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Beware The Agitprop

"Insider Claims Obama Wants to Kill the Dollar!"

Ah, the smell of Hearstian news-making, rather than news reporting.  If that reference is a bit obscure for you, dust off the old history books and look up the Spanish-American War.  You might also want to watch "Citizen Kane" not only for its artistic value, but for the thinly veiled references to Hearst.

At any rate, the above-linked article brings the whole alarmist reporting issue to the fore.  People, especially Americans, reading that article might think that the death of the dollar is tantamount to the Apocalypse.  Certainly, most of the world has been brainwashed into thinking the Almighty Dollar has rays of golden sunlight shining out its proverbial hindquarters.

In point of fact, my respect for Obama, which can only go up at this point, would rise ever so slightly.  Nothing would do the world a greater good than to kill the dollar.  Nothing would alleviate so much suffering and horror in the world as the death of the dollar.  Nothing would go further to achieving world peace than the demise of that empirical tool known commonly as "the dollar".

In point of fact, the cited article is little more than 'mental manipulation' on the part of some group to achieve a certain public mind-set, at the minimum among nationalists.  That the article refers to an 'intel insider' makes me even more suspicious that this is part of a much larger effort to circle the wagons in the States.

It's a very common ploy of oligarchs and dictators to create an outside threat in the minds of the citizenry.  We humans have this instinctual response of closing ranks when we perceive a threat to our well-being.  We put aside our minor differences and join forces for at least long enough to fight off the threat before returning to our normal bitching and grousing.

This instinct is behind the use of children by the PTB.  They create a threat to our children, real or imagined, because they know people will rally to the cause until the threat passes.

In the same way, the extant article is using economic fear to cause people to drop their arguments with the empire and rally to the causus belli to save our economic hides.  In the minds of readers, the article creates the idea that, "Hey, I use the dollar to pay for house, my kids' education, my wife's hairdresser!  If the dollar dies, so do I!"  This fear, in turn, causes the reader to rally in defense of the dollar - and by extension, the PTB - in order to protect one's very way of life.

In truth, nothing would be better for Americans or the world at large than to see the dollar go down the tubes.  The dollar is a weapon and tool of the Anglo-American empire that, for the better part of a century, has been used to subjugate people and destroy cultures throughout the world.

In addition, the dollar is literally NOTHING.  It represents nothing, is backed by nothing and has no particular benefit to anyone using it, except the PTB, of course.  Frankly, the death of the dollar would be a brilliant moment in world history, as it would defang the PTB, destroy the Federal Reserve and neuter the Anglo-American hegemony.  The dollar's demise would collapse the IMF and World Bank and free great masses of human beings from abject slavery and poverty.

I see your jaw hanging slack because you think what I am saying is high lunacy, but think about it...

Without the dollar, the Western empire would not be able to control global energy, food and labor supplies - a central and key component of the Anglo-American hegemony.  The DuPont/Monsanto cabal would not be able to force GMOs down our throats (literally).  The Rockefeller/Rothschild oligarchs would lose complete control over global oil supplies and prices would immediately begin dropping as producing nations competed to replace their artificial incomes under the current regime.  And the demise of the dollar would open up the market to more currencies, creating more opportunities and cancelling slave-wage contracts in the third-world that are denominated in dollars, thus giving rise to better wages and more competition for all.

Another benefit of the 'death of the dollar' would be the demise of the global narcotics mafia.  Nearly that entire market is based on dollar cash trade, thus enriching those who control the flow of dollars and the means by which to launder such incomes.  In this way, the oligarchs and mafia dons sit atop a mountain of dollars and use them to kill, maim and control millions.  The death of the dollar would be the death of the War on Drugs, which is little more than a protection rack for those few families who control the authoritarian strings of governments.

At home, the death of the dollar would free Americans to seek out new and valuable currencies to replace the old.  In this way, they would see a vast increase in personal wealth, the death of oppressive taxation and an economic renewal unlike anything that country has ever experienced.  Ridding themselves of worthless debt paper and installing new, credit-based paper in its stead, would free up capital, increase the buying power of families, and return people once again to a mentality of saving, which is the engine of growth.

In the abcense of fear-mongering, the death of the dollar would be an event of such great importance to the growth and well-being of the world that words can hardly express how exciting such a thing would be.

One thing is absolutely sure...the Anglo-American empire is deathly afraid of killing the dollar.  Nothing could be further from the truth than to have their meat-puppet called Obama working on such an agenda.  They are certainly not yet prepared to replace the dollar system, as nearly every international contract of any importance is based on the dollar.  The death of the dollar would force the renegotiation of millions of important deals without the perceived power of the dollar backing the side of the oligarchs.  Thus, entire nations would be scouting about for better terms with more valuable backing than whatever the oligarchs would use to replace their precious dollar.

Obviously, the cited article is nothing more than a ploy to create fear in the reader, thus causing them to actually rally on the side of the banksters to save a worthless piece of paper called the 'dollar'.  In other words, all of us who know that the banksters are the cause of all the misery in the world today are being asked to rally around those very banksters because we perceive that the dollar is our only hope and salvation in these times of economic trial and trouble.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  The dollar is the primary tool of the bankster class and the multi-national corporations that are destroying productivity, wealth and sovereignty worldwide.  That the article cites 'intel insiders' is yet another clue that this is alarmist agitprop designed to create fear and rally the populace even against our own best interests.

The death of the dollar would be an historic miracle of proportions we can hardly imagine at this moment.  Yes, it would create some very short-term pain, but in the long run, it would be of inestimable value to all humanity.  Lancing a boil always causes immediate pain, but it subsides quickly and promotes much faster healing.

It is in the best interests of all 'real' people to pray for the death of the dollar, especially before the banksters and globalists have an alternative system in place.  It would open a window of opportunity rarely seen in our world history.  It would destabilize the oligarchs and unseat the imperialists, giving humanity an unprecedented opportunity to raise the fortunes of all humans everywhere.

Let us hope that the article is correct in at least one assertion: “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”  To that, I respond, "Please do, and the sooner the better for all of us!"

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