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Einstein Was An Idiot

OK, so the headline is a bit sensational, but it's true.  Einstein got it exactly backwards.

See, General and Special Relativity are good, solid theories.  They are predictive and engineerable.  They unified electricity and magnetism.  But, using his theories, you will never get the Holy Grail of Physics: The Grand Unified Theory of Everything (aka GUT).  And without GUT, you will never get to the nearest star in a single lifetime, much less have regular commutes to Mars.

Here's the problem.  I can prove mathematically that we live on the inside of a sphere, and that the entire Universe is condensed into an ever increasing ball in the middle.  That doesn't mean it's true, but the math is there.

Einstein could prove that a massive object warps Space/Time causing a gravity well.  But, the truth of the matter is that the gravity well creates the massive object.

Just like Einstein, we need to do a mental exercise to see how this works.

Let's start with a container full of absolutely pure water.  It has no impurities.  It is homogeneous throughout.  Every part looks exactly like every other part.  You can sample the medium at any point and it will look just like any other sample anywhere in the 'universe' we have created.  This is the Medium or Aether, as it is sometimes called.

Now imagine that this homogeneous whole divides itself into two distinct but equal parts.  It is still pure, but there is some kind of division between the two parts.  At this point, we have identity.  We can say, "I and you."  This is the ultimate act of Creation, the Great Mystery, the Trinity: two equal parts and a membrane sepertating them.  This moment is the definition of God.  It is the ultimate Unknown.  What could cause this division is anybody's guess.  Let's leave this part to the theologians.

Now, this Universe continues to divide.  Ultimately, it creates 'cells' as large as the Universe itself, and as small as the Higgs boson, and everything in between.  Within each large division, smaller divisions coagulate to form "mass".

The smallest divisions, Higgs bosons, link with slightly largest masses, quarks.  Quarks link with gluons.  Gluons and quarks form positrons, neutrons and electrons.  These join to form atoms, and atoms join to form larger structures, like living beings and planets and stars.

See how this works?  From nothing, we have something.  All that we know and understand is nothing more than smaller and smaller divisions of the Primal Nothing...the Trinity.

There is no Big Bang or Strings or Quanta...there's only the Whole which divides itself into multiple cells.  It is the folding of Space/Time into many pieces that creates matter, not the matter that creates Space/Time.

And the nature of Space/Time is a spiral.  How do we know that?

Well, every manifestation of 'matter' is a spiral.  DNA, snail shells, finger prints, fractals.  They're all spirals.  If you think about it, our Solar System is a spiral.  The planets follow the Sun.  The Sun is whizzing around the Galaxy while spiraling around something else.  We whiz around the Sun, and if you plot it out against a neutral background, then the planets form spirals as they follow the Sun.  We simply perceive it as a circle because of our frame of reference.

Therefore, the nature of the Universe, and the nature of God is a spiral.  The event that formed the first division in our Primordial Water was a spiral.  It was an eddy in the Great Scheme of Things.  The thing we worship is the Spoon that Started It All.

Even though we perceive the world as having stationary things, like our houses, the fact of the matter is that our houses are spinning at 18,000/mph, and moving through space, which is moving through more space.  If you plotted this out against a stationary piece of graph paper, it would make a spiral.

The Moon spins around the Earth, the Earth spins around the Sun, the Sun spins around the Galaxy, the Galaxy spins around the Local Group, et cetera ad nauseum.  Against a theoretical stationary observer, it all appears to make spirals.

Here's the classic physics thought experiment.  You are on a motorcycle.  You drop a ball.  To you, the ball appears to fall straight down.  To someone statnding on the sidewalk, it falls in an arc.  An arc is part of a spiral.

Therefore, Spiro-Graph was an absolutely magnificent gift that sensitized a whole generation to the nature of the Universe.  That's why they stopped making it.

When it comes right down to it, there is no difference between any of the physical manifestations of 'reality'.  There is no electrical, magetic, and gravitational force.  There is only eddies in Space/Time.

That's why Einstein was an idiot.  He started to see the Big Picture towards the end of his life, but he died about 20 years too soon.  If he had lived, he could have seen the error of his ways and understood why God doesn't play dice with the Universe.

Because 'popular' physics follows Einstein, it has gone down a mental cul-de-sac.  It is going round and round trying to find a way forward, but can't because the grant money isn't there to pursue Reality.

Mankind has already discovered Reality, thousands of years ago.  The problem is that Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen got ahold of it and warped it into Einsteinian navel-staring and televangical bullshit.

The Truth is out there.  You just have to throw away all the crap that 'mainstream' thinkers are spewing.  Let the sacred cows go.  There are no disjointed theories, only disjointed thinking.

Let the Games begin!

The reality is right there under our noses.  It's all been scrambled with impurities.  Go back to the original pure state and start over.  You've done this before.  When all else fails, throw it all out and start from the beginning.  Then you can see things clearly.

Einstein was an idiot.  Keep that in mind and you will find that you are MUCH smarter than he was.  You were born with it, because you are a spiral just like the rest of the Universe.

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