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Some Random Thoughts On Politics

  • Perhaps if Ben Carson changed his slogan to "Doctor Who," he might get a lot more attention.
  • Donald Trump is the ultimate expression of US culture: he is a walking corporate brand; he is the embodiment of all that is saccharine with that country.
  • The Bush/Clinton dynasties have pretty much plumbed the depths of talent in their gene pools; voters have decided they no longer need comic relief, and so Jeb! is dying on the vine; Hillary, on the other hand, is the manifestation of Democratic ideals of slavery, socialism and just pure ornery meanness.
  • Cruz is nothing more than the vanguard of the Canadian invasion of America; it is a long-simmering war between the two countries, based primarily on the fact that Canada got more coastline from the Indians, but America got the prime tourist beaches.
  • I still think Marco Rubio will be a 'dark horse' compromise nominee and will ultimately be POTUS, I base this on the fact that his name kind of sounds like Marco Polo, and so folks think of him as adventurous, and able to introduce pasta, coal and asbestos to Western civilization.
  • Edward Snowden had to seek political asaylum in Russia from prosecution as a traitor, while Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democratic party nominee, yet they are both guilty of the same crime of letting secrets out. As Mel Brooks says, "It's good to be da king."
  • I have only voted for POTUS one time, and that was for Ross Perot, who was the template for Donald Trump, but with a much funnier voice.
  • Barak Obama's legacy appears to be that he was such a bad president, the anti-establishment candidate finally won (not since Reconstruction has that happened); That's a long way down; Remember when he was first elected, he was nearly canonized at the same time.
  • Pope Francis I lives in a walled city with an immigration policy that only allows passports to be given to Nazis fleeing persecution, and with probably the single largest Treasury on Earth; yet, he dares to comment on US immigration policy and how folks need to give to the poor?  'Let not your right hand know what your left doeth' has gone too far.  Someone please get control of that left hand and quick!
  • Does anyone else get the feeling that the UK is like a prom date who keeps teasing with "yes, no, maybe" when it comes to copping a feel at the end of the night?  This Brexit thing has gone on for years and is just completely pointless, unless to tease the EU a bit and show a little power play.
  • Indonesia is playing the same game as the UK over TPP, only it has its hand out to China and the US to see who will offer the richest purse for a peek at the goodies; reminds me of the famous quip generally attributed to Churchill, "We have already determined what you are, Madame, we are now haggling over price."
  • Have you ever noticed how China operates?  It makes a few incendiary remarks, and then sits back while everyone else fights about it.  Classic divide and conquer strategy, or more appropriately: 分而治之
  • The only country on Earth that has a tax system as evil and insidious as the US is Eritrea, and until just recently, the US condemned it for its tax system; a classic case of "do as we say."  Eritrea is near Sudan and Ethiopia in East Africa; Says to me that the US tax code has Third World status.
  • Since the world is into wall-building right now, I say we put a wall around the entire Middle East, pull out all foreign militaries and interests, and let them sort things out;  This shit has gone on for far too long and has sucked up far too many of the world's resources over something as meaningless as whose religious books are more nonsensical; when they've finished beating, battering and beheading each other and have got things all sorted out, they can come out to play with the rest of us again.
  • In 1969, NASA landed two men on the Moon with equipment less sophisticated than your microwave oven, yet in 50 years the world hasn't been back?  Yup, either the Moon landings were bullshit, or the reasons for not going back are bullshit.  Either way, someone has shoveled an enormous pile of bullshit on the world and guess who gets to clean it all up?
  • The US supreme Court (under Article III of the US Constitution) was only supposed to have six justices.  President FDR added three more to overcome the Court's resistance to his New Deal legislation; Justice Scalia's death is a first step in correcting this problem, as long as a new justice is not nominated.
  • The US Congress doesn't even trust itself; In the 1960s, the Senate passed a rule that no justices, supreme or otherwise, could be selected in an election year, since politicians are far more untrustworthy at that time than in non-election years.
  • It is said that for a hunter to be truly successful, he must become the hunted; thus, Russia has become the global savior and the US has become the dreaded evil empire.
  • Suppose there were no countries, just a global collection of home towns and the only international law was that no one could become leader or ruler except in their home town; the towns could all compete for immigrants based on the standard of living and amount of personal freedom each offered; hell, entrepreneurial types could custom design home towns down to the laws of the community and sell property based on how cool it would be to live there; oh, and media outlets in each home town could only be owned by people who lived there, so there would be no global mega-media conglomerates competing to brain-wash folks - propaganda would be limited to each town and wouldn't have much hope of manipulating masses of people.
  • Economics is not a science; it is a natural function, just like an individual's bathroom habits; what is a science is how the few manipulate economics to impoverish the many.
  • Rulers, leaders, charlatans, and magicians all depend on the ignorance and gullibility of their audience; this means that being educated is the best protection again these kinds of trickery; being educated does NOT mean being an "expert" - those are what we call one-trick ponies; remember Rain Man?  Dustin Hoffman's character was a one-trick pony.
  • Al Sharpton announced he would "flee the country" if Donald Trump was elected; it would be worth a Trump presidency to see that happen; I might even move back if Sharpton was gone.