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Resistance Is Futile

There are so many things going on right now that it's hard to focus on any given issue.  Of course, the US o' A is all over the news, barking orders and whatnot.  Certainly giving Putin plenty of room to show off.  The more I see of him, the more respect I have for him, though I wouldn't trust him with my wallet.

As for the whole Snowden thing, every single day just brings confirmation that we are being treated to a slight of hand.

For one thing, he says he smuggled all the docs out of the CIA (or NSA or whatever is was he was doing) on a thumb-drive.  Don't know if you've ever worked for a paranoid multi-national corporation, but if you stick a thumb-drive into any computer, it is automatically encrypted and will not work in any computer outside the company.  Even if the drive is formatted, the encryption remains.  Nope, don't buy it.

Now Snowden is being cast as Tom Hanks in The Terminal.  Yes, that's right, Ed is holed up in the transit area of the Moscow airport.  Can't leave, can't jump the next flight out.  He's in diplomatic limbo.  I suppose now he'll start building fountains or programming the Russian air traffic control grid or something.  I hope they've improved that airport.  When I was there 30 years ago, I didn't want to spend more time than I absolutely had to in there.  The least he could have done is flee to Singapore.  The airport there is like a 5-star hotel, it's right next door to Hong Kong and it has lots of cool places to hide out.

For that matter, he could have run to the transit area of the Ronald Reagan airport outside Washington D.C., and had all the benefits of being in diplomatic limbo there, as well.  So I don't buy that one either.

In fact, the whole story smacks of a movie plot in which the bad-guy whistleblower exposes the security grid allowing a bunch of cave dwellers from Afghanistan (or would it be Syria now) to blow up the Statue of Liberty (wouldn't that be poetic) and then the whole thing can be blamed on the Borg drone who developed self identity and didn't support the hive.  Moral of the story?  Get back in line, slave.  See what happens when you don't follow the rules?

All this talk of Fascism leads me to another funny story.  "Dengue Scare Sweeps Southeast Asia"  Hahahahahahahahaha!  Gag.  Gasp!  Coff!  That's one of the richest bits of fear-mongering I've heard since Alex Jones glommed onto the Ed Snowden story.

Now, if you didn't live in Southeast Asia, as I do, you might read this story and think that we are all dropping dead of dengue over here.  Well, I live right in the heart of SE Asia, in the largest and richest member nation of ASEAN, and I'm here to tell ya not one single person I know has mentioned the word 'dengue' in months.

The story focuses on Singapore, which if you don't know, is the most powerful Asian fascist nation, despite being nothing more than an insignificant island off the coast of Malaysia.  Like all fascist nations (read US/UK here), it thrives on its citizens living in fear.  After all, when good little slaves get scared, they always run to Uncle Sugar for protection from the mean, nasty world.

The fact is, I just spent the last five days with folks from all over SE Asia, and not one mentioned dengue fever.  The article says that June 15th was "Dengue Day" to raise awareness all over SE Asia about the virus.  That was news to me, as not one single media outlet in Indonesia said a single word about 'dengue awareness'.

Finally, dengue fever is a fact of life around these parts, just like earthquakes and volcanoes.  Everyone I know, except me (knock on wood) has had it at least once.  And there are many cures for it, which is why everyone runs to the hospital to get it - unless you are me and then you chew guava leaves and drink guava juice, which is what folks around here have been doing for centuries to prevent and cure dengue.

It helps if you spray for mosquitoes before going to bed, too - though I'm not sure which is worse...dengue or horfing insecticide.

I have certainly not heard about "war rooms" and "free cans of bug spray" and all the other fearful crap in this article.  It is true that this year's monsoon has been longer and wetter than most, but that is part of a cycle that goes around every five years or so, according to the locals, so even the bit about 'climate change' in the article is complete bullshit, though I admit that the extra rain has probably aided and abetted the mosquito breeding efforts.

These two stories are why I try not to expose myself to MainStreamMedia.  It is all bullshit and fear-mongoring.  It serves only one purpose, and that is to make people afraid and run to Uncle Sugar.  The conditioning evident in these two items is so obvious as to be laughable, except that so many people buy into it.

I've said it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating - TURN OFF THE F**KING TEEVEE!

The only thing it is good for is turning your higher reasoning center to mush.  And that goes for movies, too.  Doesn't anyone else see that all these superhero movies are to condition us to be passive victims and wait for Uncle Sugar (Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers, et al.) to come to our rescue?  Complete, utter, without exception, B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.

If you have to watch a movie, go download David Cronenberg's Videodrome (1983).  That should put the proper conditioning in your head.

I have found over the years, after a long and glorious career producing propaganda, that the less media you consume, the better.  You'd be amazed at how little you miss.  The really important stories will get through, and the rest of it becomes nothing but noise after a while.  In fact, you'll start feeling like Kevin McCarthy in the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) we he learns the awful truth and sees his friends and neighbors in a completely different light.

As for the moment, you are Borg and you need to jack back into the Collective before you start thinking again.  Hurry!  Your programming needs updating or you'll turn into...GASP! individual!

One thing is absolutely certain.  If you are told to be afraid of something by the media, ignore it completely.  That is not what you should be afraid of.  The things you really need to worry about are the things they won't talk about, or even worse, the stuff they go out of their way to get you to ignore.  That's why I think the whole Snowden thing is a send-up, since they are casting so much light on it.

Make no mistake, the media work for the gummint, or more precisely, the corporate interests that own the gummint.

Like I always say, the reason they put so much effort into telling you cigarettes are bad is because the nicotine protects you from hypnotic suggestion.

So, get back to your puffing, slave!

Oh, and the petition to rescind Obama's Nobel "Peace" Prize?  Faithful reader Linda sent us the link.  Thanks Linda!

UPDATE: Linda popped up right on cue after I hit print with one possible reason that dengue is in the headlines: money!

If you really want a good laugh, Sanofi Dengue Building is the latest development here in our township. Sanofi has a large  pharaceutical plant here and when I read your story this morning I had to get this off to you.A whole new building especially for a cure for dengue.