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Global Schmarming

Scientists are mystified!  They can't imagine why!  What could possibly be causing this phenomenon?

What a bunch of yutzes, is all I have to say about it.  Apparently, they are grossly overpaid and hardly smart enough to open a can of dog food.

Or, they are looking for a graceful way out of 20 years of hysterical bullshit about global warming.

Take your pick.  Personally, I'll go with option #1.

If you didn't click the link, then you may be wondering what the heck I'm going on about today.  Actually, if you google up my name, you may still find some old articles dating back to the 90s where I said, rather eloquently, that global warming was a crock.  I have never believed any of it, and have gotten into many a verbal fisticuff with true believers who thought that humans, 1) could have that great an effect on the Earth, and 2) that warming was made whole cloth out of nothing, that it was a temporary cycle in the normal weather patterns.

If you mow down every living thing and pave over the bald spot with asphalt, then stick a thermometer in the middle of it...guess what?  It's hotter!  Duh...  If you put the same thermometer in the middle of a corn field on the same day at the same lattitude...guess what?  Cooler!  Duh...

Now, these numbnutted bucketheads are using all their fancy satellites to find out that clouds, in general, are getting lower.  They are completely dumbfounded by this phenomenon.  What could possibly be causing this? How it is possible?

Listen closely, I'm only going to say this a thousand times.  The Earth is cooling.  Got it?

What does that have to do with lower clouds?  Well, it's a symptom, not a cause, as the linked article will have you believe.

Anyone who's gone up in the mountains or a helicopter can tell you that around 3,000 feet or so, it gets noticeably colder.  By the time you hit 10,000 feet, it's quite a bit colder.  Once you get to 20,000 feet, you'll need a heavy coat and gloves on the hottest day in the middle of summer.  Fact of life, that is.

So, the sun rises, heats the ground, which evaporates moisture, which causes the surface air to warm, which rises up in a convection current, carrying the evaporated moisture, until it hits the cold zone and the moisture condenses and forms what?  Oh yeah...clouds.

The lower the cold layer of air is, the lower the clouds.  As the atmosphere gets colder, the clouds will form at lower and lower levels until they become...what, kids?  Oh yeah!  FOG!

I'm tellin' ya, I should be getting millions in grant money to study these things.  For a cup of coffee and a half a pack of Oreos, I can do a damn sight better at this stuff than all those over-paid propeller heads.  Apparently, the BHP fumes from their pocket liners have eaten away their vaunted brains.

"What a moroon."
I mean, this is something they could solve with a tea kettle and A/C in their kitchen on a hot summer's day.  All the fancy gadgets and whirly-gigs are no substitute for just thinking and using common sense.  But then the readers of this site know that 'common sense' is one of the funniest oxymorons around.

What we are seeing here is the Earth's atmosphere slowing down and becoming less warm.  Because of that, the cold zone is dropping in altitude.  As a consequence, the layer at which moisture condenses out of the warm air is also getting lower.

Need further proof?  Well, if that were the case, then we would see permanent snow caps on mountains getting lower, and alpine glaciers expanding.  Guess what?  That's what the honest data is showing.  We'd also see more brutal winters.  Guess what?  Go ask a European about brutal winters.  We'd see polar ice caps not receding as much as they used to.  Guess what?  I could go on, but I think you get the point, right?

Need proof of the cold layer in the atmosphere?  Go look at clouds.  I know that not politically corrent anymore, because it causes folks to use their imagination and actually get out in nature and feel grass under foot.  But if you do, you will notice that clouds are always flat on the bottom and all start at more or less the same altitude.  The cloud bottoms show you exactly where the cold layer starts.  In fact, if you start early in the morning, you can watch clouds form at exactly that layer all day long.  Kinda cool, really (pun intended).

For those reading this who have gotten their panties all in a bunch, I will admit to believing in 'climate change.' In fact, in Texas we say, "If you don't like the climate, wait 20 minutes.  It will change."  Unless you live on the equator, like me, then all year long, the climate changes.  Yup, I'm a firm believer in climate change.  See it all the time (until I moved to Indonesia).

The other day, I was accosted on the street by a WWF fanatic.  Now, for me this is great fun, kind of like arguing with Jehovah's Witnesses who used to come to my door and try to convert me to idiocy.

Anyway, this guy asked me if I had noticed that it was gettng hotter in Jakarta the past few years.  I looked at him like he had just uttered the stupidest words ever spoken (and they were close to that).

I mentioned, somewhat politely, that this is the equator, numbnut.  It's always hot here, 365/24/7.  But no, I had not noticed it getting hotter.  In fact, the hottest I've ever seen here is 35C/95F, and a good August afternoon in Texas can hit 44C/110F.  So don't give me that 'global warming' crap.  I've seen hot that would make an Indonesian beg for mercy!  In fact, if it's hotter here at all, it's because you guys keep paving over the trees and buying more damn cars that can't go anywhere on the congested roads.  So sure, next to major arteries, it's going to be hotter, but on the scale of a planet, that doesn't even rate as a blip.

Most people go out of their way to avoid these roadside pitchmen.  This guy eventually started running to get away from me.  I will fight idiocy where ever I find it.  I will root it out and destroy it, if I can, one idiot at a time.

It's a good thing he never got a chance to bring up endangered species.

My favorite 'oops' just recently (before the clouds lowered) was that the normal mass of warm water under the Arctic ice cap, had shifted from its normal home over by Russia to northern Canada.  For this reason, they've been telling us for decades that the Arctic Sea was warming.  But now they can't figure out why the normal warm water had moved.  Hey guys!  Check the position of the water against the magnetic pole position...  Sheesh, what a bunch of moroons.

My other theory might have a better chance.  These scientific shysters have been pitching 'global warming' for decades, and have created a whole industry to try to change people trillions of dollars to eradicate the element that makes up pretty much all life on Earth (carbon).

Now they've been caught with their pants down, their e-mail shown worldwide, their theories and scare-mongering shown for what it is.  So they're looking for a graceful exit.  "Oh yeah," they say, "the sun's output has changed."  This, after years of saying the sun had nothing to do with it.  "Oh, look," they say, "the clouds are getting lower causing global cooling."  Obviously, they think we are a bunch of drooling baboons out here.

Boy, they are dancing as fast as they can to save their reputations and keep their necks out of a noose.  When you bullshit the entire world and scam trillions of dollars and make bleeding-heart numbnuts look bad, people get hurt...bad.  And by that, I refer to the 'people' who ran the scam.  Us regular folks have already been hurt...bad.

Imaging the scientidiots are cats, and they've just let loose of a mountain of poo, and now they're scratching and digging their hearts out to try and cover it up.  Live by the grant, die by the grant, I always say.

So, now that we've laid that mystery to rest, I wonder what else they will come up with?  The oceans are evaportating maybe?  NSS.

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