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Themes, Memes And Control

We can always depend on our good and faithful reader Linda to come up with some deep ponders du jour:

"My instincts tell me that the USA is biting off more than they can chew and it will not be pretty. Boys in the military are against it, but the psychos will go ahead anyway,     Something else I heard is that as you know, the cities are throwingthe homeless out more and more, and preventing them from getting food etc, I am hearing there is a squad culling them, like who would miss them. That is how psychotic those in power have become.YUK.Karma is coming and soon.  Linda"

Let's tackle the Syria thing first.  Last night, I watched an old favorite called Bob Roberts.  This is one of those forgotten gems of cinema.  It was written, directed and stars Tim Robbins, and features performances by Gore Vidal, among many other fine turns on the stage.

Though the film came out in the early 90s, and is obviously a liberal parable cautioning against the neo-cons, in the post Clinton and Obama years, it has become even more poignant in that one sees through both sides (liberal and conservative) of the argument.

Gore Vidal's thoughtful character is like something out of a Woody Allen piece, dropping thought-bombs every 15 minutes.

Ultimately, the film leaves the viewer with overwhelming dread of the military-industrial-security complex.  Though it is going on 30 years old, it is amazing to see just how relevant it remains in its observations of the National Security Council - which has morphed into the NSA in our time.

And this leads around to Linda's comments on the impending Syrian war.  I, too, feel that it is lost before it is begun, and no, I don't refer to Assad's side.  But why the rush to war?  George Ure suspects the Leviathan oil field, but that is too easy...too obvious.  Others speculate that it is a geo-political stepping stone to Iran.  Again, with the overwhelming sky superiority of NATO and Israel, there is no need to take out Syria before going full-bore against Iran.

No, this is all about fulfillig prophesy.  Yes, you read that right.  This is intended as the provocation that will lead nations to rise up against Israel.  You see, as Joseph Farrell says, the fulfillment is the deception.  When one controls the interpretation of prophesy, then one can control the fulfillment, and thus control masses of people.

 Millions, if not billions, of people believe in Revelations, the final book of the Christian Bible.  Even if they put little or no stock in the rest of the book, they all know about the number of the Beast, the rise of the anti-Christ and all that stuff.  Since they have been taught a particular interpretation of the prophesy, and that interpretation obviously serves a group that would like to run the world, then it stands to reason that the power-mad group would want to make it appear that their interpretation of Revelations was coming to pass in order to control billions of people.

Look at it this way...if you believed that the ultimate triumph of your faith would be the destruction of the world, and you believed in a certain interpreation of a prophesy that said certain events would come to pass before the ultimate triumph, and you saw those events taking place, would you do anything to stop them?  If you answer "no", then you are controled by a small group of people working to make certain events take place.

So, if nations arise to attack Israel before the rise of the anti-Christ, and the anti-Christ must come to power before the Christ will come, then would you fight against any chain of events that appear to be fulfilling the prophesy?

Even if it is only on a subconcious level, if you put any stock in the interpretation of the book of Revelations, then you are likely neutered at some level to prevent you from attempting to stop the rise of the anti-Christ and the world government and the Final Tribulations.  Even worse, if you are a follower of the evangelical clap-trap, then you believe that you will be spirited away and won't have to suffer the death throes of our civilization, so you would likely work actively to cause the chain of events to occur.

Thus, if Syria appears to be a key stepping stone to the destruction of Israel and the rise of the anti-Christ, then you are not likely to seriously fight against the war, whatever your personal feelings, because it will ultimately lead to the return of Christ.

On the other hand, those who want to take over the world are carefully choreographing events to fulfill the interpretation of prophesy so the masses will put up no resistance since they believe what you are doing is necessary for the ultimate triumph of their faith.  As Karl Marx said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses."

