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Quantum Leaps And Water Dragons

Reader Note: We're taking advantage of the long holiday to 'pulang kampung' for the New Year.  We'll be back on Wednesday with more Tales from the Far Side.  Until then, please take a look through our archive of nearly 400 articles.  Happy New Year!  Gong Xi Fat Choi!

A long time ago, I dismissed astrology as being a pseudo-science based on various superstitions and a certain amount of ignorance.  I always acknowledged, though, that it often had an uncanny way of generally describing people's characters and constitutions.  I more or less wrote that off as a combination of luck and prejudice, in that reading astrological descriptions predisposed one to see patterns where they did not exist.

Like every topic, I make decisions and form opinions, but I never close my mind to new evidence and understanding.  If new evidence engenders deeper understanding of a topic, and the understanding leads to a change of opinion, I have not shied away from following where the evidence leads.

That being said, I have moved in recent years to re-evaluate astrology.  Where I once saw superstition and myth, I now see a severely degraded form of ancient science that preserves an understanding of the Universe that is far more profound than our current best guesses.  This doesn't mean that I now believe in astrology, but rather that I see within it the glimpse of a greater truth that has been lost over countless millennia. 

Once I discovered hyperdimensional physics, I immediately saw something that rang true.  It answered questions that relativity left hanging in space (literally and figuratively).  This new physics explained much more satisfactorily physical phenomena that caused relativists and quantists to throw up their hands or worse, develop gross contortions of mathematics to shoehorn into their theories.

Hyperdimensional physics offers graceful answers to profound mysteries, and as we are about to see, even unites ancient myths and legends into a scientific framework.

Hyperdimensional physics posits that all matter consists of unique vibrations within a medium.  The medium, whether you call it the aether or space-time, is basically a lattice or crystalline structure.  The vibrations, like stones thrown in a pond, create ripples, and where they overlap, they create patterns of standing waves that we perceive as matter or substance.  Granted, this is a very simplified definition, but it serves the purpose at hand.

The interference patterns we perceive as objects are formed by 'templates,' or a type of recording of the pattern.  Thus, the template for 'planet' creates round balls, but subtle variations create gas giants or small rocky balls, wet or dry, hot or cold.  In the same way, the template for 'person' creates the same general result, but variations create individuals in infinite variety.

Now, if we view all objects in the Universe as vibrations, then they are allowed to influence each other, to greater or lesser degrees, by creating slight variations in other templates.  In other words, all objects in the Universe influence all other objects to some degree, which is a key element of quantum physics.

It also allows another strange effect in quantum physics.  When you place two sub-atomic objects together, they will begin to resonate together.  Then, you can separate the two objects by any amount of space, and a change in one will immediately affect the other.  Vibrations in a crystalline medium is a graceful means to account for this otherwise very strange behavior.

So, where is all this going?  Glad you asked.

Astrology posits that the positions of stars and planets at the time of one's birth cause certain effects in the individual.  The positions of stars implant certain personality traits, and the positions of the planets influence the expression of these traits.  On the surface, this sounds like a bunch of superstitious bunk, but if we apply the math of hyperdimensional physics, then suddenly we see vibrations in the Universe around us causing subtle modifications in our personal templates that would vary according to which objects were where at the moment of our birth.

That birth would be the moment that these changes in our templates freeze makes sense, since up to that moment, we were vibrating synchronously with our mothers.  At the moment of birth, we become established as our own, independent vibration in the Universe.

Therefore, astrology is an attempt to describe the vivrational influences on individuals, groups or really any object, by determining what objects were in a position to modify our template at a certain moment.

That hyperdimensional physics is a mathematical system and it is engineerable, it stands to reason that if there were once a highly developed civilization on Earth that was able to calculate these vibrations to a high degree of accuracy, astrology could be a very degraded dim memory of that ancient physical knowledge.  Therefore, it might have some validity, though the precise knowledge of how to manipulate this information has been lost over the vast span of time.

In Western astrology, we talk about the influences of various constellations on the individual.  We determine the zodiac by which astralism is directly overhead at midnight each day.  This varies on an annual basis as the Earth's orbit brings a different constellation overhead each month.  The positions of the planets at any given moment further modify the influence and changes constantly with near infinite combinations.

By contrast, the Eastern system sees the constellations ruling over an entire year, with daily and monthly variations.  In addition, the annual cycle has a 60-year supercycle based on the five primal elements (earth, metal, fire, water, wood).  This new year is the year of the dragon, just like the year 2000, but there's a variation making this the year of the water dragon.  Furthermore, years alternate between yin and yang, with this year being 'yang.'  We are also at the end of the 'wood' cycle, the next being 'fire.'

Based on our suppositions earlier, that astrology is a degraded ancient science, then we can perhaps tease out some insight, some truth, about what influences will affect humanity over the coming year.  To do that, we need to know what a 'yang wood black water dragon' implies, so we turn to the Google oracle.

The first thing we need to know is the 'yang' part.  Yin and yang concern balance and harmony.  They are opposites, but dependent on each other to exist.  Yang means 'sunny' or 'place of light'.  It does not have a value judgement, such as 'good' and 'bad,' it is simply the other side of something that causes it to exist.

The dragon, or naga (origin of naga-hide), is the mirror opposite of its western counterpart.  In Eastern myth, the dragon symbolizes good fortune, luck, and divine power and authority.  In other words, it is a positive sign and one which implies benign regality and favorable disposition.  On the other hand, the dragon does not comform to expectations and prefers to 'do its own thing.'

Dragons rule over south/southeast, thunder and lightning, and the hours of 7-9 am.  They are also the embodiment of creativity.

In Eastern mythology, dragons prefer water, so we can assume that a water dragon is in its element.  The last waterr dragon year was 1952.  The new year will begin on Monday, January 23rd, and the celebration will last until February 9th.  The high point of the year's energies will be the 'dragon moon,' from May 20th until June 18.

What we're looking at here is a year of highly unpredictable events that will favor south/southeast and bring light to those regions.  Wood is fed and made stronger by water, so there will be growth and strengthening, but what will grow and strength is unknown, since the unpredictability leaves that part up in the air, as it were, though yang will influence that part.

This coming year will favor passion, creativity, self-development, and working together.  Like all things, though, these can be both good and bad.  The balance will be tipped towards light by the yang, but the dragon nature will allow tempers to flare and unpredictable outcomes to occur.  The water dragon favors seeing arguments from all points of view and taking advice from others when making decisions, so there's a predilection for more balance and better conclusions.

All in all, it should be an interesting year with many twists and turns in events.  Outcomes will favor light and creativity and working together.  There are many positive aspects for those seeking a change in direction and new paths.

There's no guarantees in Chinese astrology.  There's only favorable influences for certain outcomes.  For those of us hoping for favorable outcomes to economic and socio-political concerns, there are enhanced vibrations from Universe, but the chaotic aspect means things can go either way.  After all, luck and fortune all depend on perspective.  One man's luck is another's curse.  A lot will depend on working together and bringing things to the light.  Many secrets could be revealed.

All things east are favored, which means I'm in the right place for a little luck.  But it also means that 'east' will figure heavily into the chaotic element of events.  Keep your eye on China and Russia.  Who knows what will happen?

Or it could all be just a bunch of myths and pseudo-science.  Take your pick.

The interesting thing is that eastern dragons share a lot of characteristics with the behavior of quantum objects.  They can never be fully observed, as looking at it limits it to what the observer is expecting to see.  They are also chaotic and unpredictable.  It's interesting to ponder what aspects of dragons are dimly remembered science from a long, long time ago.

Happy New Year!  May your Yang Wood Black Water Dragon be a good one!

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