Here Thar Be Monsters!

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The Final Solution

Have you noticed anything?  Do you see it also?  The world changed last week, and if you weren't looking, you might have missed it.

One of the most significant changes in geopolitical relations in the past 50 years flew right under the RADAR and landed smack in the middle of the Western Banking Establishment's lap.  Russia, China and now India have made a gas deal that will take the US and the dollar out of the energy business in Asia.  In other words, three of the hottest economies on the planet just thumbed their collective nose at Western hegemony.  It was amazing to watch.

Most of us alive today don't remember a time when the US was an agrarian, second-class economy.  In fact, if you were born anytime during the 1950s or later, you've never known a world were the US wasn't a black hole of power and resources.  That old world just ended.  There is indeed a New World Order, and the neighborhood bully just got kicked out of the club.

What brought the US to prominence, beside being the last man standing after WW2, was that it meant business.  It created thngs and exported things and created wealth.  In recent years, however, it has been a net importer, a debtor and has all but lost the innovative edge that made her name.

You may have not been aware that the US has spent several decades shutting down coal, oil and gas production, preferring instead - and at great risk as the 1970s showed - to use everyone else's energy reserves.  But, as the Western Banking Establishment has grown increasingly panicked, suddenly all those oil, gas and coal fields that were shut in under the guise of ecological concern are now open for business and the country is ramping up production in a huge way.

At one time, the world was happy to take the US jobs and money, and were willing to take the BS that went with it.  In recent times, though, the US has devolved into a militaristic mercantile empire exporting only bombs and debt, and the world has grown weary of it.

Instead, they now look to Russia and China as the economic powerhouses and perceive that those countries are far more legitimate because they bring business without egregious strings attached.  There are no agendas besides pure economic benefit - no ideological ham-fisted Agenda 21s or Pax Americana or nation building/regime change to go with the forced indebtedness.

Furthermore, everyone except the poor duped Americans themselves see quite clearly that Obama is a self-serving, illegitimate occupant at the reins, and see even more clearly that he does not run the country.  They know very well that the banksters and corporate interests set the agenda in the US, and that the country's political and legal systems are nothing more than mafioso enforcement schemes to protect the "too big to fails".

Now Russia and China have entered into an energy agreement that shuts the Western oligarchs out of the deal.  Soon, India will join because pipeline routes will be able to come right around any Western-controlled puppet states.  This is the foundation of a new and quite seperate financial system that will force the Western banksters to their knees, or provoke them into rash military response, which will make plain to the world the illegitimacy of the empire, whose ideology is based solely on greed and avarice.

Empires don't crash and burn.  They fade over decades, centuries, and even millennia (c.f. Rome).  The US empire will not crash.  The dollar will not go up in flames.  It will slowly fade away into obscurity and people find viable alternatives and adjust to new paradigms.  The greatest mistake the US could make at this point is military adventurism, though that is likely what will happen, given the inbred stupidity controlling the country.

There is only one real answer that the American people can give now.  Don't vote.  Stay away from elections in droves.  This vote of "no confidence" is the only thing that can force the cockroaches into the sunlight and show them for what they are.  There is no political solution at the polls, and by not voting, the oligarchs will be forced to retain power without consent and thus expose their despotism.

Not voting en masse is the only peaceful means left to expose and debunk the power-mad slime.  They have horrific weapons that make open conflict and revolution untenable.  They control the judiciary and legal processes with unflinching fists.  They even control the electoral process to the point that voting is pointless.  The outcome is predetermined.  Therefore, NOT voting is the only way to answer tyranny without force or immoral acts.  The only way they maintain the illusion of legitimacy is by getting folks to the polls, thus fooling the rubes into thinking that their minions were selected democratically.    Without the pretense of fair and open elections, they can not claim any semblance of legitimate power, and will be forced to keep power by open aggression.  At that point, they have lost without a shot being fired.  They would have no legitimacy either in the domestic nor global arenas.

As George Carlin rightly said, you only have the right to complain if you don't participate in the fraud.