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Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

You know, when you think about it, the whole UFO thing is just religion left-overs re-heated and served with different side dishes.  But the basic menu is the same, and the desired outcome is not different from the centuries of religious dogma that has kept Mankind under the spell of a self-appointed elite.

Since records began, there has been something called religion.  Fundamentally, this is a program used by a select few to control the masses.  It involves a priest class that is indoctrinated into a set of mysteries that are encoded in rather dense and indecipherable text.  The priest class is specially empowered to interpret the message for the masses, and thus have power over the masses, since they alone can bring the message of some god to them.

For centuries, this worked.  In fact, the State and religion were inseparable.  In the case of Rome, Caesar was god.  There isn't much difference between that concept and a pope who is hand-picked to be a god's personal proxy while the god is engaged elsewhere.  But make no mistake, that god will return to clean up our mess and finally finish the work of establishing a utopia of eternal worship and slavery.

So you better be good, for goodness sake.

In every case, the god(s) created the Earth and Man, and established a set of guidelines to make sure everyone behaved right.  At one time, the god(s) walked among us, but at some point had to take off for a while.  In every case, the god(s) worked a little magic to show off his/her/its power, just to make sure everyone got the point that he/she/it was in charge.

That all worked fine for a long time, until this guy Gutenberg invented the press and was able to mass produce cheap copies of a book that was the key to a priest class' power.  People started reading it for themselves and realized that it wasn't all that mysterious, and in fact, there was a bunch of stuff the priests never told them.

Because folks could read the book for themselves, they were suddenly empowered to the same extent of the priest class.  The masses realized that they could be independent and even sovereign, just like the king/pope.  They didn't need all those cathedrals and castles and regalia.  They could perform their own magic at home.

Monarchies fell.  The Age of Enlightenment dawned.  The concept of the sovereign individual developed.  A place called the united States of America came along that posited that these many sovereigns could relinquish a little of their individual power to a government that was completely seperate and divorced from religious trappings.

The elite were out of a job, for a while.  But they figured out a new way to package the deal that would again empower the State and give them control over the masses without resorting to the old religions.  They would market something new and fresh.


Suddenly, there was a new force from the sky, one which was far superior to humankind.  It was mysterious and inexplicable.  Certain members of the masses were 'abducted' and given a message of peace and love to take to the masses (prophets).

Over time, folks came to believe that the government had special knowledge of what this phenomenon was.  Folks turned to government for answers and interpretation, thus empowering government.  The government bestowed grants on scientists, who became the new priest class, specially chosen and indoctrinated into the mysteries of the Universe.  Only they could understand and interpret the signs in the heavens.

This new priest class performed secret rituals called 'research', and manipulated mysterious symbols called 'mathematics'.  They were able to understand great things about the Universe, but somehow could never make it quite simple enough for the unenlightened masses.

We were told that the gods found an empty planet and terra-formed it into a magnificent garden.  They genetically engineered Man to be servants and to praise and worship the all-powerful aliens.  The new god, called ET, was able to perform feats of magic that our priests could hardly understand.  But all of it had been specially revealed to the government through captured 'angels' and secret meetings with the pope-presidents.

Suddenly, everyone was looking to the 'authorities/priests' for answers.  They were clamoring for the government/church to reveal the truth.  Instead of Revelations, we had Disclosure.  Instead of Second Comings, we had Contact.  Regardless of whether it was the old religion or the new, the Revelation and Second Coming were always 'just around the corner'.  They could happen at any time, and only the god(s) knew when that time would come.

In the meantime, Mankind was to follow the 'authorities,' and behave according to the Divine Law, which had expanded from 10 to 20,000 special dictates of moral and social goodness.

Tithing to the church became taxes to the state.  The temple money changers became the banksters.  God became greys.  Satan became reptilians.  The angels became nordics.  Miraculous chariots became flying saucers.  And the masses started looking to ET to come and rescue us from ourselves.  In either case, humans were neutered and disenfranchised, because we didn't have the power ourselves.  It always comes from 'up there'.  And the only way humans could every understand the mysteries was to follow the priest class/authorities/scientists.

When it comes right down to it, there is a one-for-one correlation between religion and UFO cults.  In either case, power is bestowed upon a ruling elite who are the only ones capable of manipulating the sacred symbols and revealing the hidden knowledge to the world.  Only through blind obedience to the elite can we mere sheeple hope to achieve enlightenment.

It's all a rather sick and cynical charade, really.  It's sick because it makes humans feel insignificant and powerless.  It burdens the masses with guilt and feelings of insufficiency.  It forces people down into a mire of self-loathing and false hope.

It's cynical because the elite toy with humanity like their personal pets.  They change the course of history for their entertainment.  They are drunk with their power to make the masses dance like marionettes on their personal stages.

Now they are playing both religions to the hilt.  The old regionists are seeing seas turn to blood and loud sounds like trumpets coming from everywhere and nowhere.  They see the rise of something called Israel and the artificial persecution of those called 'christian'.  So they wait breathlessly for the return of their god.

The UFO cults report increasing sightings of alien craft.  Planet X is on its way.  More and more people are being abducted.  The government is on the verge of revealing the existence of ancient and current contact.

In either case, the majority of the masses are immobilized.  No one dare take action because at any moment their god(s) will return and restore the world to the way it should be (in their opinion).  In the meantime, the elite are free to do whatever they want without a peep of resistance from the sheeple.  They cause a few signs over here and reveal a little info over there, and we are paralyzed with fear and anticipation.  No one will stop the elite, because that may interrupt the process of revelation, whether that may be Second Comings or Contact.

Basically, it's blowing smoke in the hive to keep the bees docile while the elite rob the honey.

All mystery religions function the same.  They use identical means and processes to neutralize dissent and maintain power and authority in the hands of the few.  The sooner people realize the game, the sooner we can all get on with evolution into higher states of being. 

It requires deep thought, study and courage to act on the part of us unwashed masses.  It's a lot like the moment we found out that Santa Claus didn't exist.  Once the shock wore off, we were empowered to grow up and mature, no longer deluded by childish fairy tales.  It is a painful process, but one which is necessary for our species to mature.  Once we take the power away from someone or something else, and put it back where it belongs, in ourselves, the sooner we can make our own utopia.

Yes, it means taking full responsibility for our future, good, bad or indifferent.  But think how much more powerful we would all feel individually if we had full credit for the achievements of our species.

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