Here Thar Be Monsters!

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Mobocracy Ascendant

Al Capone
It's fairly well known that the Rothschild family are the central bankers of the UK and the power behind the throne.  Slightly less known is that they are uber-Zionists and were the financial muscle behind the founding of the modern Israeli state.  That family is also implicated by extension in the current paedophilia scandal currently rocking the UK privileged classes.

When a scandal this big gets too close to the major players and covers too many column inches in the 'press', the elite need a distraction to bury inconvenient stories.  If they can move the story off the front pages and slowly corral them towards the back/bottom of the news, then they can make them disappear.

Lo and behold!, it's a war in the Middle East, with none other than Israel smack in the middle of it all.  What's more, the whole thing started with a secret meeting of the core Bilderburgers in Rome.

The front page squeeze is on!  The paedophiles are already disappearing from the mass consciousness.  If the topics weren't so dire, it would be fun to watch how they do this.  But the fact remains that people are being slaughtered to cover up the tracks of some very evil people.

Even without a cynical eye, one can perceive the manipulation of global events to hide some things and expose others.  In a recent article, I detailed my thoughts on the idea that there are two competing factions in the race for global domination: the statists and the corporatists.  Though their goals are the same, they split over the structure.  The former see a world much like Orwell's dystopia, while the latter want to dangle baubles in front of the hypnotized masses.  What it boils down to is the carrot and the stick.  The statists would flog us into submission, while the corporatists would entice us into voluntary servitude.

So what we are seeing on the global stage now are salvos in the war between these two competing philosophies.  The statists are taking down the US military command structure, as seen in the Petraeus case, while the corporatists are pushing military adventurism for profit and to hide their predilection for child sex.

It's a major battle for above-the-fold headlines, each with different agendas and methodologies.  When they aren't threatened in their positions sitting atop the world power structure, they are fighting each other for top dog status.  If you needed an example as to how these groups are nothing more than glorified mobsters, this is it.

When the mob is comfortably in control, they go to war on each other for turf, but if outsiders try to move in, they circle the wagons and defend their mutual claims.  Another way to look at it is an abusive marriage.  Normally, the spouses physically and verbally abuse each other, but if an outsider tries to step in and interfere, they both turn and present a united front.

It helps to keep an eye on the Big Picture and reduce these major global events to more manageable terms.  Don't get me wrong: every man's death diminishes me, but I refuse to allow the cruel and ruthless slaughter of innocents be used as a weapon by evil and immoral gangsters to keep me sedate with fear.  And that is exactly what they are doing to us.

By taking down powerful people and launching wholesale terror on families and non-combatants, they hope to keep us in line with the implication that it could happen to us at any time.  However, they are nothing more than overblown bullies with big toys who want to steal more and more of our labor and freedom to satiate their unquenchable desire for power.  The only way they can win is to paralyze otherwise good people with fear.

Basically, we are the deer and they are the headlights, and if we don't snap out of it fast, we will end up as hood ornaments on their pimpmobiles.

Petraeus and the other military brass are paying the price for their servitude to immorality.  They chose the path and now they must negotiate the obstacles being thrown at them.

On the other hand, the Palestinians in Gaza and others in the region are paying a price for crimes they did not commit.  Rather their punishment comes at the hands of wicked quasi-humans who are taking lives to cover their crimes.

In either case, we the unwashed masses are being enticed by a global slight-of-hand to look the other way while the slime clean up their mess.  Only crimes of unspeakable depth and breadth would require such draconian methods to distract us.  It is therefore incumbent on us to stare directly at them and refuse to allow the filthy mobsters to hide the evidence and bury the outrage and shame that should be their rightful due.

As every fan of murder mysteries knows, committing one crime requires and endless stream of subsequent crimes to cover the trail.  Because the mobsters have millions of murders on their hands, they must eventually kill all of us to hide it.

Or we must put and end to it fast.

We start by acknowledging the fact there is no "right" side in all of this.  It is all "wrong".  There are no good guys or morally defensible side in the global fiasco unfolding on our TeeVees.  We must hold them all to blame, regardless of whether the mob has already thrown them to the dogs as sacrifices to keep us off the scent.

It is our duty to those who have died and who are dying at the hands of these butchers to hold the guilty parties to task and not be fooled by their parlor tricks.  They are nothing more than petty thieves who have figured out how to manipulate our deepest fears for their gain, and nothing more.  They are parasites that will kill the host if we don't act quickly and sensibly to stop the infection.

Guy Rothschild
They manipulate symbols, powerful symbols from our deepest psyches, to make us believe they are "leaders", "authorities" and "officials".  They are nothing more than the latest incarnation of Hitler, Caligula and all the other power-crazed thugs of history.  Knowing what we know now, would you be afraid to stand up to those criminals?  Or would you do everything in your power to stop them before more bodies were heaped upon their crimes?

If these 'people' aren't stopped now, we will all be their victims soon enough.  Remember, if we do nothing to stop a crime when we are fully aware of it, then we are guilty by association.  Out descendants will judge us by what actions we take today.  Think of how we view the people of Germany who realized what was happening and did nothing to stop it.

Start now by turning off the TeeVee.  Boycott Black Friday.  Talk to your friends and family about what's gong on.  Steel your mind to the ubiquitous manipulation of symbols to keep us in fear.  Refuse to be an accessory to these crimes.  We can no longer afford to brush these events off as conspiracy theories and tin-foil lunacy.

The fight is on and we're all in it, whether we admit it or not.