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Enemy Of My Enemy

Black Sun
It's both astounding and gratifying to see so many people waking up to the Grand Deception.  The pace is quickening.  Thanks to the internet, the amount of information available now is mind-boggling.

Back when I was waking up, most of the information was still in books, and those books were particularly hard to find.  There were 'subversive' groups and bookstores scattered far and wide where you could get your hands on The Truth, but they were like porn shops in the old days.  You had to go at night, park a couple of blocks away, and cover your face when you went in and came out.  Seriously.

I remember finding on such bookstore literally in the middle of nowhere in West Texas.  If you've ever been to west Texas, then you know that I don't exaggerate when I say 'the middle of nowhere'.  It was called the Patriot Store, and it was a thinly disguised old gas station that still ostensibly sold gasoline.  But people came from far and wide for the enormous selection of subversive literature that it sold.

A lot of the books were so rare that they had a single copy that they had permission to photocopy and sell.  I managed to find an extremely rare full series of Henry Ford's "The International Jew".  That's where I discovered The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Few people realize that Ford was a rabid anti-Zionist and anti-bankster.  That information has been thoroughly suppressed.  Now a-days, a quick search on the internet will bring that information to your screen.  I had to make a special trip over three days to the Middle of Nowhere to find it.

I remember distinctly the fear and loathing I felt as I absorbed that information.  I nearly gave up in sheer dread thinking there was no way out.  The Beast was so pervasive, so all-encompassing, and had invaded every aspect of western culture that there was no possible means to defeat such a monster.

Writing in the 1920s, Ford laid out the whole plan.  He used Congressional testimony, documents, archives, and just pure deductive logic to expose the whole (very old) New World Order.  This is the 1920s, mind you.  Movies didn't have sound yet.  Ford had just invented the Model T assembly line.  Oklahoma was still a territory, Hawaii was a kingdom, and Alaska was a wilderness.

Yet Ford was laying out a plan for world domination that 70 years later, as I read those books, had come shockingly to life around me.

When I first learned about the Federal Reserve Bank, that was not federal, had no reserves and was not a bank, I was stunned.  A private consortium of European and American banks had completely taken over control and issuance of the most powerful currency in the world, and by extension, the entire western economy.  People actually thought I was telling them the latest conspiracy theory when I described this gang of thugs.  Now it's nearly common knowledge.

Ford's was not the only material I read.  I devoured mountains of books, transcripts, scribblings, and spent hours listening to the Old Guard who had been fighting since before I was born: the researchers who had spent their lives uncovering the full extent of the web of lies that we generally refer to as daily life.  One old fellow in south Texas spent five hours one Saturday laying the whole thing out for me, while his pet cougar chewed on my toes.

At that point, with that information, and with the new ability to 'see' what was truly around me, I was left with two choices that were unavoidable: swallow the blue pill or the red pill.  The blue pill, I would wake up in my bed believing it was all a ghost story for a rainy night in the woods and go about my business as usual.  The red pill, I would have to fight with everything I had at my disposal.  There was no middle ground.  Having that information had created a polarization in my life.  The fence was destroyed and I could no longer sit on it.

Twenty years later, it's become a rather different world.  Many people are waking up to the world that has been pulled over our eyes.  People like Ron Paul have made some of the information main stream, after a fashion.  The media, of course, still ignore him, but he is still making huge waves despite the electronic anonymity.

NATO and the Nazis
Still, what is commonly known is merely the shallowest layer of a vastly deeper rabbit hole.  It stretches back thousands of years and involves crimes of such magnitude as to be nearly impossible to grasp with the mind.  But the satisfying part is that we awakened individuals are not alone.  We have some very large and very powerful allies.  And while they are not themselves perfect, they are nonetheless fighting the same battle we are, with far more resources than we could muster.

I'm speaking of China and Russia, of course.

These two countries have good reason to rise up against the Anglo-American empire.  The former has seen many of these empires come and go, and they know how to cut them off at the knees.  The latter is a victim of it and will not be fooled again.

China is probably the oldest, unbroken culture on Earth.  It's contiguous history stretches back some 3,000 years.  It has produced such common things as rockets, paper money, noodles, and coal for energy.  It has witnessed Genghis and Kublai Khans, the Han Dynasty and empires of such wealth and power as to rival even the current (very old) New World Order.

