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Turn Off, Tune Out, Take It Back now Bammy wants to cut the military in half?  What gives?

Oh sure, we can write this off as election year posturing, and no doubt that's part of it.  After three years of slaughter, he wants to come across as the Man O' Piece.  He can read the polls.  He can see that Ron Paul, despite everything the blowhards are telling the world, is screaming up the ladder because he wants to put an end to all the military adventures in 170 countries around the planet.  But there's more to it.  A lot more.

See, the bastards in the Medieval World Order never do anything without 20 different angles from which they can profit.

In this case, one thing they have are their precious drones.  They can now project force anywhere on the planet without the risk of using soldiers who can think, read their oath of office and get tired of BS.  Now a handful of die-hard, brainwashed, mental midgets can play video games in a cave in Colorado and kill thousands by remote control.

It protects Their investment in the mental midgets' training, and they can blow up as many drones as they want and just build more on the taxpayers' backs.  What a great plan!  They can even paint them different colors and blame it on other countries, since there's no pilot inside to give it away.  Hell, they can even blow up a wedding party and blame it on equipment malfunction.

Gosh, why didn't WE think of that?!

Wait!  There's more!

The gummint's new enemy du jour is now the American people, right?  All the laws are in place to turn the War on Terror into a domestic game.  So who needs the military any more?

Heck, there's what...tens of thousands of militarized police in America?  And with a couple hundred thousand soldiers out of work, they can find gainful employment gunning down grade schoolers in the hallways of America's fine educational institutions!

Ultimately, that's the Goal of Goals.  Going back to those polls, They can see that Americans are getting restless.  They aren't drinking enough fluoride and swallowing enough Xanax.  They're starting to wake up and smell the Arabica bean juice lovingly picked by Juan Valdez in Columbia.  It could be the Bolivian marching powder, too.  But regardless, folks are starting to ask too many questions and they aren't happy with the pat answers.

Time to up the ranks of the home-grown military.  Yup, so many folks though it would be the Ruskies or the Cubans or the Chinese.  They never expected that their own fighting boys and girls would be turned on them. Makes you proud to wave your little Made-In-China plastic flag, doesn't it?

And the beauty of the whole plan is that the good American people won't stand together to protect each other.  They've been so Balkanized into hating this group or distrusting that group, and even when they can organize, it doesn't take long for folks to start calling each other "feds" and "agents provocateur".

It'll all start with rounding up gangs or drug runners.  Everyone will cheer, because they are happy to see their perceived enemies treated rough.  But then it will be Muslims.  OK, still no problem.  Then it will be 'preppers' and 'conspiracy theorists'.  They're all weird and crazy, so that's OK.

By the time they're carting off Joe Six-Pack, there won't be anyone to protest.  The only folks left will be the mental midgets who can't scratch together a complete sentence, but who make pretty good servants for the bloated uber-klassen.

There's still enough folks who: 1) think they still own anything, and 2) who are so desperate to believe everything is still normal, that no one is willing to put up a good social disobedience.

The way things SHOULD be working is that when they come to repo the neighbors house, the entire neighborhood pours out and surrounds the house.  Folks should be spending their two remaining dollars at mom-and-pop stores, but they're all owned by...*gasp*...THOSE people, so no one will give them the business.  They'd rather throw it all at Wally-Mart, where everything is made in another country and whose management would love to be Uncle's Company Store.

People have been completely warped by the propaganda.

Hell, even China recognizes it.  The other day, they ordered all the low-brow rubbish to be taken off of prime-time TeeVee, and replaced with classic dramas, literature and other high-falootin' fare.  Jus try that in America!  There really would be riots if folks couldn't get their Two and a Half Men fix, or plant themselves in front of the NFL/NBA/WHL/WWF/etc. mindlessness.

To paraphrase Tim Leary, turn off, tune out, and get real.

My last column seemed to strike a chord with a number of readers.  They really liked the idea of taking back the culture...of establish a counter-culture to fight the Medieval World Order.  One latched on to the statement that, "We always loose because we always play their game."

Remember, everything you know, everything you do, everything you think, is a product of the elite casino.  Everyone knows that the casino is a cash cow, because everyone always loses, and the house always wins.  When it's your game and you make the rules, then you are guaranteed to win the game.

Get out of their game.

Look at it this way.  Take complete stock of everything and everyone in your life that you don't pay tax on.  If there's anything on your list, then that is really what you have left.  For most folks, about the only thing on the list will be air, and they're trying to tax that with cap-and-trade.

You have nothing, so you have nothing to lose.  Anything you think you can lose is an illusion.  They can take your house, your car, your children, and your life and get away scott clean, because they own the courts, too.

The time for feeling complacent is over.  You are Their property, until you do something to stop it.  The neo-Nazis are NOT the idiots with shaved heads spouting racist claptrap...the real ones are in political office right now.

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