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Just When You Need Vonnegut...

At long last...back in the driver's seat.  I moved to Indonesia as a kind of semi-retirement to spend time travelling around Asia - a life-long dream.  Instead, I seem to get involved in all these projects and doing things like amassing small fortunes in property so that I don't get time for the original goal.  But then, I figure Ankor Wat and the Great Wall have been there for a long time, so they'll wait for me to get a little time off and some spare cash (at the same time).

Meantime, one of those side projects has been Radio Far Side, and the latest interview with Paul Craig Roberts has sparked a lot of interest.  It's been ccross-linked on several discussion boards and the information is getting a lot of folks talking, which was the whole point.  If you haven't had a chance to listen to it, I highly recommend clicking on on the archive or checking out the YouTube channel (links in the right-hand column).

So, a lot has happened.  Has anyone else noticed that when the PTB don't get their way, they do a sacrifice to the Dark Side to kick things into gear.  I refer, of course, to the latest mass killing in the States.  I've only looked at the headlines and have avoided reading the magical incantations that most of us call stories because I prefer to keep my view on the Big Picture.  Given past events, we can certainly assume that the 'official' story is comeplete rubbish and there are plenty of folks analyzing it.

Instead, I just look at the relationship of events.  A mass killing and the stock market runs to new highs, despite dire warnings from Bernanke et al.  O'Bammie announces that he is waiving the law forbidding arming terrorists, and in the same breath talks about new gun control laws at home, and no one seems to notice the complete disconnect between reality and happy talk.  The magic must be working.

Not to make light of the lost of life, of course.  Every man's death diminishes me.  But I reckon a little sarcasm injected into this so-called debate helps to mitigate the spell caused by such events.

I also noted a story up on Drudge about another footballer called Amukamara, who plays for the NY Giants.  Says he's the black Tebow, which might make sense to someone who follows American football.  I dont' have a clue, except to say that this Tebow feller is built up as some kind of super Christian, and the new guy is said to be a devote Catholic, virgin and tea-totaller (doesn't drink alcohol - except presumably when taking communion under both species).

As I pondered a little while back concerning the Miley Cyrus character, these two footballers smell like one of those set-ups to get people to buy into the hero-worship thing.  These guys are built up into good christian boys whose success is predicated on their faith.  Later, they will be taken down through some kind of moral flaw, which will cause deep despair among those who idolize them.  More of that Ole Black Majik stuff.

Best to idolize someone like Fatty Arbuckle, since he's dead and we already know about his scandals with underage girls and Coke bottles.  I figure it's hard to be disappointed that way.

And life goes on.  Hi-ho, as Vonnegut might say.

About now, we should all be waiting for the other shoe to drop in Syria.  The PTB didn't get their war the first time (or was it the seventh of eighth time?), so the likelihood of more 'terrorist' events occuring just skyrocketed.  If I were a betting man, I'd lay odds on it.  Either way, with O'Bammie waiving laws willy-nilly and arming known terrorists, the American people still have blood on their hands.  After all, it is the tax money stolen from productive folks (a dwindling club in the US) that is funding the ongoing slaughter there and elsewhere.

Perhaps we should hope that one day, the American masses will wake up and realize that if everyone stopped paying taxes, it would be hard to throw the entire country in jail, though to be realistic, they are trying to do just that.  But why fund your own demise, I always say.

Of course, I never cease to be amazed that anyone in the States still votes, since the counts are rigged and no matter who gets in, they immediately forget about the folks back home and start kow-towing to the corporate money spigots.  If no one voted, none of the 'representatives' could claim legitimacy, yet they'd still try to pass and enforce laws, which would clearly show the deprivation of the system.  Too much to ask, I suppose.

Hell, Hillary's still on the loose, when she should have been tried and convicted of treason for Bengazi.  No need to list the crimes of the Bush Clan or any of the other criminals running that country into the dirt.

It really is amazing what people will put up with in order to maintain the illusion that life is comfortable.  No one wants to upset the fruit cart as long as they think they are getting something valuable.  No one seems to notice that, among many other things, families can no longer amass wealth and pass it on to future generations, allowing people to slowly improve their lot in life.  In fact, the family itself has been destroyed so that there is no social cohesion amongst blood-relatives.

It's a sad sick world we live in and folks appear to have gotten so used the smell of gangrene that no one notices the rot and decay on the body politic. 


I wish Vonnegut was still around.  Maybe he could make sense of all this.  But then, he did warn us many times.