While Europe was wallowing around in a Medieval stupor, Genghis Khan had built an empire that had swallowed the entire eastern half of the globe and was knocking at the door of Europe (the Mongol Hoard).  He had instituted religious tolerance, national lotteries, paper money, a highly complex state banking system, and pulbic education.

China knows empires when it sees one.

Russia was nearly destroyed by the Anglo-American empire.  It's becoming more widely known that the Communist empire was created by the (very old) New World Order.  Russia and Europe have had an uneasy co-existence for the past thousand years.  European dictators have tried to take over Russia many times, most famously with Napolean Bonaparte (which created margarine, by the way).

At the turn of the century, the western banking establishment began funding the Bolsheviks to destroy the Russian empire from within, or at least hasten the process, since Nicholas was already losing control.  The problem was that men like Stalin and Lenin were not content to rule over Russia.  They wanted the entire world.

Russia is a powerhouse, make no mistake.  That is what has made it such an attractive bauble in the bankster toy box.  But they lost control of it and needed to create another monster to destroy the first.  Kind of like Frankenstein, in fact.

So the banksters created Hitler and the Nazis from the only European nation powerful enough to thwart the Bolsheviks.  The problem was that Hitler had studied the American Revolution and Civil Wars, and knew that state issuance of money was the only way to restore wealth and prosperity to his country.

No sooner had the banksters propped up Hitler, than he overran pretty much all of Europe and refused to play the bankster game, just like Russia next door.

The British Empire was already dust by this time, so they made a pact with their American cousins and created Pearl Harbor to mobilize the power of the States to fight the new monster.  The US almost didn't succeed, since projecting force thousands of miles away was a mighty tall order at the time.

By the end of WWII, the Anglo-American banksters saw their opporunity to finally succeed where they had failed so many times before, at the hands of the Holy Roman empire, then Napolean, then Russia, and finally Germany.  Now there were no most barriers to their ambitions.

But, two things are thwarting their ambitions: the Sino-Russian allaince and the vast numbers of people wising up to their shenanigans.  The Chinese, of course, have seen this game played many times on the world stage, and they're not buying it.  The Russians, bitter about their own history, refuse to play along.  Within the ranks of the slave class in the West, people are starting to see their chains, and they don't like it.  The Tower of Babel is crumbling fast.

Signs that the Anglo-American empire is dying are everywhere.  The Chinese control the Panama Canal.  The Russians have a naval base in Venezuela.  The Chinese are winning the hearts and minds of so-called Third World countries by building infrastructure, rather than stealing resources by propping up tin-pot dictators.  The Middle East manipulations aren't going the way they were planned.  China refuses to issue debt-based currency and play footsie with the Rothschild-Rockefeller trusts.

The holes in the armor are showing and the (very old) New World Order don't have the economic umph nor the goodwill to make the final push.  Where this gets dangerous is that groups with the sort of ambitions and single-minded goals like the banksters don't go quietly.

The (very old) New World Order have the toys to make everyone suffer for their failures, and in their depareration are quite likely to use them.  They also have toys that we are just now beginning to know about, like Hyperdimensional physics and the incredible things possible through it.  The problem is, so do the Russians and the Chinese.  How far are they willing to go to finish their plans?  And how far with the Sino-Russian alliance go to stop them?  And what will be the effect on us 'regular' people?

Things are quickly coming to a head.  One senses that both sides are growing tired of the uneasy stalemate that has been in place for the past decade or so.  When this kind of pressure builds behind a log jam, something will give eventually, and that eventually is likely sooner than later.

Solomon's Seal
The patriot is left with a conundrum.  Sun Tsu famously said, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."  It is tempting to root for the Sino-Russian alliance, since they are obviously aware of and capable of fighting the (very old) New World Order.  But if they win, they are just as likely to become the next world order.  It is vitally important that people read voraciously and learn all they can about real history and current events.  We must not only prepare ourselves for the clash of titans, but to take advantage of the lull to rebuild the world with true freedom and liberty, and to pass the knowledge to our future generations, so they do not fall prey to the ambitions of evil men again.

The extant war is not about commies and jews and zionists and freemasons.  It is about the evil of greed and naked aggression and the possibilities of finally liberating the human mind and body to reach its true potential.  Time is short and the polarization has begun.  We must carefully choose sides and prepare ourselves for the battle ahead.

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