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Einstein Is STILL An Idiot!

Take a good look at the photo of Einstein here.  I mean a really close look.  You are about to discover that Einstein was wrong and that he is STILL an idiot.

As are most physicists today.

Now, don't you feel smart?

If you don't see what I'm talking about, then look at the formula he just wrote in the photo.  R(sub ik)=0.  See it yet?

OK, I won't keep you in suspense.  The formula basically says that there is nothing outside a Black Hole.  You read that right.  Nothing outside a Black Hole.  In other words, according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, there is NO UNIVERSE outside a black hole.  Just to make sure the point drives home, if a black hole exists anywhere in the Universe, then we are not here to talk about it.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "Dude, you don't have a doctorate in Physics and receive billions of dollars in grants to build LIGO machines and CERN machines and have never been nominated for a Nobel Prize."

Maybe not, but as an auto didact who doesn't believe anything coming out of the mouths of self-proclaimed "experts," I can certainly look it up.  And I did.  And I found a guy names Steven J. Crothers, who does have lots of letters after his name and can solve the equations that produce the answer R(sub ik)=0.  An he clearly (even for dummies like me) shows that according to Einstein, we don't exist if black holes do.

So, who cares?

Well, you may have heard all the hoopla recently about the discovery of "gravity waves" by devices called LIGO in Washington State and Louisiana.  "Oooh," they said, "Did you see that?  It was caused by two black holes colliding and thus we just proved Einstein was right!"

I raised my hand.  "Excuse me," I said, "But if you just proved Einstein right then we are not really here discussing colliding black holes and gravity waves."  Everyone ignored me, of course, as they always do with kill-joys at big parties.  Something like that would threaten all that juicy tax money flowing in.

I wasn't alone.  Wal Thornhill, head thinker over at the Thunderbolts Project also caught the glaring problem. And he's a lot smarter than I am, too.

According to Wal, the LIGO instrument depends on having two very long tubes with LASERS shining down the centers of both to a collector in the center.  The tubes are vacuumed out to the point of being much emptier than empty space - as in 'up there.'  What they failed to tell everyone, and us everyones are thinking, "hey, that's pretty vacuous," is that nothing stops neutrinos.

Now, if you're not up to date on neutrinos, those are near-massless particles that can pass through the entire Earth without touching anything, as if it's not there.  In fact, there are other machines in Italy, Japan and Antarctica - that cost billions of dollars too - to try and catch some neutrinos.  In decades of operations, they've only managed to see a handful of them when by sheer chance, they hit a molecule of water and let out a little photon of blue light.

So, now you're probably thinking what I'm thinking, "Hey wait a minute, they spent billions on machines to detect particles that negate the findings of the other machines that found gravity waves?!"  Yup, great minds think alike.  See how smart we are?

I probably don't have to go much further here to get you to start wondering if all those idiots up there talking about gravity waves are con artists looking to generate a little more tax money to fund their Starbucks runs and probably a really big party celebrating how clever they were in fooling all us taxpayers.

The point here, and it's pretty important, is don't believe anyone who calls themselves an "expert," especially if their income is dependent on governments stealing money from us hard-working folks.  They use all this high-falootin' language and scribble incomprehensible formulae (that's the real plural version) on black boards to bamboozle us into handing over more money so they can build bigger machines to make us think they know what they are talking about.

Hey, you know what?  That sounds a lot like the way kings used to tax the crap out of us hard-working folks to build equally useless cathedrals back in the Middle Ages.  Only difference is cathedrals were rather pretty and were open to common folk to come in and look around.  It's not likely we could have the same privileges with the modern versions.

Our walking, talking and breathing might disturb the LASER gods inside the not-so-empty tubes.

Amazing what you can learn when you take a moment to do a little reading.

By the way, while I'm thinking about it, has anyone heard anything about the Ceres lights since the Dawn spacecraft reached its optimal (and closest) mapping orbit?  Yeah, me neither.