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The Untouchables

Dust Bowl, Oklahoma
Once upon a time, there was a group of men called the Untouchables by the popular press.  They were idealistic Boy Scouts whose moral character (or lack of self-preservation shills) set them up as incorruptible law enforcement agents.

It was the 1930s Chicago.  Strongman Al Capone had cornered the market in booze, which at that time was the marijuana or cocaine of the US.  Liquor had been outlawed by ambitious do-gooders determined to make an entire country follow their bent morality at the point of a gun.

The only thing this misguided attempt at social engineering produced were some of the most notorious gangs and mob bosses in American history.  But the period of history in which is happened is notable because we today have stepped through the looking glass and are living a strange sort of mirror image of that time.

Then, it was the Great Depression.  A series of misguided attempts to goose the national economy of the US out of the doldrums had backfired and led to even greater misery.  Combined with the ill-timed Dust Bowl drought that wiped out America's central food producing region, it was a time of great suffering.

Back then, a number of folk heroes sprung up.  These were men and women driven by desperation and a sense of righteous indignation to rob banks, because they knew that the banks were the cause of the problems.

John Dillinger
Names like John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde, and Slick Willie Sutton became household names.  People rooted for them because they were Everyman fighting the Great Pretender.  They were the Robin Hoods and Si Pitungs of their time.  They were attacking the hydra head-on and people secretly supported and admired them, while publicly denouncing their unlawful ways.

In the modern era, we have no such heroes.  Instead, we have Batman killers and Sikh slaughterers.  They are anti-heroes, already victims of government psy-ops and social engineering before their victims are even cold.

Meanwhile, in government, the Untouchables are no longer the enforcers standing up to mob bosses.  Rather they ARE the mob bosses looting and plundering Everyman with abandon, with no check on their rampages.  Smoot-Hartley has become TAARP, and the only hew and cry the public can muster is "Audit the Fed".  Ron Paul, the voice of reason and lawfulness, has become the new John Dillinger.

In fact, the recent series of Batman films is a perfect metaphor.  The character that appears to be evil and uses symbols of fear is the good guy, while the Scarecrow, Joker and Bane, who use symbols of goodness and ancient righteousness, are the ultimate evil.  Hell, even Jimmy Holmes 'allegedly' wore a police-style uniform while committing his act of drug-induced terror.

It is the ancient majik come to life.  What is white is black, what is good is bad.

In recent news, the Obama administration (the alleged Man of Peace) authorized Fast and Furious to buy guns through strawman purchases, then give them to Mexican bandits to use in crimes, them blame Everyman for the crime and take away his rights.

Goldbag Sacks, by far the most evil of all corporations, has been caught with its pants down.  Yet, like a good whore, it has been paid for its services, rather than punished for its transgressions.

Hong Kong courts handed HSBC the right to evict the Occupiers, though they were perfectly within their 'legal' rights to do what they were doing.

Even Natural Rights have become Civil Rights, implying the civil authority granted them, so it can take them away, as well.

Bonnie and Clyde's demise
Heck, even the Pope is calling for global government, as long as his office is in on the deal, of course.

So here in the Mega Depression, we see ghosts of things past.  We have drought and banksters and folk heroes, but the tables are turned.  Now, the drought is a form of crowd control, the banksters have become the Untouchables, and the folk heroes are tortured souls fighting the symbols of good.  What's up is now down.

It used to be an Untouchable was someone good beyond reproach.  Now, he's a slick bankster in an Armani original.  Vampires have been turned into love interests.  A werewolf is a friend in the realm of majik.

Alice would feel right at home in this world.

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