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Web Of A Different Color

"Oh what tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!"
 - Walter Scott, Marmion (1808)

Yes, folks, the bullshit gets deeper and deeper.

I don't often comment on burning headlines, because most of it is pure, unadulterated bullshit.  But this one caught my eye because it is a symptom of much deeper bullshit...much deeper.

This guy, Shaun King, was so buried in "white guilt," and presumably unable to make anything of himself without using some secondary physical trait, that he felt it necessary to claim not only that he is black (specifically half Negroid and half Caucasoid), but that he is a victim of hate.

There is story is symptomatic of so many things wrong with Western "culture" right now that I hardly know where to begin.  A few minutes' thought peels so many layers off of this phenomenon that one gets lost in all the convolutions.  And like the onion metaphor implies, one is moved to tears.

Decades ago, it was black people passing as white to get "white benefits" that made headlines.  Fair enough, since the segregation in the US was quite nasty.  I'm old enough to remember "colored" water fountains and "colored" seating areas.  That is a cultural artifact that is well left behind.

But the pendulum has swung so far to the other side that now white people feel the need to pass as black in order to cash in on "black benefits."

This is NOT equality, which was supposedly the goal of 1960s cultural engineering and desegregation.  The idea was to offer equal opportunity to all regardless of racial or cultural backgrounds.  However, liberal media and gatekeepers have been so successful that Shaun King is the result.  And if there is one, there are many more.

A quick read of the linked article reveals a partial goodie list: a "black-only scholarship," a donation from Black Conservative Fund PAC for proof of "blackness," sympathy and Victimhood for being the target of "hate crime, a leadership position in a "black sympathy" movement.  Wow, just think what one would hear if the word "black" were replaced with "white."

Imagine, if you will, Mel Gibson (in place of Oprah Winfrey) was offering "white-only" scholarships, or the White Conservatives Fund PAC offered donations for proof of "whiteness," or a white person beaten and taunted by blacks claimed victimhood.  Just imagining the liberal howls is deafening!

Yes, folks, we are all victims - victims of a form of social engineering that is dividing people by class and race, and the amazing thing is that they have convinced a lot of otherwise smart people that this is not racist!

With a black man sitting in the Oval Office in Washington, and a black neuosurgeon running on the Republican ticket (and doing fairly well, too), and blacks filling many important social positions, I think it is high time to drop the pretenses and shun the liberal media who tries so hard to convince us that each race is getting more pie than the others.

It is racist, divisive and completely untrue.  In fact of the matter, we are all equally screwed by a system that is raping all of us of our cultural and financial heritage.  We all have the same economy.  We all serve the same Masters.  We all are having our families torn apart by these evil bastards.

There is no black, white, brown, yellow or any other color variation.  There is only slave meat for the System.  We are all nothing but entertaining fools for slavering, wicked old bastards who use their wealth and toys to keep us all at each other's throats so we don't slit theirs.  And they are laughing all the way to the counting house.

I don't hold Shaun King entirely to fault.  After all, he's just trying to get a bigger slice of pie like everyone else.  That makes him as much a victim as all the rest of us.  His biggest fault is not walking away when he got outed.  He's still trying to keep the cash cow on life support, and digging himself deeper into the steaming pile of bullshit.

Hell, if he jumped up and said, "Look what I have to do to get ahead in this country," and then started the White Lives Matter movement, he's already be a bigger hero than he was a few days ago.  Instead, he's trying to paddle a boat that has already sunk.

The Big Issue here is the game that is being played at a very high level that keeps us all chasing illusions.  They keep moving the "prize" around and then watch with sick amusement as we all scramble over each other's heads to get it - only to find it's been moved again.

All of this bullshit keeps us so distracted that we don't have time to sit and ponder what is really going on.  We are so busy screaming and pointing at other people's slice of pie that we are completely missing the fact that there is no pie.  It's all a cruel and depraved hoax put on by a bunch of hollow, desperately sick souls that are so bored with their toys that teasing the rest of us is the only entertainment left for them.  They are nothing but bullies who have gotten so good at the game that they can make us fight each other while they sit across the street and laugh.

Folks, we've got to change.  We can't keep going on like this.  If we don't wake up and start fighting the real enemy, we will all destroy each other.  And when we do, the evil bastards will turn on each other, until there is nothing left of the human potential.

It is well past time for a little critical thinking.  Start peeling some onions and watch the tears flow.  It is a sad and wasted culture we live in, and we have ALL been victims of a monstrous crime.  There's one catch.

We have all been taught that if you are a victim, you can win the jackpot.  Put a hot cup of coffee in your lap and get burned - McMoney will come your way.

The crime we are victims of, however, is so huge, so depraved, so horrifying, that we can never be compensated for our loss.  All we can do is walk away and hope that we have learned a very valuable communal lesson: don't let the loonies run the loony bin.

Turn off the TeeVee.  Put down the cage liner (that's newspaper in regular-speak).  Get out of the loony-versities.  Stop chasing the elusive pie.  None of it is real.  It is all a phantom created by Disney to appear like something real.

Shaun King is a tragedy of pie-chasing.  It should serve to wake us up to what has been done to us.  There are not privileges, prizes or pie at the end of the rainbow.  Ask anyone who has ever touched a rainbow.  They know.  Whether your rainbow is black, LGBT or any other false "community," you have been deceived.

Get out while you still have your sanity!