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Please Release Me

If you're a webbot fan, then you're probably sitting in front of your screen slack-jawed at global events this past few days.  You know that those bots have long been predicting the beginning of a major release period about now, and so far, events have followed suit.

March began with the release of Sheriff Joe's investigation into the supposed birth certificate released by Obama last April.  At the same time, Andrew Breitbart was released from his mortal existence on the day he was set to release video showing Obama hanging out with notorious Weather Underground figures.  Mother Nature released a hell-storm on the central US.  Obama released yet another offensive on the Constitution and Rule of LawGM released 1,300 from their jobs because the Car that Fascism Built didn't work and blew up a lot.  The Japanese released a new 'gun' that causes the brain to seize up and the target to stop talking in mid-sentence.

The list goes on, all over the world in many ways.  TSA is released to start groping drivers on the streets of the US.  A bomb was released on a Saudi pipeline.  Iran released more oil despite sanctions. 

And on it goes...

This is only the beginning, if the bots are to be believed.  They predict a period of release language the likes of which living human beings have never seen before.  It is bundled up with Secrets Revealed, of which there are plenty in the news, and the Israeli Mistake, which is being set up even as we speak (if they decide to attack Iran in the face of decreasing global support).  There will be a number of space-related events, of which the Sun's decreasing number of sunspots as it nears the peak of its cycle could be one.  If we take the years-long prediction more or less literally, then the coming weeks will be an amazing time.

Whether or not you follow the bots is irrelevant.  They are entertaining distractions for those of us who look for patterns in an otherwise senseless world.  What we can say is that global events are taking an interesting turn for the chaotic.  It seems that in every aspect of life and in every corner of the planet, there are abnormal events taking place.  A great number of events are coming to a head that have been building for some time.  The Iran situation alone has been 20 years in the making, even longer, really.

Last week, in one day, oil shot past $110/barrel and gold shed $100/ounce.  The EU is still in existence, despite anything nearing common sense, but that may not be true much longer.  The only economy still standing, Asia, is quietly unloading western debt paper and their chairs at the auctions have been empty for some time.

Even Antarctica has gotten in on the act.  A Russian team feared lost for a time suddenly showed back up and claimed to have finally tapped Lake Vostok after 20 years of drilling.  Meantime, a Norwegian lab blew up and killed a number of scientists (story has disappeared), while an iceberg the size of New York started a life on its own.

Everywhere one looks, there are rumors and events of increasing interest and visibility that have the ability to change global events in significant and profound ways.  It makes for some fine popcorn quality time in front of the global peep-hole we call the internet.  One gets the feeling that a great many folks are ready to sweep the table clear and start fresh with a whole new set of problems, and that wish may be unfolding before our eyes.

The coming days and months will tell the tale for the course of world events for some time to come.  Perhaps the US storms are a metaphor for coming social and political storms.  The sky is growing increasingly unsettled and there is a change in the air.  It might be a good time to open the storm cellar and clear out the cobwebs.

Think of it as a fire drill.  A little practice never hurts, since being able to act in a meaningful way when chaos is swirling around our heads is never a bad idea.  Universe favors the prepared mind.

The nice thing about storms, though, is the fresh, clean air behind them.

By the way, while you're at it and you're one of the cool people who use Firefox, check out the new add-on called Collusion.  It lets you see which sites are sending your info to which other sites, and which are tracking you even after five or 10 sites..  Puts a slight bit of power back in your hands.
And now, for the Sunday Funnies.  This is an oldie, but goodie, and always worth a rerun.

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