Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Stand By For Transmission...

I, for one, will not be watching the Olymic opening and closing ceremonies live.  I might possibly scan YouTube after the fact, once I know for sure what's going on.  And that's the crux of today's column: what's going on with the Olympics?

It's obvious to anyone who knows how all this crap works that the whole "terrorism" thing is nothing more than a massive PR stunt to get eyeballs through morbid curiosity.  They have been seeding headlines for the past year dropping the meme of Olympic death in order to maximize the planetary impact of something, possibly a message encoded in the ceremonial aspects of the games.

My bet is that the opening ceremony is the key.  They will really only this one best opportunity to slide some message into the most brains possible due to the massive media campaign leading up to it.  I suspect some overt or covert message has been carefully woven into the pomp and pageantry.  You are being mercilessly teased by the prospect of death and destruction to tune in and receive your programming.

There's no doubt these things work by having the most number of humans participating in a single event at the same moment.  This allows unprecedented access to the 'medium' of space-time.  The 9.11 mess was effective because the first plane got everyone to tune in, while the second and third planes were designed to 'shock' the medium and bring about a certain mass mind experience.  If you are aware in advance of the event, then you are in a position to use this harnessed power to whatever ends you chose.

In the case of the Olympics, there won't be a mass disaster.  They've so hyped the possibility that it would negate the raw emotion of shock.  Rather, they want as many folks to watch so that a message or meme can be implanted in the greatest number of minds in advance of some event.

As you, dear reader, may already suspect, I do have a theory about what that event may be.  And here's how I come about it.

The central concept behind the Olympic hype has been "terror", real or imagined is unimportant.  So, we scan the headlines for something having to do with "terror" in the same time frame as the Olympics and Lo!, we find "Seven minutes of terror" related to the landing of Curiosty rover on Mars.

The Mars landing has been hyped nearly as long and strong as the Olympic build-up, and both themes involve "terror".  It all dovetails much too neatly, and both are eyeball glue designed to get our global attention.  The fact that they are simultaneous is no mistake.  The London games and the rover landing have both been planned for a long time.  It is unthinkable that one group of planners wasn't aware of the other.

Much of the London headlines have focused on the missile batteries on rooftops around the city.  This is obviously to get us looking up, as it were.  And when we look up, we see Mars with the impending "seven minutes of terror" looming large in the heavens.

What seems pretty clear is that someone somewhere is about to announce the unambiguous knowledge of life on another planet.  My guess is that the concept of extraterrestrial life will be woven tightly into the Olympic opening ceremony.  This concept will infect as many minds as possible and soften us up to the idea of life elsewhere, whether in the solar system or beyond.

The announcement will likely come in the form of single-celled microbial life.  The Olympic logo includes the two little one-eyed bugs, which would imply a small, non-threatening lifeform.

On the other hand, the Curiosity rover is the first lander on Mars that actually has the capability to find extant life since the Viking landers in the 70s.  It has laboratories and microscopes on-board, which could give us unquestionable evidence.

That the word "mars" is synonymous with 'terror', and it's moons are called 'fear' and 'trembling', the symbolic links are so dense you need a machete to hack through them all.  After all, the precursor event was an act of 'terror' in a town called 'aurora' (dawn - of a new day), in a state called "colorado" (colored red), involving the image of bats (fear symbol).  Almost everywhere you look, there are subconscious markers being fed to us in the media that link terror, the color red, fear, the sky, and anticipation of something big coming.

My guess, and I'm probably off a bit here, but by the closing ceremony of the Olympics, the Mars rover will have found some clue as to the Big Announcement to come.  It may be overt, like landing splat in an algae-filled swamp, but more likely it will involve finding microbes in the soil after some poking and prodding around.  The clue most likely will involve surface water in the form of mud or a steam vent.  I doubt it will be immediate, since 'they' will want the message of the games to sink in a bit and work its way into our collective subconscious Mind.

By the way, did I mention that Mount Olympus is on Mars and all this will occur during the 'olympic' games?

It really is fun to look at all this, especially since it seems to be flying right over the heads of most people.  Even though we process information graphically, most people have been trained to disregard this part of our physiology, though it most clearly registers in the subconscious, where it seasons our mundane reasoning.  That's why 'they' use these tools.  It bypasses our conscious filters and goes straight to the underlying strata of our reality perception and how we interpret the world around us.

Back to my original statement, I won't be watching the ceremonies.  I don't want my view clouded by the programming.  Instead, I want to turn and watch the audience, to see how the message is received and what effect it has on the mass population.  Besides that, I get disgusted when I know someone is trying to program me.  It makes me really irritated for several days afterward.  I'll wait for the YouTube highlight reels, after I prepare my filters for what I am watching.

Indeed, the dark knight is rising.  A knight is a horseman and defender of the king.  King Harry will be presiding over the London games.  Meanwhile, on another planet, our 'curiosity' will be sparked by a 'rover', a rogue knight without allegiance.

It's all kind of exciting really.  It's like standing on the Great Plains of the US watching a dark line of clouds coming, bringing the storm.  You know what to expect.  You know about when it will get here.  Yet, the pageantry of it all still gets your heart pumping with anticipation.

Welcome to the Brave New World.  Why does it all sound so...Hunter S?