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Love Thy Neighbor To Death

This week has been particularly difficult.  Not really sure why.

My normal day begins at 3am.  I start with a shot of Goji berry juice and a cup of ginseng coffee.  I read the news in four different languages (English, Spanish, German, Indonesian), write a column, then eat breakfast and off to the office.

For some reason, I've been going to bed at the normal time (8 or 9 pm), but waking up around 5:30a.  Granted, it's been a rather hectic week at the office.  I've edited an average of five large reports and publications a day, compared to the normal three.  But that doesn't explain it.  It's not physically exhausting work.  Just mental gymnastics.  I taught three classes, but those are more fun than work, even though I hate preparing the materials (I may produce my first textbook soon with all the stuff I've created over the past four years).

There was Valentine's Day.  Bought my wife some roses and took her to a nice steak dinner, where I enjoyed a fine wagyu sirloin that melted in my mouth, medium rare sans the usual Indonesian habit of saucing everything.  That also happened to be the fourth anniversary of my arrival in Indonesia.  We enjoyed a couple of delicious and rare gin  and tonics back at the house.  That could only explain one day, though.  And that day, I woke up at my usual 3am.

So what was it that was dragging me down?  Sleeping 10 hours a day is just not my thing, and hasn't been since my wild and wooly late teens/early tweens.

Turns out, after a major round of self-diagnostics, that I was suffering from depression.  But where was it coming from?  I haven't had any major traumas this year (yet).  I've been reasonably productive of late.  I've got my home garden going and repaired some things around the house, got a few chores knocked out, came out of a 28-article writing spree, got a large number of projects completed at the office, and got some social time in.  I even hooked the HDMI output of the computer to the LCD big screen, bought a wireless mouse and keyboard, and started kicking back on the couch to do my research.  It also allowed me to pump my Tcaichovski 1812 Overture through the surround-sound system, which is waaaaay cool!

Maybe it was burn out.  Most writers go through down time.  There comes a point where you just run out of ideas and sit in front of a blank screen.  Other times, you become physically repulsed by the idea of sitting alone in your home office for hours on end cranking out words.  I'm very familiar with this syndrome and I've developed work-arounds over the years.

But this was different.  I had hit a wall where I didn't lack the ideas, just the motivation to do...anything.

Then it struck me.  For the last couple of weeks, I've been researching apocalyptic literature and culture, studying the origin and development of end-times thinking.  The topic had depressed me and taken the wind out of my sails.  Turns out, it is the Yahwist religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) that had T-boned my intellect and left me completely uninterested in my usual quest to change the world.

Studying that stuff is rather interesting, if not eye-opening.  But getting anywhere near it will cause a spell of hopelessness and inaction to fall over you.  It's very dangerous.  I can agree with Marx on at least his point that religion is an opiate of the masses.

When you study scriptures from a dispassionate point of view, as opposed the evangelical numb-nut view, you start to figure out that the Bible was sewn together from several ancient sources.  By the Bible, I include both Old and New Testaments.  If there ever was a real people called Hebrews, they certainly aren't the Jews of today, and most definitely aren't the Zionists.

The Old Testament is a hodge-podge of Egyptian, Babylonian and Mesopotamian mythologies cherry-picked to roughly create a story of these Hebrew folks.  Nearly every word can be traced to far more ancient sources, with a few modifications and additions to hold the teetering mass together.

The New Testament is a stew of Buddhist, Persian and Egyptian stories with some vivid imagination lumped on top.  The parables, miracles, names, symbols, and events all come from older sources.  Buddha, Mithras and Osiris are all strung together to create a character called Jesus, and the name is a combination of Julius (Caesar) and Zeus...Juli-Zeus...Jesus.

The truly evil part of this effort, though, is the Revelation of John the Divine, commonly called Revelations.  This is the key to the spell that has captured billions of people over the last thousand years or so (the early Christians didn't really talk about it, so it must be fairly new).

It wasn't until the last two hundred years or so that all the clap-trap about rapture and physical manifestations of God and complete and utter destruction of Earth came about.  Most of it is attributable to one man, Cyrus Scoffield.

Scoffield was a flim-flam man and convicted felon living in Kansas a while back.  At the behest and funding of a secretive group of Zionist lawyers, he wrote down a bunch of internal references in the Bible to vary events outlined in Revelations, including creating things like the rapture out of whole cloth.  You know his work is all rubbish, because the Oxford Press would never have published his mental masturbations without some high-powered backing.  He was a criminal and ne'er-do-well.  Why on Earth would Oxford give serious consideration to that rubbish without someone(s) in the backgroud green-lighting everything?

