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Drone On

I'm not quite sure why Americans aren't absolutely outraged.

Try this on for size...

Nutty-yahoo is caught red-handed selling weapons to Egypt and encouraging various gangs there to cross the border and kill Israelis so that the deaths can be used for political purposes, like banning guns, militarizing police, and so on.  How long do you think it would take the Israeli people to clap Nutty-yahoo in irons and lead him to the gallows?

Now, over the past weekend, piles of documents were released tying the White House unequivocablly to Operation Fast and Furious.  Fast and Furious was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) operation to buy legal guns in the US using 'strawman' purchasers (legal buyers who are fronting for illegal) to buy millions of dollars worth of guns, using taxpayer money, give them to Mexican drug gangs, and then wait for the gangs to murder US citizens so the guns could be blamed.

Now, the absurdity of blaming guns for murders has been pointed out many times.  It's like blaming pencils for writing or hammers for driving nails.  Guns are inanimate objects that, in the proper hands, are tools for dozens of useful everyday things, like eating, stopping crimes, and recreation.  Mafia hit men have used piano wire for years to off opponents, but you don't hear of anyone trying to ban pianos.

At any rate, here the leadership of a nation is caught purposefully trying to get its citizens killed and blame the weapons, to advance a political agenda.

And the response?  Nothing.

People aren't protesting in waves.  No one is marching on the White House demanding justice.  The BATF isn't being abolished.  Heads aren't rolling.

The incident that brought the operation to the minimal amount of light it has gotten took place in Arizona.  A border agent was shot down using two AK-47s that were bought with tax money and given to drug gangs.  There apparently was a third rifle involved, which has since disappeared.  The two AKs were purchased at Arizona gun shops being paid with tax dollars to be a part of the 'sting.'  One thing led to another and the operation was exposed...such as it is.

I've watched some of the presidential debates, as much as I could stomach.  Not one candidate has mentioned this matter.  Not one.  Even Ron Paul hasn't brought up the treasonous, murderous plot to use our money to buy legal guns to give to drug gangs to kill us.  All so guns can be blamed and banned, and police can be even further morphed into para-military thugs.

As I recall, one of the founding documents of the US says something like, 'Govenments are instituted among men to protect their rights and ensure their properity.'  Nothing in there says anything about those governments stealing money from folks at gunpoint to plot ways to kill the citizens so that political objectives can be expedited.

In fact, things like Operation Fast and Furious has been grounds for the complete dissolution of governments in the past, and a pogrom against the existing political classes.

And what does Fast and Furious say about things like 9/11, fluoride in the water, vaccine jabs and TSA?  Obviously, there is an attitude at the head of government that the citizens are expendable, mere tools to be used to pass legislation and destroy rights.  It is the antithesis of why governments are formed.  Certainly, it shows a willingness on the part of government to destroy its own constituents in order to promote itself.  When government promotes itself over the interests and well-being of its citizens, then it is rogue and no longer serves the best interests of those who constitute the government.

This is not some wild-eyed conspiracy theory.  This is not a bunch of 'gun kooks' looking for trouble.  This is not some historical matter, like Pearl Harbor, where the guilty are already dead and gone.

This is a sitting president authorizing the eventual death of US citizens using their own money so that he can ram through some draconian legislation.  This is so cynical, so callous, so treasonous, so Machiavellian, and so plainly proven that it is absolutely astounding that every man, woman and child in the US isn't rising up in righteous indignation.

The fluoride must be working.

Congress has gotten around to holding a couple of low-level hearings on the matter.  The head of BATF still has his freedom, much less has a job.  In fact, after a year, not a damn thing has been done to investigate and bring to light the incredible crime that was committed here.  In fact, folks are still joyfully paying taxes to a government that is plotting even more creative and treasonous means to take their lives, liberty and property.

Fast and Furious is the exact polar opposite of what the US government was constituted to do.  It is the antithesis of generations of political thought and development.  It is such a giant step backwards in what governance is supposed to be that it boggles the mind.  The complete lack of outrage shows that the American people are prepared to accept any amount of abuse and terror, as long as they don't lose their benefits and entitlements.  Oh, and don't forget to pull the lever for Newt!  After all, what's yet another criminal in the White House?

But I guess that's OK...Dancing With The Stars is on the TeeVee.

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