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Chilling The Warmists

UPDATE: LA Times: Global Warming Has Made Weather Better For Most In US - But Don't Get Used To It, Study Says (huh?)

UPDATE: #ElectricUniverse #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange Get a real educatiin on real issues affecting global weather and civilization. Forget #AlGore, he's a #UsefulIdiot.

"Settled Science" is not science at all.

Even if you don't read the linked articles below, just take a second to look at the headlines:

Michael E. Kraft Wants to Punish Climate Deniers
Professor Wants to Use RICO to Punish Climate Deniers
Democratic AGs, Climate Change Groups Colluded on Prosecuting Dissent, Emails Show
Climategate 2.0: New E-mails Rock the Global Warming Debate

Now, when it comes to lying, cheating and conspiring, which side seems to show the worst characteristics?  It looks to me like the Warmists/Changists are so desperate to prove a non-existent case that they will stoop to just about any low they can find.

The fact of the matter is that the Earth has been warming since the last ice age, and that is a good thing, since it has provided both the stability and temperate climate to foster our civilization to the current point of (ahem) advancement.

As for the term "climate change," this is a meaningless word grouping and anyone who uses it to refer to anything but the weather should be shunned as a village leper.

Climate change can mean anything one wants it to mean.  It is such a broad and vague term as to have no usefulness in a serious debate on global climate.  In fact, it is nothing more than a short-hand version of, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

Of course the climate changes, you ninnies.  Even here on the equator, where temperatures range between 25C and 35C, day in and day out, every day, day after endless day, the climate changes between wet and dry, cloudy and sunny, windy and still.  Even at the poles, it changes from real damn cold to not quite as cold as it was the last six months.

In medieval times, people who stirred fear and chaos with verisimilitude were tied down and hot coals were placed in the mouths.  When one looks around, the only group in this debate that is consistently conspiring and colluding to punish people falsely, and spread lies and fear are the Warmists/Changists.  Seems to me the ones who need to be punished under RICO or any other law are the radical Luddites on the Warmist/Changist side.

I've pointed this out many times before, but it bears repeating, to whit:

Venus has an atmosphere that is more than 95% carbon dioxide, no magnetic field, no moon, a day that is nearly as long as its year, crushing ground-level air pressure 9x greater than Earth's, virtually no water, no publicly acknowledged life, and temperatures over 800F.

Mars has an atmosphere that is 95% carbon dioxide, a spotty magnetic field, very little free water, ground-level air pressure thinner than the top of Mount Everest, and temperatures that range from cold to really cold, no publicly acknowledged life, with two tiny moons relative to the planet's size.

Earth has an atmosphere with 0.04% carbon dioxide...READ THAT four percent carbon dioxide.  More than 70% of its surface has liquid water.  It has a very strong magnetic field.  It has a very large Moon.  It is covered with living creatures.  Everything about the planet is conducive to all the forms of life we currently know of.

Can anyone spot the problem here?  Obviously, carbon dioxide is NOT the problem, nor is human activity.  In fact, there is NO problem that I can detect in all the HONEST data.

The Earth has experienced many warming epochs far greater than currently occurring.  It has also had devastating ice ages and glaciation.  We are currently in a recovery period from one of the ice ages.  In fact, according to REAL climate scientists who aren't grabbing at the public trough, we are STILL IN an ice age.  We have not fully recovered from the last period of glaciation.  We are in the middle of the Anthropocene Holocene epochs, where "[i]t has been identified with the current warm period, known as MIS 1, and can be considered...interglacial in the current ice age based on that evidence." [emphasis added]

In other words, we are damn lucky that it is warming right now, and at any moment that trend can reverse, and the balmy 12,000-year break our species has gotten could end with a ski season from hell.  Given the current trends in solar activity, which really controls the environment, the Sun is entering another Grand Minimum Period, in which solar heating could drop significantly.  If this is the case, then we will all soon dearly wish the Earth were warming.

People, such as the good professor named in the articles at top, are either damn fools or disingenuous fear-mongers spouting clap-trap and sucking on the public teat.  At least in the first instance, ignorance can be cured.  In the second instance, these people are truly the ones in dire need of prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity, for having wasted so much time, effort and tax dollars on pure, unadulterated bullshit.

If we are to survive the vagaries of our cosmic environment, we MUST begin with honest and open discussion of facts, not feel-good lies and false warnings.  

According to NASA, the current average temperature of Earth is 15C/59F, which many people consider to be rather chilly.  During the last ice age, the average temperature was around 12C/54F.  Sorry, but I find it very difficult to get all worked up over a handful of degrees that mean the difference between life and death.

I live in a country that is composed entirely of islands on the equator.  One would think that if the Global Warming or Sea-Level Changes were occurring, this would be the first place one could spot the problem.  However, temperatures, rainfall and sea-levels have remained remarkably consistent for the decades in which reliable records have been kept.  The only sea-level problems here are entirely due to subsidence in major coastal population centers.  Sorry folks, it ain't happening.

On the other hand, when (not if) the next ice age comes, I am sitting rather comfortably on one of the warmest spots on Earth.

It's time to shut these asinine Warmists/Changists up and start holding honest dialogues about real problems.  I guarantee that an ice age poses a more deadly and immediate problem than any conceivable amount of warming, short of a global fire storm.

Higher carbon dioxide levels and generally warmer temperatures mean greater harvests and more arable land.  Even a slight drop in temperatures will mean massive famine and migrations as all life on Earth will seek warmer climes.

If geologic history teaches us anything, it is that Earth's climate is always on the move and that status quo does not exist.  We've had a particularly long and lucky run of temperate climates worldwide, but this is not normal according to the records frozen into the trees, rocks and ice on Earth.  Only an open and honest approach to Earth's climate record will present any hope of humanity's survival at our current level of civilization.

One thing is for certain, prosecuting dissenting voices is no different from book burnings or placing Galileo under house arrest for 20 years.  It won't stop the debate and it doesn't change the facts.  Another thing is for certain, Earth's climate, shorelines and regional weather have changed radically over time, and nothing we do will alter that either way.

If someone truly denies that climates change, he is an idiot, but to label people who disagree with false statistics and manipulated facts as "Climate Change Deniers" is equally idiotic.  The term has no meaning and is nothing more than an attempt to stifle debate and emotionally castigate those who won't go along with the rape of public funds and policies.

"Professor" Kraft and his ilk should be shunned and all funds for climate study cut off until such time as the real debate can be established and honest research can be brought to the public's attention.  

This is not to say that any hands are clean in this debate, but the most provocative and dangerous rhetoric is coming from the Warmists/Changists.  The real DENIERS are the ones trying to stifle honest research and debate, not the people trying to bring unsullied data to the discussion.

People like "Professor" Kraft are pulling a classic slight-of-hand.  By establishing themselves as moral arbitrators, they deflect the Eye of Justice from themselves.  It is high time to open both Eyes!

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