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An Immigrant On Immigration

Two recent events, that coincidentally occurred on the same day, set me to thinking.  Yes, I see you roll your eyes at the prospect, but bear with me, dear reader.

This past Tuesday was both my 56th anniversary on this planet, and the same day I received (at long last) my permanent residency in Indonesia.

In the Indonesian tradition, the personal celebrating a birthday is obliged to feed everyone, so I created a feast of rare and exotic delights: burritos with all the trimmings.  My family is finally coming to appreciate odoriferous and unusual spices called chilli powder and cumin.  Rather than being happy, I am rather upset since in the past I was able to have double portions, given that no one else would touch the stuff.  This last round, I was only able to salvage two burritos and was forced to drown my sorrows in chocolate cake.

I mention this only in passing to that the reader can appreciate that some things we take for granted in our everyday world can become rare gems when we are far removed from them.  It's also amusing when Asians assume that Westerners don't eat rice and stand agog when I bring out a steaming bowl of paella as part of my ethnic feast.

All that aside, it was the permanent residency that really had me thinking.  I've been here for 10 years now, and in that time, I've made 10 annual pilgrimages to the immigration office to renew my long-stay visa.  This onerous duty has cost me many hours and somewhere in the range of about $8,000 over the decade.

When I arrived here, there were no social service nets, no free dwellings, no food stamps.  I had only what I brought and could manage to acquire once in country.  I worked incredibly long hours building a network, establishing myself, and saving my money.  The result is that I now have a family, some property and a couple of growing businesses.  More, in fact, than I ever had in my native country.

Perhaps it was the motivation of having no safety net, perhaps it was a much lower cost of entry.  Whatever the reason, I can say with some pride that my wife and I earned everything we have, and it gives me some ownership in my adopted home.

When I look at the US and EU, with their horrific immigration problems, I scratch my head in amazement.  The policies applied toward immigrants are probably some of the most abusive and hurtful ever conceived, and will ultimately do far more harm than the well-intentioned but deeply misguided folks can possibly know.  These policies will also prove to be ultimately destructive to the societies that adopt them.

If you are a believer in social safety nets, then you are probably staring at the screen wondering what kind of heartless crank would write such a thing, but hang in there.

When I arrived in Indonesia, I had a single suitcase and $1,000.  That's it.  I knew four people here, and that helped a little, but not much.  I didn't know the language and the culture was about as foreign as anything I have ever encountered in my travels.

My first purchase was a translating dictionary and I immediately began learning the language.  Within three months, I could negotiate a meal and buy necessities at the local store.  Keep in mind that I was not in Jakarta or other big, cosmopolitan city.  I was in Balikpapan in Borneo where no one spoke English - at all.

I cam with several plans of attack to make money.  By the end of the first year, I had burned through all of them and was fully improvising as I went.  Within six months, I was able to rent a furnished apartment and pay my bills by literallly teaching English door-to-door for cash.  At the end of the first year, I hired a live-in maid to cook and clean while I worked 15-18 hours a day.

No welfare checks, no food stamps, no freebies.  Just wits and work.

When the Western countries import people, which is what they are truly doing, and hand them pretty much everything for free, what incentive is there to become productive?  What's worse, when the free ride ends, as all politically motivated programs do, these people will be cast aside, never having learned the language or culture, having no local support network and having no way to return to whence they came.  In effect, the current feel-good immigration policies are a huge humanitarian disaster waiting to happen.

Most of the thousands of immigrants were lured with hand-outs, much the way one might lure a wild dog or cat in an effort to tame them.  These people have been shoveled into ghettos where they are able to use their native language and are never forced to learn the lingua franca of their adopted lands.  Most of them have little or no contact with the local inhabitants and do not have jobs - nor do they need one - since everything is handed to them on a platter.

What happens to these people when the rug is pulled out from under them?  When the political tide turns and the will to completely support thousands of people is gone, and they are thousands of miles from anything they know, how will these people survive?  They have no local contacts, don't speak the language, have developed no skills, don't know how to pay bills and taxes, and are fully and completely unable to support themselves and their families?

Oh sure, a few enterprising individuals will adapt, even thrive, but they will be the exceptions.  The vast majority will have nothing to survive on and nothing to pay passage home again.  They will become either a new slave class, or more likely, a despised and forgotten mass of humanity left to rot.

Political will is a fickle thing and can change on a whim.  It is also completely without foresight, preferring instead to service instant gratification, rather than look far into the future of possible outcomes.  The ones who always suffer for this lack of vision are the pawns in the political games.

