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Blinders Off

At the beginning of the film 2010, Roy Scheider's character is told to have a look at the ship Discovery's orbit.  When Scheider does so, he begins to chuckle with a conspiratorial tone and his eyes widen as he realizes just what it is he is looking at.

Such was the scene when I began reading Zero Hedge's article on German gold and the Federal Reserve.  I've been firmly in the conspiracy camp since the early 80s, when I first began to catch a glimmer of the huge steaming pile of secrets behind the world as it is today.

More and more people are swallowing the red pill and seeing, as Morpheus put it, the world that's been pulled over our eyes.  More and more people are feeling that incredibly profound sense of helplessness that first confronts those of us who have seen the Matrix for what it is.  And more and more people are scrambling around trying to find the silver bullet that will kill the blood suckers on the neck of humanity (can I mix a metaphor, or can't I?).

The aware mind will see in the ZH article exactly what I did...that the silver bullet is actually gold.

All the power, all the security states, all the devastation of culture, all the answers are summed up in one tiny word - gold.  If We The People want to bring down the entire system of evil that is turning our world into a vast pit of moral and ethical morass, then all we have to do is demand, with unceasing voices, the complete and transparent audit of all gold holdings in the sovereign treasuries.

That's it.

So simple, and yet so complex.  That one act would expose the entire system from stem to stern: all the secret alliances, all the covert operations, all the dirty laundry mouldering in the dark corners of history.  It would reveal just who runs things and how.  It would expose the ways and means of control.  It would open the doors on all the secret programs and black budgets that have defined the last 100 years.  We would know precisely who to boycott and target for litigation.  We would have the untarnished proof of when and how our current mess was designed and implemented.  It would, in fact, unravel the Matrix.

As Joseph Farrell aptly put it, gold is Ariadne's Thread, and a consistent tug on it will unravel the whole mess - quickly, if not painlessly.  For to unravel this mess will expose many dark secrets that many people are not ready or willing to know - not because they won't understand them, but because they adamantly and vehemently don't want to know them.  To know the unvarnished truth is a frightening and foundation-shaking thing for a great number of humans.

Most humans spend their lifetimes constructing a world around themselves with which they are comfortable.  They eliminate truths that expose holes in the fabric of their worlds and will fight to keep those truths out.  They are happy in their delusions because they don't have to think.  They follow their suburban routines and willingly automate themselves in order to quiet the naggings of conscience.  To know Truth is to require Action, and for a great majority, that is too much effort.

Now, however, enough people have pulled the thread for enough years using such fantastic tools as the one you are using this very moment, that the stench of reality is infesting even the most ardent denier of fact.  Losing jobs, getting anally probed on roadsides, having our personal dark secrets revealed by and to the security state - it's all too much for an expanding number of people.  Part of what made the magic work was that the PTB didn't intrude too much into the fantasy.  Any more, it's like watching a show where the stagehands have taken over and destroyed the carefully crafted illusion on stage.  We are now confronted with the mechanics of our illusion and the magic no longer works.

Which leads us back to gold.

An increasing number of people want their comfortable illusions returned undamaged.  That won't happen in our lifetime's, sorry to say.  However, we can ensure that our progeny at some point will enjoy a modicum of normalcy without the intrusion of the stagehands.  We can not go back, but we can go forward.  To do this requires lancing the boil and releasing the poison that has bespoilt our lives.  The needle by which we lance is none other than gold.

To be clear, I am not advocating return to a gold standard.  That would be asinine and counter-productive, given that not even the stagehands know how much real gold there is.

Rather, I am advocating a worldwide push to audit centuries of gold dealings and to open the results to everyone via the internet, and to list without blinking the entire apparatus of the command and control structure.

It will be very painful because none of us is innocent.  Either by action or omission, we are all culpable, but we can atone by being the vehicles of remediation.

This will have a profound effect on us.  For those wanting to know the truth about UFOs, here's the means.  For those wishing for economic and social equality, here's the path.  For those longing to right the wrongs of history, here's the lance and shield.  For those desiring to release the choke-hold of corporate fascism, here's the key.  For those who simply hunger for truth, you shall receive it in spades.

Like the HAL 9000 computer in 2010, there is only one logical conclusion when confronted with the imperative to hide the truth - you must kill everyone who can expose it.  Therefore, it stands to reason that to continue to hide the huge sins of centuries of social manipulation, the PTB must in fact slaughter all of humanity, or risk being exposed.  It is simply a matter of self-preservation that we all begin to pull this thread and not give up until the truth is out.  If we don't, then we will all be victims of our own desire for normalcy.

Secrecy = Death
Truth = Life

A simple formula.