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Walking Between The Rain

Note: Before launch today, a special note of thanks to, and for picking up yesterday's column, and welcome to new readers!

I always like it when one of the columns sparks some discussion, and yesterday's seems to have hit a chord.  One of our good and faithful readers summed up a number of email rather succinctly...
Bernie, you have to clarify your rant. You tell people what to do, yet , you left the Country.
 Fair question that deserves an answer.

A good example of why I left the country is the headline: 45 MILLION VIEWERS WATCH TEBOW GAME.  I won't provide a link, because it doesn't deserve any more attention than that, but you can find it on Drudge.

I have no idea who Tebow is, but I kind of gather that her's God's quarterback, from the various headlines I've seen over the past couple of months.  That fully one fifth of the country tuned in to a football game is reason enough to leave, though.  People there have completely FUBAR priorities.

The other reason I left was to save my children.  You see, when the bastards don't like you, and they can't make you go away with threats, then they attack your children, because they are cowards.  They can't deal with well-informed adults.  In other words, they meet every classic definition of bullies.  My children were kidnapped no less than five times in two years and held for ransom, to force me to knuckle under.

That's what happens when you are being effective.

I will consider coming home, but there are conditions.  First, Ron Paul must be elected.  Second, he must survive more than six months as president.  Third, he must do what he is promising, and of all the politicians I've known, he probably would.  And fourth, TnA must be disbanded and most of them thrown in jail.  There's a fifth condition, but I'm not holding my breath.  All the banksters that have bankrupted the world need to be tried and dealt with appropriately.  I'll come home to help with that one.

See, while Americans have been getting their privates yanked and tweaked, I still have my dignity after I board a plane here.  It's even better in China.  You can walk out on the tarmac and jump on a plane and hardly notice any security.  That's the difference between a foreign policy of terror and blood versus one of mutual economic benefit.

Not that I've ever claimed to be an American.  Even when I was 18 and backpacking around the world, I called myself a Texian and always will.  Not like the George W. Bush kind, where daddy drags his inbred Yankee butt to Texas to carpetbag.  I'm talking seventh generation pure.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I don't see a lot to come home for.  Folks are suffering from mass denial, and when they do notice they're broke and homeless, they turn to the evil bastards that put them there and beg for relief.  That kind of mentality just doesn't have much appeal for me.  I'm more of the independent, leave-me-alone type.  

I moved to Indonesia four years ago with one suitcase and $600.  I had never been here before and didn't speak the language.  Done pretty well for myself since then.  My friend helped me with visas and such the first two years and I borrowed $300 from my brother for medical bills when I went blind, but that's about as much help as I've gotten.

It also shows how badly I didn't want to go home again.  I spent 20 years fighting and kicking and screaming to prevent what's happened there.  When the chips were down, not one person would come near me.  They were so afraid that the bastards would turn on them that they preferred to turn their backs.  I spent $250,000 and two and a half years fighting the bastards, and just barely eeked out a victory.

When I was done, I had nothing left.  Every last bit was gone, save for a couple of boxes of documents and some clothes.  No job, no savings, no house, nothing.

I could see that Obama was going to steal the White House, even in December of 2007.  That meant that the whole country was completely whacked and there was no saving it.  I wasn't sticking around to watch.  Too many folks thinking, "My country, right or wrong."

Not that much of it matters, since this year will see the end of many things, and the beginning of many more.  The world we know now will not even resemble this moment come January of next year.  All the folks who are cheerleaders from the wrong side are going to find life intolerable soon enough.

Back in the day, there were a bunch of us 'paper warriors.'  We each specialized in some aspect of the law.  I chose Travel and Transportation.  I was pretty good at it.  I lost count somewhere around getting 150 tickets dismissed for just about everything you can imagine.  For four years, I didn't have registration, inspection or any other the other rigmarole they shove down our throats.

People would shake their heads and ask me how I did it?  I would show them my library of hundreds of books and journals and papers, and tell them it only took a few hundred hours of study.  

There's a price for everything, including freedom.

Trust me, if you got out of America long enough for the conditioning and the fluoride to wear off, you'd be amazed at what the rest of the world sees.  If you're old enough, you may remember how we saw the Soviet Union.  It's a lot like that.  And yes, America has political prisoners and political exiles.  I was one and I am one, and I'm not alone.

So what can you do about it?  Well, I mentioned conquering your fear, the hours of study, the time in jail and the misery of their attacks.  That about sums it up.  But unless you can wake up several hundred of your closest friends, work together on this, and watch them turn on you the minute you start having success, I don't give it much hope.

Remember that out here in the real world, all folks see is the feral gummint.  They don't see the individuals.  Think about how you see other countries through the media.  The animosity and anger that a lot of folks out here harbor towards the feral gummint does not discriminate between it and you.  Going back to the good ol' Soviet Union, you may recall that we didn't see the individual Russians or Kassars or Mongols or Kazaks.  We just saw the evil Poliburo and the Great Satan Premier.

America looks much the same from out here.

All it would have taken 20 years ago would have been to elect good sheriffs in about 40% of the counties west of the Mississippi River.  Every one of them has the power to evict the feds and arrest any that won't go.  There's more power in your local sheriff's pen than in all of Congress, and that's been proven all the way up to the Supreme Court a dozen times.

But the thing is, it's too late for all that.  All of it is the Old Paradigm, and that's coming to a swift and pwerful end.  In the New Paradigm, none of it matters...presidents, congresses, sheriffs, nations, economies.  Everything you have ever known is changing, whether you like it or not.

The best thing you can do is hunker down and watch the real world.  Now is the time to taste the air, smell the dirt, watch the birds, and stare at the sky.  The signs are everywhere.  If you know how to filter the media, the signs are there.  If you know how to read the clouds, the signs are there.  If you are aware, you've nothing to fear.

Unfortunately, most people don't do any of that.  And when they get caught with their pants down, there's going to be hell to pay.  The best thing smart folks can do now is plan to stay out of the way.

There's an old Jewish mystical trick that a friend taught me years ago.  It's called 'walking between the rain drops.'  Now is the time for good folks to learn that trick.  Once you learn it, you realize how simple it is.  The problem is getting to that point.  It works best when you close your eyes, but then you can't see where you're going until you learn the trick.  Catch-22.

It's a very exciting time to be alive, but not for most of the reasons you can think of.  When the change happens, you'll realize that there was little you could do to prepare.  Things are changing at such a fundamental level that guns and MREs aren't going to help.  Believe me, the bad guys will be just as befuddled.  Sit real quiet for a few minutes.  Turn off the TeeVee and put the kids in bed.  Just listen.  Somewhere in the Universe, a switch has been flipped and something completely new is coming our way really fast.

All you have to do is walk between the drops.

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