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The Play Is The Thing

If you are a fan of Shakespeare, then you know that the title of today's column comes from Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2, and the next line is, "In which we shall catch the conscience of the King."  That is what I intend to do today, since "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women are but actors upon't."

I assume, since the readers here are highly intelligent humans, that we all see world events from a certain perspective high above the fray.  From where we sit, things like the Ukraine situation look like silly schoolyard blustering between rival gangs.  Not to belittle the actual and very real suffering of people caught in the middle of this pissing match, but the actions of especially the Western factions look like so much unbridled testosterone flying about.

What is interesting to note about the Ukraine mess is that the West is playing poker, while the East is playing chess.  Perhaps we can call it a game of "choker".  The West is bluffing and upping antes, while the East is enacting gambits and positioning fronts.  And frankly, the East is kicking a little tail, since apparently the West is also a very bad poker player, not to mention having brought a knife to a gun fight.

Putin is oviously the superior intellect in this match.  Obama, being a vacuous creation of committees of power brokers, is hopelessly outmatched and outclassed. 

Putin is approaching the situation with a sharp and idealistic intellect.  He is an Russian Orthodox Catholic, a nationalist and steeped in history.  He is a veteran of Russian intelligence services and understands world politics and geomancy   He is viewing the world and his country's place in it from the perspective of centuries of history.

Obama, on the other hand, can barely remember his own history, much less that of nations.  He was carefully groomed by handlers to be what he is: an automaton.  He has no thoughts besides those fed to him on Tele-Prompt-R.  He serves no noble purpose outside feeding his vices and base desires.  He has no ideals or beliefs that can be discerned or expressed.  Even his "autobiography" was ghost-written by a marketing team determined to have a Manchurian Candidate at their disposal.

Putin acts as an idealistic individual who receives advice from his courtiers.  Obama is a camel - a horse by committee - incapable of acting without his strings being manipulated.

And the people of the West have only themselves to blame for having allowed, through hubris and sloth, their system of law to deteriorate to such a deplorable state.

On other fronts...

MH370.  Now this is starting to get rather intriguing.  At first, I viewed this exclusively as a theater or slight of hand intended to distract the masses and fill column inches and push more important topics off the front page.  To a certain extent, I still believe it is distraction, but only in the way it is being handled in the public sphere. 

Behind the scenes, I am coming around to the idea that no one, at any level, has any idea what is going on.  All the major players seem just as mystified as everyone else.  All the stories and details being floated about don't have the "flavor" of being scripted, unlike say the 9/11 movie of the week.

In the case of 9/11, global broadcasts were preempted for a week, the evil-doers were identified before the sun even set the first day.  The storyline was installed within hours and was only tweaked by public opinion over the next few months.

In the case of MH370, they were all caught with their pants down.  Instead of a single narrative being foisted on us from the very start, the top actors are scrambling around trying to back-engineer some plausible cover.  The longer the situation goes on, the more baffled - and even scared - the top dogs seem to be.  There's a certain smell of desperation in the way the PTB are throwing around "debris fields" and "pilot fanaticism" and "possible flight paths". They really have no clue what is going on, and the are frantically trying to concoct a story out of some bits and pieces they've found lying around.

The scripted game has been in the Ukraine, and that's where they want all of us focused to receive our mental templates.  But this damn plane thing keeps distracting everyone from their game and they are not happy about it.  Furthermore, at some level, folks instinctively know that the "authorities" have no answers, and it's undermining their power structure.  This problem is untenable to them.

The way to approach this is ask the ago-old question, "Qui bono?"  To whose benefit is this event?

The Trilateral Group (US, Russia, China) obviously want us all focused elsewhere - specifically Ukraine.  Also, if any one of them were found to have instigated this mess, they would instantly lose credibility in their Hunger Game.  I don't think we can look that direction.

Israel is an obvious culprit.  They've been losing creds faster than a Sterno-drinker at a Baptist wedding.  If we follow the Zionist playbook, we would have "disappeared" a jetliner from a fundamentalist Islamic country, floated stories about the pilots being "true believers" and then dropped the plane on the Knesset within a couple of days.  The problem is, the plane is still missing and their slavering over the prospects of finding it and using it for propaganda are dimming fast.  In other words, we got part of the scenario, but something happened...they lost the plane or it was lost for them.

Other than the Big Four, there are no real contenders for Global Domination who could pull something like this off and then use it to their benefit.  Which means...

Another player.

What we are looking at is beyond your standard 2-D chess game.  We are now in the realm of 3-D Star Trek chess with a twist - a third player whose pieces are invisible and whose presence we only detect by having accidently stumbled over a piece while playing the "independence gambit".

Ukrainian "independence" was supposed to have set off a series of similar movements (Venice, Scotland, etc.) that would have freed up the classic bankster strongholds and placed the EU firmly inside the orbit of Russia.

Instead, Putin threw a monkey-wrench in the works with the Crimea Gambit, while global headlines were - and continue to be - stolen by a missing passenger jet.

A new (or very old) player has entered the game.  The new player has been quiet for some amount of time, be it years, decades, centuries, or even millennia.  This new player has chosen a specific time to reveal itself that sends the clear message to the PTB that it can play the game just as well (maybe better) and has the advantage at the moment.

We are witnessing a most interesting set of circumstances.  An unknown power has injected itself onto the world stage at a crucial moment when the "standard" players were comfortably executing their "standard" moves.  The apple cart has been upset and everyone is slipping and tripping trying to stay upright while at the same time catch the rascal that did it.

From our position high about the fray, the usual mess has suddenly become quite a bit more interesting, and entertaining.  It bears watching to see how things will play out.  We can be quite certain, though, that anything "official-dumn" tells us at this point is wild speculation, because they haven't got a clue either.  The worm has turned.

If nothing else, we must admire the skill and timing of whomever or whatever has thrust its way into the plot.  It's almost as if this new entity is a deus ex machina.