In an attempt to assuage some kind of guilt in the liberal mind, the policies have instead sentenced thousands to a life of misery, and very likely death.  It does no one any favors to hand them a free life, because at some point the one handing out the goodies will have a change of heart and resent the grasping hands of the recipient.

Take it from an immigrant - it is too late to fix the damage done, but it is not too late to stop the horror from growing.  It may seem in the short term that one is doing a great humanitarian service, but in the long term these policies will become a horror that takes decades or more to repair.  There is no benefit to any side in this horror.  The givers will eventually tire of giving, and the takers will have no means by which to survive when the tap runs dry.

Organic immigration - people like myself who choose to live elsewhere and are prepared mentally and physically to work for it - is a time-honored function of humanity.  It is a vital part of mixing and growing societies and civilizations.  The uprooting of masses to satisfy political whims, though, is a disaster in the making and will damage societies and civilizations, possibly beyond repair.

Now, if I remember correctly, there's still some chocolate cake buried at the bottom of the fridge.


Ex Occasione Vanitatis

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu teaches us that "in chaos there is also opportunity."  Even objectively, one can only conclude that we live in a time of chaos, thus one must consider that there is also opportunity.

The West is quite obviously in the throes of a great upheaval, unlike anything the world has seen for at least a century, and in scale maybe several centuries.

To my admittedly addled mind, the world is still suffering under the major shift in global power that began in the late 1700s, and manifested itself in the various revolutions and wars of the past 300 years.

It is at heart a shift away from the millennia-old paradigm of gods and goblins running the Universe, and universe which is perfect in nature and operates according to ineffable rules.  It is a universe largely out of control of human hands and our collective Fate is at the whim of a god or gods who dangle Paradise and Damnation in front of us to solicit desired behaviors.

The replacement Universe is cold and random, though no less mystical.  It also created itself out of nothing, but it operates like balls on a billiard table, with particles bouncing around in a serendipitous dance, sometimes clinging, and at other times breaking apart.  Our Fate here is at the whim of so-called physical laws, but they are little different in nature from the stone tablets of the prior age, and instead of Paradise and Perdition, there is only the frozen wastes of nothing to which all things are headed.

It is here that the true chaos of the moment enters the fray.

Objectively, the two universes that are at war are actually the same mindset, but with different trappings.  The magical creation, the hardened laws...they are nothing more than recapitulations of each other.  The real change is fully apart from them and is of a far more fundamental nature, and the chaos comes from both of them fighting the true change in human understanding that is plowing through all of it.

The real change appears to be a return to something very old - rationalism.  Some might argue that Scientific Rationalism has been the rising star of history since the Enlightenment, but if true, then it was derailed by Einstein and his ilk in the early 20th century.

Instead of fact-based observation informing thought and theory, we have labored under a group of pseudo-priests who have used mathematical wizardry to invent a Universe full of phantom dark forces without any basis in reality, and certainly not observable with any instruments humans can devise.

True rationalism, dating back to Aristotle and Plato in Western philosophy, accepts only those things that can be proven by repeated experimentation and observation.  While this may seem logical to most thinking people, it is something that has virtually vanished from modern science.

Where we appear to have gotten derailed was when Big Business and Big Government joined in an unholy alliance (to borrow Peter Levenda's term) with Big Religion to maintain a system of control over the masses through the use of parlor tricks and mystical gobbledy-gook.

Continuing the ancient tradition of controlling the masses with incomprehensible nonsense combined with a few magic tricks has kept humanity enslaved to massive centralized power structures.  These power structures have done nothing but impoverish us, while offering almost nothing in return, other than the promise of some pie-in-the-sky future paradise if we just keep paying and waiting.

The real revolution that is growing underneath the veneer of pseudo-religious institutions is the mass realization that we really don't need these institutions, and that humanity has been held back by centuries because of mystical incantations of a privileged elite that thrives parasitically off the labor of the rest of us.

The great fear of the central power bases is that we are waking up from our conditioning.  It shows in the increasing movement of people to be self-governing.  In their desperation, the control grid has revealed its myriad weaknesses and deceptions.  Increasingly, the masses are shunning the snake oil salesmen of the Establishment in favor of self-rule.

Who needs banks when you can save your cryptocoins on a tiny chip?  Who needs the protection racket called government when we can take care of ourselves?  Who needs universities when we can download our own libraries for free?  Who needs corporate media when we can create our own entertainment and watch it when we want?  Who needs gods when we are gods?

The more people realize how much power they truly have, the more these massive black holes of power and wealth will shrink.  The Gutenberg press brought cheap and available information to the masses, and the internet is that same trend on steroids.

