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Report From Big Mountain

It's been one helluva month around the Far Side Sub-Headquarters here on the flanks of Gunung Gede (Big Mountain - yes, it's a real place, you think we would lie to you?).

The big news is that we had our first month over 12,000 hits, thanks in part to and, who both posted some of our articles.  We are also closing in on a quarter-million pages served since we started this bit of personal madness back in May of 2010.  Very exciting stuff for a one-man operation deep in the jungles of Borneo.

The aware reader may have noticed that we replaced the PayPal donate button with a BitCoin one.  Well...seems we were up to some suspicious activities.  One generous reader made a significant donation after our interview with Drs. Farrell and de Hart, so I passed some of it on to those two gents.  According to PayPal, that was enough to suspend our account and demand that we send several pieces of identity papers.

Being the ornery cusses that we are, we told them to get stuffed and took up with more liberty-minded folks over at BitCoin.  Sorry, but to our mind, cross-donating a few bux to a couple of Oxford dons does not constitute subversive activity.  Message to PayPal?  Go screw yourselves!  Our privacy is not a commodity to be traded around.

Next of all, we noticed on a couple of web stat sites that the value of our little operation was going up due to all the traffic we've been getting.  That raised a couple of alarm flags, since it was increasingly valuable to own our name (augenguy, a handle we invented in the early 1990s when the internet was still a novelty).  So we immediately locked up  Those links are now hot and (for the moment) point back to this blogsite.  Eventually, they will become entities unto themselves, once we figure out what to do with them.

Our efforts have been greatly aided by our generous donors.  Their support has made a lot of things possible around here that may not be entirely obvious, but nonetheless are helping us grow to serve our audience.

Our goal is create a place that is both entertaining and informative, while being sufficiently unique in style and substance from all the other sites out there.  We don't want to be a news amalgamator, and there are plenty of folks offering op-ed material in the mainstream.  Instead, we want to offer stories that are a little larger in scope than just current headlines, while seasoning everything with a little IndoTex wisdom.  It would seem, from the traffic flow, that people are responding to this rather unique blend.

So, our point?  To give a Big Texas thanks to all the good folks who have been faithful readers and donors over the past three years.  Also, thanks and welcome to all the new readers who are discovering our little effort to change things

We also want to make sure everyone knows about our new domain: AUGENGUY.COM, maybe visit and join our various social media outlets, such as the Radio Far Side FB page, @RadioFarSide twit page, the Vimeo and YouTube channels, and the mirror blog at WordPress, if that's more to your liking.  All the links are in the sidebar.

Keep an eye out over the next couple of months as we start to launch the new Far Side look and feel.  We'll be adding features, redesigning the interface and generally overhauling the whole concept.  We're also nailing down some really BIG interviews with truly global movers and shakers.  We want to bring the very best information to our readers.

Just so y'all know, half of our audience is in Asia and South America.  The other half is from the US, Canada and Europe.  We have a truly global gathering happening here and we aim to keep it that way.

Thanks for your support, dear reader, and please let your friends know about us.  Together, we can make the Far Side a place for unique views and experiences.

So head on down to the kaki lima, order up a serving of nasi kuning with durien for dessert, and get ready for the next phase of your favorite Far Side diversion.

Sampai jumpa! (until we meet again!)
The Far Side staff