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Boxing Day

Two days after the last US election, a petition appeared on the What House (sic) website to allow Texas to secede from the union.  The deadline was mid-December to garner 25,000 signatures to (supposedly) force the What House to respond.  Within two weeks, the petition passed 25k and is still heading north.  Note that 19 other states have done the same thing, though none have yet received a sufficient number of signatures.

Texans like being left the hell alone.

But, this does present the US with a bit of a problem.  You see, Texas is one of the largest economies in the world and the primary driver of the US economy.  Not only that, it has the world's only helium plant and the US' primary uranium enrichment plant, and as well as the manufacturing plant for all of the US' hydrogen bombs.  Oh yeah, and there's the center for NASA's manned space flight, too.

The biggest problem is that Texas leaving the union would force a redesign of the flag and all those nationalistic idiots who mindlessly spout rhetoric like, "America, love it or leave it," and who don't have jobs now, would have to spend their food stamps to buy new flags.

During the 'election', Puerto Rico - which has been a US protectorate for 100 years - voted to petition Congress for statehood.

So naturally...I have a modest proposal...

Let Texas go and make Puerto Rico a state.  The net number of states remains the same and there is no need to cancel all the Chinese contracts to make US flags, plus the US gains its very own rain forest to keep the environmentalists busy and a damn fine source of rum to boot.

At the same time, Texas gets left the hell alone, which is how most (real) Texans prefer things.  Texas would also get a jump start on its own space and nuke programs as repayment for the $1 trillion in silver still owed to her by the federal government when the latter "bought" half of New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Wyoming off the Republic of Texas a century and a half ago, and then welched on the deal by 'annexing' Texas in a shady deal that went against the overwhelming vote of the people there.

You see, I have no love lost with the US.  My family were among the original white settlers in the region, back when Tejas was still a Mexican province.  My great (x3) grandfather was the first European doctor in Texas and studied the medicines and healing practices of the indigenous tribes.  His family (and mine by extension) received the crossed arrows from the Comanche, Lipan Apache and Kickapoo.  Other family members fought in the war for independence (from both Mexico and the US), served in numerous public service offices and ran underground railroads before and during the War of Northern Aggression.  In all, my family has been building Texas as long as Mayflower blue bloods have been holding debutante balls.

I also fully support the other 19 states that have petitioned for secession.  Most folks outside the US, much less inside, realize that the US was founded on the idea that the states were to be semi-autonomous, only delegating certain very limited powers to a federal government.  Over the past 200-odd years, that federal government has become feral, taking FAR more power than it ever should have been allowed.  As a consequence, it has become the single biggest danger to the states, not to mention most other countries on Earth.

The feral gummint was never to have the power to tax individuals.  The state legislatures were supposed to elect the Senators.  The Electoral College was supposed to balance the interests of urban and rural populations.  Congress was to make no laws concerning a whole list of things.  All of those provisions have been violated, and in fact, the Constitution has become a dead letter in the eyes of the feral empire.

Furthermore, the Constitution gave no powers to the feral gummint to annex, purchase or otherwise unilaterally create states.  That it has for well over a century was one of the first and most egregious abuses of power it committed.

Texas was annexed in 1845, as part of Polk's effort to create a buffer between Mexico and the US.  In other words, the feral gummint used the land and people of Texas as canon fodder to cover its own hide.  The people of Texas weren't happy about it, and in 1861, when they got the chance to vote on the matter, seceded from the union by a vote of 4-1.  Texas was re-assimilated by the feral gummint by fouce after the War of Northern Aggression.  The only vote on the matter required voters to swear allegiance to the union before they were given a ballot.  Not unlike the most recent 'election', really.

At any rate, Texas has a long history of wanting to be left the hell alone.  The secessionist movement has been around for well over a century.  It is not a new phenomenon.  The fate and fortunes of that movement rise and fall on whether the general populace is complacent with the current situation in Washington.  Under Clinton, the movement caught fire and took several great leaps forward, thanks to a guy named Richard McLaren.  Under Bush, though, folks kind of settled down and went about their business until that president started a bunch of wars.  Now under Obama, folks are up in arms, almost literally, once again.