Since that point, global events have been carefully choreographed to follow the Scoffield script.  The destruction of the royal houses in WWI, the so-called Holocaust in WWII, the creation of Israel in 1948.  The introduction of bio-metrics and the police state in the latter 20th century through the use of false-flag terrorism.

The whole scenario was created and used by a group of elites to paralyze an entire chunk of the world's population while they installed their happy little global empire.

Here's how it works:

  • Get everyone to believe in a Second Coming/End of the World
  • Publish and indoctrinate a set of 'signs' that the End Times are coming
  • Manipulate world events to make the 'signs' appear
  • Make everyone believe that if they are saved, they have a free ride out
  • Watch as billions of people sit back and let them do their thing while they wait for the free ride and the appearance of 'god'
It's really diabolical, when you start thinking about it.  But that's not all!

The three Yahwist religions are people much identical.  Judaism, Chistianity and Islam follow more or less the same plot, though the names and events vary slightly.  The really crafty part is that the three are masterful creations for instilling hatred, division and separatism among a bunch of people that or more or less the same.

All three start off with one man wandering into the wilderness alone.  There he communes with some sort of Great Spirit who gives him, and only him, a Great Message for the Masses.  Furthermore, only he and his hand-picked successors have the power and ability to interpret this 'message' for mass consumption.

Now you have a tailor-made means of controlling large numbers of people.  You, the elite, need only brainwash a handful of gullible and greedy idiots, and they in turn will go out and do the dirty work, believing the whole time that they have been chosen by God's messenger to bring the One True Interpretation of some dusty of stories to the world.

The best part is that all three groups have a god that will torture and kill anyone who doesn't follow the inspired interpretation.  This god commands people to slaughter entire civilizations, wipe out cultures and baptize/convert anyone left standing.

All three stories begin with a gory murder and revolting violence.  The Jews watch as all the children in Egypt are killed and Pharoh's army drowned.  The Christians see their god brutally tortured and hung on a tree.  The Muslims follow their prophet into horrific battles to wipe out the infidels.

All three stories tell their followers that no one will believe them and everyone will hate them for their beliefs.  All three are told that once the 'signs' are fulfilled, their god will return in glory and justify everything by showing that they were right the whole time.

The scheme has been so successful, that all three groups have been at each other's throats for centuries, and when they aren't fighting each other, they are on pogroms to wipe out the heretics and blasphemers among their own ranks.  In fact, the whole thing is so devisive that the Jews, Christians and Muslims have all split themselves up into multiple sects believing that only they have the True Interpretation of the stories, and only they have direct lineage to the first man who secretly and solitarily got the first message.

It's all quite clever and humorous, as long as you don't think about all the death and destruction that has been caused by these three stories.

What you end up with are about half the world's population, who all hate each other and are suspicious of anyone not in their little sect.  All of them whole-heartedly believe that they will be proved right after the entire Earth is destroyed and their god comes back to say, "See, I told you so!"  And all three will do absolutely nothing to stop the elite from pulling off their evil plan, because the 'signs' are being fulfilled!

Oh, yeah...when atheism started taking hold back at the turn of the 20th century?  Well, those crafty elites came up with a secular version of the exact same stories, called the UFO Phenomenon.  Basically, aliens created humans and will return to destroy all the wicked ones and take the True Believers off to paradise.  In the meantime, they are kidnapping folks and giving them secret and solitary messages and empowering those folks to go out and spread it to the masses, along with their special interpretation.

Same damn story, same plot, same everything.  Only this time, we don't have something called 'god.'  Now we just have vastly superior lifeforms from 'out there.'

Once I saw through all this crap, I was fresh again.  Today, I vacuumed the window sills and cleaned the windows, re-arranged my office, wrote a column, and got some useful repairs and chores done around the house.  Amazing what can be done when you break this evil and cynical spell that's been cast over the world for so long.  I no longer feel depressed and gloomy!

For those who are still True Believers and refuse to See the Light, then try this mental exercise:  If God appeared to you right now and commanded you to go across the street and murder your neighbor, would you do it?  If the answer is an honest "no", then you are well on your way to a full and complete recovery.

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