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Appeal To Authority Is A Fallacy

A pyramid in Java?
One of the main things wrong with our current society is that our educational system is completely defunct.  Academia exists solely and completely to protect us from knowledge, rather than to expand it.  Piles of stogy professors lie around like so much dry kindling who have spent their lives and careers building fairy tales on which their tenure and grants depend, and they are completely unwilling to entertain any fact that challenges their cushy positions.

Take, for instance, the submerged cities off of India, Japan and Cuba.  Those stuffy professors all sit around humphing and harumphing in agreement that the last Ice Age ended about 20,000 years ago causing the oceans to rise several hundred feet.  However, discover a couple of very advanced societies lying at the bottom of the ocean that date to about that period and suddenly they are indignant and even terrified.

The problem is that humans are not supposed to have been more advanced than bone chewers and root diggers at that time.  The professors have developed elaborate fairy tales of how civilization evolved and no fact, not even those literally etched in stone, are allowed to upset their harumphing.

In 2000, a group of ocean surveyors discovered a massive city built with advanced techniques.  This alone wouldn't be so bad, but it sits more than 100 feet below the waves, meaning it must be around 20,000 years old.

Gobekli Tepi in Turkey is provably 12,000 years old using all the tools that those stultifying professors swear by, yet they refuse to accept the plain evidence that ancient Man had the ability to create fine stone carvings on massive stones that were mined and hauled dozens of miles to their current location.  On top of that, the whole complex was purposefully buried 2,000 years after it was created.

Now, right here in West Java, a geologist has declared that a hill called Gunung Padang is not only man-made, but that it dates to between 9,000 and 20,000 years ago.  Had the findings fit with the harumphing fairy tales, then a geologist's data would have been defended with the strongest of arguments.  But since it virtually destroys all the underpinnings of the fairy tales, then academia is screaming that a geologist can't possibly know what he's doing...that's archeology work!  Of course, no one mentions that the hill was discovered to be artificial in 1916, and that not a single 'archeologist' bothered to study it.

Then there's Schock and West pointing out that the weathering around the Sphinx enclosure can only be from water and that it's been 10,000 years since that was possible in Gaza.

Then there's Bauval pointing out that the three great pyramids and the Sphinx and the Nile combine to make an exact model of the night it was 10,000 years ago.

The submerged city near CubaArchologies along the Bimini RoadAncient maps of Antarctica, not only ice-free, but some showing it as it looked during the last Ice Age, which was (wait for it) 20,000 years ago.  There's Nazca Lines, Nabta Playa and Paracas Skulls.  The list is huge and growing almost daily.

Of course, there's the work of Michael Cremo, who has thoroughly documented "ooparts".  There's Graham Hancock who has done the same with ancient civilizations.  There's Richard Hoagland who has done the same with ruins throughout the Solar System.  Joseph Farrell who has documented evidence pointing to human civilizations going back millions of years, and the development of our religious and financial systems.

Despite the work of capable and professional researchers, the ever-growing pile of facts and figures, and the massive collection of physical artifacts, the academics refuse to budge.

The harumphers' jobs are in danger.  Had they been in the field advancing knowledge and teaching the latest understandings, they have sat on their diplomas and collected their grant money and done nothing.  They are in a position to either admit that they have been useless eaters defending dead paradigms, or scream like hell and jump up and down claiming it's all junk science and hocus-pocus.

There's healthy skepticism that promotes further study, and then there's denial of facts and recalcitrance from a position of fear and ignorance.

It's high time we stop buying "higher" education from such ostriches and put an end to the need for blessing from "authority" before we can accept what our eyes tell us.  There is no reason why someone who has spent decades studying something is any less an authority on the topic than someone with a stack of sheep skins (sheep being the operative term).

Humanity is far older than the fairy tales admit and the evidence is growing faster than we can catalog it.  We need to reclaim our true heritage and leave the naysayers and humbuggers behind.