In the chaos of the shift to individual empowerment, there are many opportunities for self-enrichment, both financially and internally.  As we seize more of our personal power back from the usurping elites, the ensuing chaos will present new and dazzling opportunities for those who are clear-minded and rational - not panicking at the swirl of history.

The true test of the new revolution will be whether those seizing the opportunities will be self-aware enough to help others join the fun, or whether they will simply replace the current elite with something darker and more devious.


Dagger Of The Mind

For the last century or so, we (the entire world) have been part of a massive, callous and tragic experiment that has failed miserably in every sense of the term.

A group of people tried to create the Universe in their own image.  They believed that there was no objective reality and that they could manifest whatever they undertook to project onto it.  They made each and every one of us a party and victim of their grand design.  They told themselves that if they could deceive the entire world, then their chosen reality would come to exist.

Didn't work.  And now we are all left holding the bag for it.

This group of people, call them what you will, but you will frequently hear them called "THEY," figured that if they could get everyone on Earth to believe fervently in something, that it would simply come to be.  The only problem with their experiment was that they themselves knew the truth, and that prevented the final take-over from occurring.

They thought that if they made their intended reality a part of every textbook, every classroom, every test, every recitation, every grant proposal, and every TeeVee documentary on the planet, then their version of reality would simply, reality.

They propped up cultural images like Einstein.  They turned real science into a replacement religion.  They made every degree, diploma and certificate on the planet dependent on being able to regurgitate their Grand Design.

They pounded Black Holes, Dark Matter, light speed, Universal Constants, Higgs Bosons, clockwork galaxies, and empty space into our heads.  They created Global Warming mantras, asteroid threats, terrorism, and many other imminent threats from "out there" and "down here".  They attempted to control all information everywhere to create the Preferred Narrative that we all had to memorize by rote (gods forbid we should ever check the truth for ourselves).

The one fatal flaw was that the Deceivers could not make themselves believe the Deception.

They wanted to remain in power by being the only ones with Truth, while the rest of us struggled along under the Deception.  This was their undoing, since their knowledge of The Deception meant that they could never manifest the alternate reality they so desperately wanted to create.

In other words, they failed out of greed and lust for power.

And it is falling apart before our very eyes for one very simple reason - it is NOT Truth.

In every deception there is some fraction of the participants who know that they are deceiving everyone else.  Because of that one simple fact, all lies ultimately fail.  Truth prevails because at some level it is obvious to anyone who cares to look for it, and because those who are lying are constantly scrambling to keep up the Lie.  This makes holes appear in the Lie that are eventually exploited by those who genuinely seek the Truth, and finally the Lie is exposed and crumbles.

One major problem with the exposure of the Lie is that those who were duped desperately do not want to admit they were duped.  They get defensive, angry, even violent in their attempt to deny that they were dupes.  In fact, the reaction is equal in scale to the size of the Lie.  In our immediate case, the Lie was so massive, so pervasive, and so obviously false that the anger is building to an equal and opposite reaction.  Nearly every major problem on Earth at this moment can be classified as either the liars fighting desperately to maintain The Lie, or the dupes reacting very angrily at having been duped.

People do not take kindly to being awoken from a dream, especially one that felt as if it were real.  It will not end well, but it will end nonetheless.

Some will die from the shock, some because they cannot adjust.  Others will muddle through.  Still others will profit and thrive.  It is the way of humanity.  We have spent much of our history deceiving ourselves, and millions have died because of it.  The challenge is always to adjust.  In all cases, it is fear that kills.


Battle For The Planet Of The Dupes

The problem with Trump, at least from my point of view as expressed since the long-ago days of July last year, is that he is a walking corporation.  He is a creature of the State.  He has no existence nor worth outside the coddling arms of the State.  He exists by the pleasure of the State, and the State is his nanny and toy.

Now I know a lot of Trump supporters read this site.  That was clear long ago and far away in our Far Side Official Unscientific Survey, where more than 70% of respondents chose Trump over all other choices (Hillary and Johnson).  So I beg you indulgence to hear me out.

Yes, Trump was elected by a certified, all-genuine rebellion.  Not a revolution, mind you, because the State was left intact.  But enough people had had enough State shenanigans that they were willing to try out a complete new-comer in the presidency in the hopes that 1) Hillary would NOT get elected, and 2) something fundamental would change at the national level.

Sorry to say, and I've waited the obligatory six months of mourning to say this, but America got gypped.

Notice that all of Trump's major promises, and his actions after he broke them, serve only the corporate interests.  To whit: the border wall has all but disappeared to preserve the constant supply of fresh meat for the labor market - which keeps the unions at bay.  Notice that the tax reform (now defunct) was centered primarily on corporate relief.  Notice that healthcare reform (now defunct) was to make the whole Obamacare fiasco even more friendly for the corporations.  Notice that the Pentagon budget and global saber-rattling was continued, even ramped up from the Obama and Bush days, to feed the bottomless gullet of the corporations.  Need more?

