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The Meaning Of Life

Gaining and holding power is a deceptively simple thing.  It is absolutely dependent on ignorance.  More specifically, it requires either the fact or illusion of knowing something that no one else does, and the desire of others to possess that knowledge.

Whether you run a religion selling the image that you monopolize some Universal truth and only you can show me how to find it, or you are a bankster selling the illusion that acquiring wealth is a secret process and you are depent on me to make that happen, all power and control stem from the same root - complete ignorance and dependency.  In fact, the Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything is convincing as many people as possible that you have a vital secret and the only way anyone else can learn it is through you.

Religion, easily the greatest scam of all time, is nothing more than an individual receiving secret knowledge that only he can interpret and pass on.  People have paid billions of dollars and spent their entire lives trying to learn the Secret, little realizing that the big secret is the process itself.

Governments are absolutely dependent on secrets.  As fast as you form a government, it starts creating secrets, and thereby creating power and control, as a means to keep people in line.  As long as the people believe that government has all the answers, they will spend their lives begging government to release just a little of that information to them.  Witness the whole UFO scam or global warming or whatever you care to choose.

The whole body of intellectual property is based on ignorance.  If I discover some new technique, process or fact, I want to control knowledge of that thing in order to enrich myself before anyone else figures it out.  My getting rich depends on your ignorance of my fact and your desire to get it  Government inserts itself into the equation by offering to help me protect my fact long enough for me to get rich off of it.

Parents use ignorance to control their children.  How many times have you been told, or said, "You'll understand when you get older"?  Why do children yearn to grow up?  It's all based on control of information and the desire to obtain it.  Children are controllable only so long as you keep them ignorant.  Once they have information, they no long need you to guide and steer them.

And so it is that the 'elite' are in a panic these days.  They have built elaborate command and control systems based solely on the illusion that they are authorities through whom we must go to obtain information.  Only the 'elite' know certain things and we must be initiated into the fold in order to touch the hidden wisdom.

The system is beautifully self-perpetuating, too.  After all, if you spend years of your life and a small fortune seeking knowledge, and when you find it, it is so incredibly simple and benign, are you going to tell the whole world?  Or are you going to perpetuate the system so that you can be reimbursed for all your trouble and expense to find the secret?  Chances are pretty good you won't tell anyone.

It's like this: you spend six years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your MBA because you want to know the Secret of Finance.  At some point in your career, you realize that it's all just a big scam, a confidence game.  Now, you are faced with two choices: either you tell the entire world what a joke it all is, or you look out at those masses of folks with fist-fulls of money wanting to buy your Secret.  What do you do?  More than likely, despite any impulse toward truth and light, you continue the scam so that you can pay off your student loans and buy that mansion up the street and stuff it full of designer gee-gaws.

The people who really profit from these confidence games are the ones who start the scams.  They just sit back and reap a lifetime's profit from watching piles of people scrambling up the hill to get your Secret.  They even measure it and show us the results of our scramble.  It's called Consumer Confidence, and they sit there and laugh at us rubes stepping on each other to get just a little taste of...nothing.

Pick any religion, it's the same scam.  The pope sits on a mountain of writhing souls all clamoring to understand the Great Secret.  But only the pope knows there is no Secret.  It's just a fairy tale told again and again so that you and I will do anything, obey anyone, follow any edict, just to have a small taste of the Big Secret.

In the end, all power and control is like the Zen puzzle - what is the sound of one hand clapping.  Mu.  Nothing.  If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound?  Mu.  Nothing.

That is the Big Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything.  It's 42.  It's meaningless clap-trap designed specifically to keep masses of people completely and totally focused on obtaining your Big Secret.  It's Mu.  Nothing.

Any power game involves you believing that I have a key to something you want.  In the end, my power is predicated solely on how much you are willing to give and give up in order to get what you think I have.  It's so deceptively simple that most people never figure it out.  They layer piles and piles of hopes and dreams on top of their never-ending struggle to obtain some Secret.  If they ever get there, they realize there was no Secret in the first place, but now they must perpetuate the scam in order to be made whole again.

And so it goes on down through history.  People arguing over the meaning of obscure texts.  People killing and maiming to get just a little closer to the Secret.  All of it to find out that you had everything you needed before you started.

What a cruel joke it all is, and how cynical and evil one must be to dangle such carrots before our eyes for fun and profit.

Perhaps the internet will finally be the Great Liberator one day.  Perhaps we will amass all of human knowledge and experience and realize en masse that it was all pointless in the first place.  All we had to do was to sit down on the stream bank and watch leaves float down to the distant ocean.

What will that moment be like?  Will humanity commit mass suicide at that point, realizing that all of our collective striving was for nothing?  Or will we laugh at our foolishness as we all head for the beach to build a massive bonfire and dance till dawn?

In the end, there is only one answer: