange.

It seems that is an effective way to summarize the state of global events.  In an effort to distill things out into some kind of top level view, we want to look at trends in current developments.  What is going on and where is it going?

What launched this ponder was the Oklahoma earthquakes and a quick scan of Drudge, which is as close to an internet oracle as any around.  The trick is to look at things not as discrete events, but to get gut feelings from processing batches of related events.  Its like going to a new Chinese restaurant.  You want to get a sense of how well they do things, so you order the pupu platter and sample a variety of offerings to taste the overall quality and creativity of the chef.

Something that rarely surfaces on most folks' radars is the fact that the Solar System has been passing through the equator of the galaxy for the better part of a decade.  As the Sun orbits the galactic center, it bobs up and down through the plane of the galaxy each few thousands of years, and according to some theories, this causes all sorts of havoc in local space.

For those not familiar with Richard Hoagland, or more on point, his Hyperdimensional Physics theory, then a little background.  Hoagland and Erol Torun discovered a series of embedded mathematical constants and relationships within the layout of various features in a place called Cydonia on Mars.  The constants seemed to point to a new kind of physics that had been tapped into in the late 1800s by folks like Maxwell, but then abandoned in favor of Einsteinian Relativity, despite the fact that Einstein's later work was moving in this direction.

The central feature of this theory is that all spinning masses become conduits of vast energy from higher dimensions through things like torsion and angular momentum.  We don't want to get bogged down in details, but you are easily able to get more information by searching those terms.  Suffice it to say that the Sun, planets and moons all spin around each other.  This group in turn spins around the galaxy, which spins around other galaxies.  According to HD physics, this is tappng and releasing vast amounts of energy.

The energy of the galaxy is channeled radially out through the plane of its spiral arms.  As we pass through the Sagittarius Arm, we are receiving an extra dose of the gobs of radiated energy of the whole system.  This is turn, and reducing the scale considerably, is affecting the Earth, which is not only absorbing additional energy, is is actually a pipeline for it.  In Einsteinian physics, E=mc2, so the additional energy is translating into more mass, which leads to Clif High's Expando Earth scenario.  In other words, as the energy passes through the Earth, some part of it is converted into additional mass, at least in the form of plasma, which is causing the Earth to swell up like a deer tick.

As you can imagine, this is causing some problems.  Take a deflated balloon, draw a picture on it, and then blow it up.  Each element of the picture expands away from every other element, such that at some point, the picture becomes unrecognizable.  Result?  Earthquakes, among other things.

Add to all this the idea that any spinning body that comes within the proximity of Earth/Moon system will swap energy with the system.  Under normal circumstances, this is not much of a concern, other than the possibility of collision.  But, these are not normal times.

Along comes YU55, the erstwhile asteroid buzzing us about this very moment.  Even if it passes uneventfully, which is likely, at some level there is an energy swap going on with our planet.  In the already excited state of things, any additional changes in the Force are going to be felt one way or another.

Complicating all this is the fact that humans, despite our hubris at believing that we are above Nature herself, are energetic beings.  Our primary means of movement, thought and life are fundamentally electrical.  Now if our local space is over-excited by vast currents of enerfy flowing through it, you must conclude that we too, are picking up additional energy.  In our hyper-excited state, we become increasingly belligerent.  Our social and economic systems become overheated and start to break down.  People in general become restless and irritable, though most of us are unconscious of why.

Sudden influxes of energy into 7 billion people all at once can either lead to explosive destructive events, or enormously creative bursts, or both.  Much of it depends on how we focus and channel that energy, but it requires knowing that it is there in order to use it wisely.  It's similar to a high-tension power line.  If it is handled appropriately, we all get lights, computers, A/C, and other fine amenities.  But one false move, and it's crispy critters as well all lie in a smoking heap on the ground.

With all this in mind, what do we see in the world right now?  In general, the world is dividing up in a bipolar adversarial scenario.  East is rising up against West with almost precise electro-magnetic dicotomy.  The sabers are rattling in every corner, as Israel blusters against Iran, the US against the Middle East in general, and the Sino-Russian pole against the Anglo-American pole.

On a macro level, social and economic institutions are crumbling, and nothing we do can stop it.  It's like playing with metal filings and a magnet.  The political scene is the magnet, and everything else (us people) are the metal filings.  We are all lining up on the field lines with irresistible force.  All these new alignments are causing the old institutions to crumble, and no amount of bailouts is going to stop the inevitable crash.

