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Obama was re-elected.

HAHAHAHAHA!  Go on, pull the other one!

From where I sit (about 12,000 miles away) the recent US horse race was the biggest farce in all the history of 'democracy'.  America has shifted from a voting philosophy of "the lesser of two evils" to "the devil you know".

Obama (Democratic) 303 25+DC 60,662,601 50.40%

Romney (Republican) 206 24 57,821,399 48.01%

Johnson (Libertarian) 0 0 1,139,562 0.95%

Stein (Green) 0 0 396,684 0.33%

Goode (Constitution) 0 0 108,195 0.09%

Barr (Peace and Freedom) 0 0 49,426 0.04%

Anderson (Justice) 0 0 34,521 0.03%

Others 0 0 151,360 0.13%
Total   538 51 120,039,056 100.00%
You mean to tell me that with all the furvor and furor that surrounded Ron Paul's candidacy, and with Ritt Momney leading in national polls right up to Monday evening, Obama managed to win with all the third parties together not even pulling 1.5% of the vote?!

No write-ins for Ron Paul?  No mass movement to the Libertarian Party?  What about the millions of folks who whorked his campaign and donated millions of bux?  They just evaporated?  Or switched to one of the two lead horses?  Hell, Ross Perot ('92) got 19% of the vote with a lot less fever pitch to his campaign.  George Wallace ('68) got 14% and John B. Anderson ('80) pulled out 6.5%.

 And Johnson, a perfectly viable Libertarian candidate and popular former New Mexico governor, only polled 0.9%?!

Sorry, the numbers just don't line up.  I didn't have any horses in this race, nor did I vote, as I haven't since 1992, when I was part of Perot's 19%.  Furthermore, I left the US in 2008, and could really care less who won or lost, so I'm not coming at this with sour grapes.  I'm looking at the past year of campaigning, recent national polls and third-party history.

What I'm looking at is the fact that Ron Paul had millions of very passionate followers and he rallied large segment of the US population that was disenfranchised and mobilized them to the point that he drew a bigger crowd at his alternate rally than the Republican National Convention did.  Now, we are supposed to believe that all those deeply passionate people completely failed to show up and vote?  In fact, we are to believe that all those folks couldn't elect one single candidate at any level to any office?  What?  Did they just evaporate?

I'm also looking at the fact that Momney polled higher than Obama by at least a point or two from the debates until the last moment.  And he lost...?  Not only that, he practically conceded before the counting had begun, as if he was in a big hurry to hand over the White House without a whimper.

Yup, this whole thing smells to high Heaven.  Not one single aspect of the election rings true.  The general sentiment across the US was very similar to events in 1980, when Carter faced off with Reagan, and Reagan won by a landslide, even with Anderson pulling 6% of the vote away from him.

This win is in spite of the fact that Obama has been very unpopular as (p)resident, showed up to his first debate stoned out of his gourd, and has taken the country on a wildly socialist turn to the left.  And this is not to mention having failed to live up to a single campaign promise (close Gitmo, end Iraq/Afghan war, legalize marijuana), has instituted the largest tax hike in the nation's history (just wait till next year folks), and is the laughing stock of foreign leaders worldwide (c.f. Putin, Wen, Noda).

In fact, about the only thing Obama has done of any merit is keep Israel in its place, but that is hardly enough to warrant re-election.  Yes, Momney would have rushed into an Iran war, which made him scary to most folks, but with Obama's record, the combined perfect storm of idiots, along with the Ron Paul phenominon, should have driven thousands of voters to third parties.

Yet, only 1.6% voted their consciences.

Something is definitely rotten in Denmark.  Either Americans are far more mind-controlled than anyone could have possibly believed, or the election is a complete sham.  Giving the American people the benefit of the doubt (for now), I'm going with the latter option, though I reserve the right to change my mind upon further evidence.

So what now?

Well, it's back to business as usual.  The Reagan Revolution continues, with corporate interests advancing their stranglehold on government.  The fascist/socialist mutant that began overrunning Washington back in the days of FDR is plowing forward unabated.  The number of people surviving on government handouts continues to wildly expand.  The corporate agenda of weak, ineffective oversight and a school system that produces subserviet worker-bees hasn't paused for a breath in 50 years.

It doesn't matter that Obama won or Momney lost, they are one and the same when it comes to following the previously mentioned dogmas.  With only 1.6% of the population brave enough to change course, and the rapidly approaching point where those on the government teat will exceed 51% of the population, the outcome is written in stone.

The decline and fall of the Anglo-American empire is at hand.