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Ordo Ab Chao

Assuming Donald Trump is who and what he appears to be, is it possible that all the hysteria around his candidacy is fabricated?  If so, for what purpose and who are the players?

In my previous post, I speculated on the Trump Phenomenon and speculated on what may happen should the "establishment" take drastic action, out of fear, to stop his candidacy.  This essentially is looking at the election at face value, assuming all the players and events are what they appear to be.  Indeed, on the surface, most of the players are probably as they appear.  But...what if we dig a bit deeper, change our perspective a bit, look at the situation from another angle?

It is an established fact that the United States was founded by members of a secret society called the Freemasons.  It is further established fact that many of the players in 20th century American politics have been members of another secret society, the Skull and Bones.  Given these facts, it is reasonable to assume that there are many other such societies playing covert roles at much deeper levels.

It is also an established fact that the motto of the United States, enshrined on the Great Seal and published on the backs of every $1 bill is Ordo Ab Chao, a Latin phrase meaning "order out of chaos," which is the catch-phrase of 33rd degree Freemasonry.

To further set the stage, it is fairly well established that the US has, in many countries, effected "regime change" by creating chaos and then offering a hand-tailored 'solution.'  This is better-known as the Hegelian Dialectic, and has been used in numerous countries to throw out established power blocks and introduce others that are more in tune with the goals and objectives of the "establishment."  To give just a few examples, the color revolutions over the past 20 years, the Arab Spring, the Ukraine, various Central and South American countries, and so on.

The method is generally the same: create social divisions, polarize the parties, create fear and panic, then offer a solution that seems reasonable to all sides, or at least can be forced on those that still dissent.

I think it can be reasonably assumed that there are a great number of the "establishment" that have no national loyalties.  They are globalists whose interests supersede national boundaries.  Therefore, chaos and turmoil in any one country has little bearing on their thinking.  They are able to move about and take up residence wherever they please, so even if their apparent home country devolves into complete anarchy, the "establishment" simply opens the branch office in more quiet climates. Joseph Farrell has quite exhaustively shown how the Venetian banking elite moved first to the Netherlands, then London, then the New World, as their machinations caused nations to crumble and the natives to eventually rise up and cast them out.

We are not positing that the Freemasons are behind all this, nor the Jesuits, nor any of the other "usual suspects."  What we are trying to show is that the US has had individuals at its helm since the beginning who were members of international societies that were above national or even regional interests, and that superseded any one location.

We are also attempting to establish a modus operandi for the "establishment, whereby chaos and turmoil are created and used to effect changes more hospitable to the power elite.

Given that the "establishment" is a consortium of globalist interests with no interest in or allegiance to any one nation, we can assume that events within the US, no matter how chaotic and polarized, do not concern them.  They can simply move somewhere else more amendable to them.  Given also that the "establishment" has used chaos and turmoil in other countries to install more favorable rulers and systems, it is also safe to assume that they would use the same tactics in the US.  It therefore appears to be a reasonable argument that the current situation in the US could be a manufactured phenomenon in order to effect some change in the social and/or governmental structure of the US, in order to achieve some end that they desire.

One line of evidence is the amazing media attention being lavished on Donald Trump.  Four years previously, Ron Paul was at the center of a nearly similar uprising of voters that spanned all demographics, were fanatical supporters, and the candidate was far more intelligent and far more political experience than Trump.  However, the candidate was virtually invisible in the national media.  Even as Paul's numbers swelled and his campaign strengthened, the media simply shunned him, thus choking off what may have been the Trump revolution v.1.

It seems rather obvious that the media owners, most certainly part of the "establishment," have instructed their assets to lavish attention on Trump.  There is no other reason why every Twitter post and utterance by Trump become major news items.  It would be the easiest task to make Trump pay for every second of air time by shutting him out and forcing him to buy air time, just like they did with Ron Paul.  They could even break.  Therefore, the "establishment" is using its media control to create the phenomenon as a means to polarize the nation and create chaos.

As proof, we need only wait out the process.  If this line of reasoning is accurate, then the shrill voices and feigned panic in the halls of power will increase, and the violence and dissent among the electorate will ratchet up until it becomes the hew and cry of war.

What possible purpose could this serve?  Well, the obvious problem is that in order to crush dissent, you must first know who it is and where it hides.  By creating an atmosphere that draws even the meekest voter and voice into the fray, it becomes an easy matter to catalog the opposition. In the immediate moment, you can work the opposition into a complete lather and then humiliate them in front of the world, thus yanking the carpet of power and influence clean out from under them.  This would effectively silence any opposition for decades and give the "establishment" an unfettered run in power.

The result would be to silence the anti-globalists within the US, who have been the biggest impedance towards total global dominance in the past 100 years.  A solid trouncing would effectively prevent any organized resistance to the final steps in the destruction of national sovereignty and the destruction of social identity.

There are some risks.  Assuming Trump is genuine (and not a staged part of the ritual), he could take hold of the reins of power and actually cause some damage to the framework.  His presidency would also empower the anti-globalist movement and create strong hindrances to finalizing the Plan.  If things got too far out of hand, it might set back the globalist agenda by decades or more.

This scenario is not altogether implausible.  If Trump is actually an insider, then this even further complicates the process and outcome.  If this were the case, it would cause even deeper destruction to the minds and spirits of the people who are lining up behind Trump as their counter-cultural hero.  That sort of betrayal would have the same impact as, say, the murder of JFK, Kent State or 9/11.  It would be a critical blow to all those who seek leaders to validate their desires.

More than the simple "WYSIWYG" version of this campaign, the scenario laid out here is truly disturbing.  Given that the "establishment" has used similar tactics in other nations for years, it is not out of the realm of possibility.  There is, to my mind, plenty of evidence that supports this kind of set-up.  We could even speculate that the Russians are playing a not-so-subtle role in the background as revenge for similar meddling in the Soviet Union, Georgia and the Ukraine.  In fact, a number of national interests, such as China, could potentially line up to take advantage of chaos within the US political and social fabric.

Only time will tell what is really happening at this point.  One thing is certain: there are significant risks riding on this election, and an entire laundry list of folks who would benefit from the collapse of the American political system.  There are also major inconsistencies, such as the voluminous media attention being lavished on Trump despite the prolonged wail and gnashing of teeth by those same media.

It is a testable theory, though.  We need only watch as things progress and divorce ourselves of a passionate interest in the outcome.  Simply look at the threads of the fabric as they appear to see the pattern develop.

One thing is without question, the next nine months will be some of the most fascinating we have witnessed in our lifetimes.