Them notice that Freeport MacMoRan, a huge mining corporation that all but owns Indonesia, was in the grips of populist reform and stalemated at the negotiating table at the beginning of the year.  Further notice that Mike Pence (Vice Prez of USA, Inc.) made a quick little visit to these parts and within hours, Freeport had their concessions.

Or how about the much vaunted Trump Saudi trip, which ended with billions in arms sales, and even defense contractors with subsidiary agreements in the Middle East to save shipping costs.

Finally, notice that all the talk of reform for regulations and government oversight center solely on corporations.  Have you heard a single word promising less government sitting on the shoulders of real human beings, who theoretically are the government in any real republic.

If you STILL doubt where Trump's loyalties lie, then I implore you to read Peter Dale Scott's insightful piece on how Trump is a threat to Indonesia's (and many other countries') democracy.

I, for one, could care less if Trump is impeached, though what would follow would likely be far worse than anything those of us who remember the JFK coup remember.  As I have said repeatedly, the only way to fix the problem is to remove it.  No amount of "reform" will ever achieve freedom and liberty for us real folks.

Here's the deal.  We humans are natural, organic beings with priorities and interests that don't always, if ever, align with the State.  The State fears our privacy and rights.  It doesn't want chaotic creatures running loose mucking up its Grand Plans for itself and its creations.

And when it comes to creations, there is only one creature in the world that is completely and utterly beholden to the State, and that is the corporation.

Corporations are formed (born) by a union of law and enforcement.  The State literally creates these creatures and is fully responsible for their behavior.  When the State is fully in control of the corporations, you have Socialism.  When the corporations are fully in control of the State, you have Fascism.  Note well that real, organic human beings don't figure into this marriage from Hell in any way, except for the rare few who are granted big pay packets for being caretakers of both the State and corporations.

Out of loyalty to theirs parents, corporations protect and defend the State.  Out of motherly love, the State protects and defends the corporations.  It is a sick, twisted relationship that has none of our (us real people) interests at heart.

This is why there is a revolving door between corporate interests and State regulatory divisions.  This is why corporate officers never go to jail, just get their wrists slapped and a fine or two.  This is why governments are unresponsive to real people.  This is also why there is a long list of billionaires in government and on the visitors list, not just now, but ever since the late 1800s.

For the last eight years, the Socialists were in charge and corporations were kept on a leash, though a rather long one.  Now, the Fascists are in control, and not only is the leash longer, but the collar has been loosened to allow the corporations to slip their fat heads through and run wild in the neighborhood.

Trump is nothing more than a flim-flam man who understood show business well enough to basically steal the election from the heir apparent, who stole it herself from her own party.  Even the parties are corporations that run in the interest of corporations in order to be seated at the Board Room Table of the US Corporation.

Unfortunately, there is no reforming this mess.  It is far to gone and far to woven into the fabric of the modern world.  The only hope is for real people to once again asset their dominion over the creature they created, called government.

There's only one problem.  The corporations have so polluted our water and food with chemicals to keep us dumb and sick that I have little hope this will ever happen.

Trump was a fluke.  Enough people had enough sense left to try to "reform" the mess.  It will never happen again.  There are only two routes open to us now: the way of complete destruction of the State as it exists, or complete capitulation of real people to artificial corporations (legal fictions called "persons").

Honestly, I don't expect much effort in the right direction.


Bumbledicks, Pizza And Congresscritters

As usual, the Bumbledick GeezerMedia has set out to blame guns for the shooting of two cops, a congresscritter and two other people who aren't getting any attention.

So let's get this straight...the Bumbledick (Democrats) GeezerMedia (print, broadcast) has been on a year-long campaign to radicalize the Know-Nothing Bumbledicks in America, including calling for and actually dramatizing violence against the Bucketheads (Republicans).  When they finally trigger someone to pick up a gun and shoot, they get all bent out of shape on the availability of guns.  Do I have that right?

Both the shooter and the complicit GeezerMedia have shown a major flaw in their reasoning, if one can apply that term here.  They believe that guns are the reason for violence, not one of many tools for it.

This is obvious in the results of the shooting.  The shooter got off well over 50 rounds.  I watched the video several times and counted the pops before the cops arrived.  In this literal hail of bullets, the shooter only managed to injure five people.  So much for one shot-one kill.  The Big Prize was shooting a Congressional Leader type in the hip.