Taken together with the other calls nationwide to secede, there appears to be a growing tide of anti-feral gummint sentiment in the US.  One can easily imagine the American equivalent of Boris Yeltsin riding into Virginia on a tank waving the battle flag and demanding major reforms.

In other words, the empire is in deep s*#t.

Despite the large and growing number of folks who have surrendered responsibility for their lives to the feral gummint, there is still a strong core of fiercely independent folks in the US, most of whom are in the south and west.  This makes sense since it was strongly self-sufficient folks who moved West to get away from the fascist eastern seaboard in the early days of the US.  Those values, and certainly the genes that influenced those people still live in the decedents inhabiting what the yankee bastards contemptuously call the "fly-over" states.

More importantly and apropos is the fact that states like Texas are on the front lines of the 'quiet war' with Mexican cartels.  On top of that, the cartels were created and empowered by the feral gummint's War on Drugs and other misguided policies that created vast black markets funneling gobs of cash into the hands of criminal elements.

In other words, Texas is still canon fodder for the feral gummint.  Most folks don't take kindly to being placed in that position.

The media, and most folks since they can't think past the end of their TeeVee remotes, are treating the latest secessionist cries as a new and (racist) anti-Obama phenomenon.  The truth is that Obama's re-election and his war mongering and his soon-to-take-effect 'health care tax' are just the latest straws on the back of a very old camel.

Even before the ink was dry on the US Constitution, there were efforts on the parts of folks in all the colonies to secede from the union because they foresaw the issues that are coming to a head once again.  The feral gummint has been a boil on the butt of free-thinking folks for the better part of two centuries, and the secession movement ebbs and flows depending on the burden of carrying a central government.

Certainly, this underlying current exploded out of its banks when the northern industrial states sat squarely on the economy of the southern states back in 1860 and 61.  That led to one of the bloodiest episodes in the soap opera called the United States of America, which has to be one of the all-time oxymoronic titles.

In today's America, it's not industrialists against agriculturalists, it's banksters and corporatists against human beings, with America rapidly becoming one of the hottest fronts in the war for individual freedom.

When the Republican party shat on the Ron Paul faction in the last 'election', they may have inadvertently - or consciously - forced the hand of liberty-minded folks.  As Larry McDonald is famously quoted, "There are four boxes in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge.  Please use in that order."

The soap box (speech) has been effectively squelched.  The ballot box (voting) is a sham by any measure.  The jury box (courts) are rigged and most folks don't know how to use this one.  That leaves the cartridge box (guns), and with the explosion of gun sales since Obama's re-election, folks may be seeing this route as the final means to get feral animals out of the garden.

It's quite likely we will see an historical rhyme with the overthrow of the Soviet empire occur n the US, sooner than later.  Secessionist movements are but one of several symptoms of 'Sovietistis' appearing in headlines around the world right now.  Having more than one-third of the global population hell-bent on an apocalypse doesn't help matters (and no, you won't be raptured, so get ready...).  There are plenty of ways to defuse the situation, but the antagonists don't appear to be the least bit interested in that outcome.

On the other side, independence-minded folks like real Texans prefer to herd than be herded, and won't sit still for long when someone tries to corral them.

It's a game of brinksmanship at this point.  Who will be the first to blink is the question.  The logical thing is to open the pressure valve and let folks go who want to be left alone.  Obviously, those who suck power like candy can't let that happen.  They get special jollies off of keeping folks penned up who want to roam the range.  Makes them feel big and tough hiding behind their drones and satellites.

Secession is nothing new and the louder voices right now are those who have been bellowing for a long time.  But patience only goes so far.  What remains to be seen is what happens when the patience runs out, and that will depend on which boxes of liberty are still uncrushed.  Might want to grab some Orville Reddenbacher and a case of brew.  This could get interesting.