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Achy Breaky Psyche

Generally, I have no interest in pop culture orgies, such as the recent MTV Video Music Awards.  They are pointless exercises in frustration that so much money and time is wasted on so little talent.  But something caught my attention this year.  The media has been fixated on some yutz called Miley Cyrus.  When the media do this kind of focus, there is usually an important message behind the event that the Hidden Hand wants us to be sure and note.

At first, it just pissed me off that the media was devoting so much space to this Miley Cyrus character, when the nation should be in sober reflection on the fact that it is about to sacrificially slaughter a whole bunch more brown people.  Normally, I would write this kind of thing off as simple distraction, but there were just too many weird symbols around this particular character.  So I bit the bullet and dialed up some clips of her performance, as well as tried to get a handle on just who this character was.

Turns out Miley Cyrus is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.  For those who don't follow the country music scene, Billy Ray is a good ol' Kentucky boy who hit it big time with a song called "Achy Breaky Heart," which I happen to despise.  But that's beside the point.

Now, anyone who knows the entertainment business knows that to become as big as Billy Ray and his daughter, you sell your soul - pretty much literally.  I refer folks my age to Bob Dylan's comments in an interview.

It seems that the price for Billy Ray's fame was his offspring.  Miley rose to fame as a character called Hanna Montana, which was a Disney mind-control product in the past decade.  From what I gather, a normal, red-blooded American girl had a secret identity as a rock star in that particular pile of rubbish.

Despite being just another pile of Disney crap, the Hanna Montana phenomenon hooked millions of teen girls, which Disney excels at doing (see the whole princess line-up).  As per formula, Disney's signature products hook young girls with the vaguely wholesome fantasy of exceptionalism and the 'prince to the rescue' garbage (the prince being of darkness, of course).

True to Disney format, Miley Cyrus was built up as an 'Everygirl' who, in spite of being exceptional (a singer in this case), still has no identity without a prince to rescue her.  Throughout the Hanna Montana series, there is a running theme that she cannot be complete without a prince to rescue her.  This formula is like mainlining for a junkie when it comes to teen girls.

In the American hero-worship and celebrity cult context, all those teen girls invested their egos in Hanna's quest, just as males are driven to invest their self-worth in sports heros.  In both cases, once the heroes reach a certain status, they are completely debased.  Their moral fiber is totally unwound and all the folks who have tied their egos to the personality see that being wholesome and upright is pointless and they should just give in to debauchery, just like their heroes.

The process is also a means to destroy innocence and create cognitive dissonance in the audience, which then makes them suseptible to whatever message you want to implant.  In Miley's case, the performances established a Master/slave relationship with the 'prince' character.  It is intended that the Miley audience is meant to serve the desires of whomever the Hidden Hand wants.

The girls who are ego-attached to Miley were also meant to see the teddy-bear t-shirt with the classic "one eye closed" - the All-Seeing Eye.  This sensitizes the girls in the audience to 'follow the bear', which is an identity code for pedophiles.  The All-Seeing Eye, of course, is the command and control structure that feeds this sickness.

So, what folks witnessed was the classic cognitive dissonance effect, where innocent Miley was shockingly debased before our very eyes.  This opened a hole in the psyches of millions of young girls into which the message was placed to follow people displaying the 'one-eyed bear,' and to submit completely to these 'princes' when they come along.

Following this ritual in plain sight, the media was enlisted to keep the process going to ensure complete implantation.  By distilling the performance to its most bebased moments and repeating it over and over in multiple outlets, it ensured that the mental disconnect was complete and that the desired message was thoroughly cemented in.

It's the same process that was used on a global scale on 9/11.  First, the audience is shocked by incomprehensible images.  The images are repeated constantly to ensure the deepest possible damage.  Then, the audience is primed to receive whatever message you throw at them.  In the case of 9/11, the message was 'perpetual war' and 'follow the leader'.  In the case of Miley, it was 'submit' and 'being good is pointless'.

These types of things are done all the time - murderous footballers, steroid-enhanced baseballers, transgender military whistleblowers.  There's a hero for everyone.  No matter what your particular belief system is, you are fed a hero, the hero is debased before your eyes, and you surrender to hopelessness and subservience.

Any time you feel shock or dismay at something you see in the media, immediately turn off everything and get as far away from any media as you can.  These things are deliberate attempts to implant messages in your subconscious, and unless you are adept at recognizing it and fighting the process, your best option is to shut down the data stream.

Most people have no idea how powerful the media are and how they are manipulated every moment of every day for their entire lives.  The media have become such an integral part of our lives, yet there is no systematic education on how they operate, and more importantly, how they can be abused.

A great number of people experience withdrawl when they shut off the media streams.  It's an addiction, just like any drug you care to list.  Somewhere in all the data streams to your mind, a hero is being built that will later be debased to allow the Hidden Hand to jack into your sub-conscious.  To see the process in action, keep an eye on Edward Snowden.  He is likely being set up as a hero for the anti-surveillance crowd, and when he's taken down, it will allow the implantation of pro-government snooping messages.

Whatever you do, stop investing time in the hero-worship and celebrity cult.  In every case, it is nothing more than a way to drill a hole into your psyche and allow access to your deepest levels.  Learning how these things are done gives you some protection, but you have to be on constant guard if you are a big TeeVee viewer.  You best bet is just stay away from it all as much as possible, especially when there are 'shocking' events.  Those are the most dangerous.

Poor Billy Ray.  A terrible price for his "Achy Breaky Heart".