It appears to me that the Syrian war is inevitable because no one will resist it, even if the war is repugnant to them.  At some level, most Westerners have had a certain interpretation of Revelations installed in their philosophical foundation, and so their actions are informed by certain beliefs in how history should unfold and will do nothing to prevent it.  It's like a mental corral allowing us cattle to move only in the direction our captors desire.

Thus, the Syrian war seems destined to occur, and if not Syria, then something similar.  It seems that for years now, the Hidden Hand has been stirring up certain events, waiting for the moment when events would conspire in just the right way to allow them their opportunity.  Which brings us back to the opening comments on Bob Roberts.  As you watch the film, keep in mind that it was produced in the early 90s.  The reason is that the movie sounds as if it could be torn from today's headlines.  The global situation has not changed one whit.

The Hidden Hand has been pushing a very specific agenda for at least the past 40 years.  They want certain things to happen in a very specific region of the world in order to launch a very specific chain of events that serves their plans.  At a certain level, nothing has changed since at least the mid-70s.  Some group, the Hidden Hand, will not rest until they can provoke an all-out attack on Israel and start the dominoes falling that will put them in possession of the entire world, with nary a whimper of resistance from a significant number of people who believe these things absolutely must happen.

It's diabolically clever, really.

As for the homeless round-up.  Here's another example of media being used to desensitize the masses.  The round-up and use of the disenfranchised members of society has been a common theme in science fiction for some time.  Specifically, I can think of certain episodes of Max Headroom and Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which the invisible members of society feed the needs of the privileged classes.

The media have been used to plant these memes in the popular culture so that when the real stories appear, people will - consciously or not - dismiss them as fiction.  Thus, people will simply ignore any stories concerning the round-up of homeless as either complete fiction, or that someone else (the star) will solve the problem and there is no need to act on it.  It's a very subtle and devious effect of mass media that few stop to consider.

It's common for tyrannical regimes to start their internal clamp-downs on the invisible and undesireable.  The Nazis began with street people, gypsies and other groups that society viewed as useless.  This is a valuable training ground for the minions in that it desensitizes them to suffering and pain.  Thus, when they are loosed on more mainstream parts of society, their normal revulsion against such things will already be subverted.  They will come to see any member of society that is targeted for them as useless and undesirable.

It's basically the same programming that has been going on in America's police forces for years.  First, they are taught to treat the drug pushers and other undesirables with contempt, and to view them as enemies of war.  Eventually, that mind-set is turned on all citizens, so that even the soccer mom in the mini-van pulled over a tail lamp is a potential threat and must be treated with suspicion and force.  The us-versus-them mentality is very important when turning one part of society against another.  It's much easier with a foreign enemy that is easily objectified, but takes some training when its a neighbor.

Once again, our good friend Linda has caused us to think.  We try to avoid such things around here, preferring vacuous ramblings to wrestling social and philosophical issues.

To this screed, we would add that it's important to stand back far enough from current events in order to see the larger picture.  There are themes and memes that run through decades, even centuries, that can be used to control a lot of people.  Even more sinister is the planting of such things in order to gain control.  That's why it is one of our pet themes around here to turn off the media, and/or spend a lot of time learning how it works so that we are not suseptible to its effects.

The other important theme is questioning all our basic assupmtions and beliefs, with no sacred cows.  We are at an important nexus in history and we can not afford knee-jerk reactions based on beliefs that were implanted in us from birth.

We must queston loyalty to religion and government.  We must challenge our most fundamental constructs.  Just like bacteria, viruses and chemicals, it can all be weaponized and used against us.  We must examine the foundation and construction of all our basic assumptions of life.  Also, be especially on guard against being manipulated by symbols - another topic we have explored at length around here.

These are dangerous times to operate on auto-pilot.  The storm is coming and we must take manual control of every function of the ship.  It's not easy, but anything worthwhile rarely is.

If you are the praying type, then now is a good time to pray that the men and women of the US military find the courage to not fight.  There comes a time when it is imperative to refuse illegal and immoral orders, and this is one of them.