On the geological front, the Earth is shifting and changing.  In the normal course of events, these things take place over such vast scales of time that no individual human being would ever notice.  But there is strong evidence that at various times, there are sudden and catastrophic re-arrangements that cause continents to submerge and new ones to rise.  Coastlines morph in the geological equivalent of the blink of an eye.  Valleys rise to mountains, and the mountains become plains.  Not much any of us can do about it, alone or in any combination thereof.

All of these forces are going to happen, no mater what.  Our actions can either exacerbate things, or alleviate them.  For instance, BP's little oil leak at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico released untold amounts of pressure suddenly and dramatically from a vast lake of oil that extends underneath Texas, Louisiana, Arkasas, and Oklahoma.  Like sticking a pin in a balloon, this caused a relaxing on the overlying strata, which in turn is causing what?  Earthquakes in places where their history of quakes can be written in a single paragraph.  This at a time when global geology is becoming remarkably fluid and shifting around, such that the global incidence of large (7+) quakes is becoming much more frequent.

At the same time, a rather large asteroid is passing near the Earth/Moon.  As a spinning mass, it is channeling energy, just like we are, and it will release it in unknown ways.  We probably won't even associate the results, since they are likely to happen days, weeks, months, or even years after the fact.

Meanwhile, all of our socio-economic institutions are crumbling, and our response, rather than creative is destructive.  On the whole, humanity is rushing to finish the job lickety-split, rather than dreaming up new and durable means of conducting our daily lives.  Think of it as a metaphysical earthquake in which we are running around lobbing sticks of dynamite while trying to shore up crumbling buildings at the same time, all while the ground is heaving up and down.

If we can change course and start using all this energy to devise new and creative ways to conduct business and manage our resources, this influx of energy can give input to the system that would generate long-lasting change.  If, on the other hand, we fail to recognize what is going on and simply react in mindless orgies of destruction and death, then who knows how long it will be until we reach even this point again?

Europe experienced the Black Death, which led to hundreds of years of isolation and cultural stagnation.  Current events are of an order of magnitude larger and would affect the entire Earth, not just a sub-continent.

What needs to be done is first realize the current beneath the waves, then give up trying to save things that can't be saved and focus on using the raw energy and materials at hand to build something truly new and more durable.  Like an illness, once you stop denying that you are sick, and investigate the cause of the problem, then it can be treated, not at the symptomatic level, but at the root of the problem.  If that isn't done, then it is likely to become much worse and even fatal.

If Israel would stop its rediculous posturing and offer the hand of peace and partnership, then Iran would have no reason to build nuclear bombs, much less use them.  Clearly, Israel's problems are self-inflicted.  In much the same way, if the US changed its policies to something more benign, with regards to the Middle East, then it would have nothing to fear in terms of terrorists.  If Europe would realize that the old system is broken and let go of it, then a new one could utilize all the energy and effort being thrown at patching a blown out tire.

Everything we see going on now is part of a polarization process.  The yin and the yang are growing more distinct and one is trying to overcome the other, rather than seeking balance and equality.  Even the symbol for yin and yang implies rotation and torsion, meaning that the eternal cycles are fundamental to generating life and the creative process.  Perhaps in the end, an explosion of creativity, like the Age of Enlighenment, must naturally be followed by an Age of Darkness and destruction to balance it.  It's counterintuitive, but so is cutting back a tree to make it grow larger.

At any rate, the important part is simply to realize the current under the waves.  If we can figure out a means to navigate this invisible highway system of energy without destroying ourselves in the process, then the future is bright, regardless of the current storm clouds.  If not, then most likely everything will vanish is a massive POOF, and we will start over once again, a cycle we are doomed to repeat until we figure out a way to look beyond what divides, to see what unifies.

Perhaps all the Stonehenges and pyramids and megalithic structures were previous attempts to communicate the fundamental concept to us.  The question is, what have we left for our progeny that is equally provoking and mysterious?  Will the legacy of our collective attempt to climb out of the cradle simply be mass graves?

We shouldn't be afraid to trim the dead branches.  This will only clear the way for more energetic growth and fruit-bearing shoots.  But it's a choice we have to consciously lose a little and gain a lot, or die holding on to what we have because we refuse to look ahead and prefer to drive in the rear-view mirror.

Tough choice.

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