What this tells me is that the Bumbledicks honestly think that just waving a gun around and pulling the trigger kills people.  It's the gun's fault right?  If that were the case, there'd be a whole lot of dead people at the end of the shooting - 30 would be an acceptable ratio with that many shots.

Guns don't kill people.  Trained shooters with properly functioning tools who control their breathing and heart rates and take careful aim at kill points (head, chest) kill people.  The shooter in the park clearly knew nothing about guns and believed the Bumbledick hysteria that the guns did all the work.  All he had to do was carry it and pull the trigger and the guns and bullets would magically do the rest.

Another thing that was obvious in the video of the scene was that I get nearly every one of the cowering bystanders wished they had a gun at that moment.  It took cops a full 10 minutes to drop their coffee and donuts and get to the scene.  Surely, the congresscritter with the gushing hip wound dragging himself away from the shooter dearly wished he was armed.

The thing that struck me, though, was the pattern here.  Lone nut takes gun, goes on rampage, gets killed so he can't testify in open court.  At least since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, this has been a pattern in US politics.  John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckley (&c ad nauseam) have all been completely isolated from all other interests and contacts, acting completely on their own, with no further conspiracy involved.

Yet, the congresscritter who was shot - Steve Scalise - was supporting a bill called the "Frederick Douglas" bill, that directly attacked trafficking of children for sex - i.e., PizzaGate.

Ah, remember PizzaGate?  That's the scandal that almost broke based on comments in John Podesta's Clinton email that were veiled references to child sex.  Seth Rich was offed for releasing those email, the federal investigation got quickly buried, and the Frederick Douglas bill is being trounced, even to the point of killing (or trying to) congresscritters.

As with all conspiracies at this level, there are multiple layers upon layers.  As Jack Ruby said about the JFK assassination, the rabbit hole was deep and dangerous and no one wanted to go there.  Same with PizzaGate.

Blackmail is the oldest game in politics.  Compromise a public figure and you own them for life.  They get their most animalistic desires fed on a regular basis, and you get control of governments without your face being all over the media.  The word blackmail dates to the 1500s in Scotland, but the practice is far older than that.

Child sex trafficking is one of the most effective and widely used forms of control across the globe today.  Even the hint of it can bring down kings and presidents, and that is the idea.  Organizations like Child Protective Services "disappear" children into a slimy underworld where they are traded for access and control by the real leaders of the world - names you and I will likely never know.  If you don't play by their rules, you get the Anthony Weiner treatment.  If you try to stop it, you get the Steve Scalise treatment.

To hide the tracks of the conspiracy, a left-wing Bumbledick was activated and steered to the appropriate target by...whomever.  It was important to shut down his support (as Majority Whip) of the Frederick Douglas bill.  Only problem with the plan is that Bumbledicks are notorious afraid of guns and have been told for decades that the guns kill, not the shooters.

Fortunately, the plan failed miserably, though if I were Scalise's family, I would have someone watching every move by the hospital staff.  Amazing how survivable wounds can suddenly kill someone.  Just ask Seth Rich.

In the end, the Virginia shooting is another one of those many-layered conspiracies that can easily be spun in a hundred different directions to cover the tracks of the real perpetrators.  Gun control, crazy Bumbledicks and other stories are perfect examples of the effort to hide the PizzaGate tracks.  Hopefully, none of us Rubes will notice the connections.

There is another, equally deep level to this story, and that is the control the GeezerMedia still has over the minds of so many people.  The constant barrage of images showing politicians getting killed (Public Theater's Julius Caesar and Kathy Griffin's antics to whit) is having an effect on the masses, whether we acknowledge it or not.  But that's a story I have covered incessantly for years.

Do yourself a favor - turn off and unplug the TeeVee.


The Fragments I Have Shored

"LET us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats        5
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
Streets that follow like a tedious argument
Of insidious intent
To lead you to an overwhelming question….        10
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Let us go and make our visit.

"In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michelangelo."
--The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T. S. Eliot

In an age of eternal turmoil, what can possibly remain important?  If every moment of every day is a new superlative, the world becomes devoid of comparatives.

I remember when the Guiness Book of World Records was a big deal.  Us boys bought the new edition every year and would faithfully memorize the most amazing facts we could find to regale our friends with factoids.  It was also fun to see which records had not fallen since the previous year.

Kids today don't seem to care.  Just waking up sets new records, or so it seems.  The world is in a constant state of flux, where extraordinary events are commonplace, and the commonplace is the most vile form of mundane and banal.

I briefly reminisced on Skype early this morning with a friend back in Texas.  We marveled for a moment at our ability to conduct business and have conversations in real time half a world apart.  In fact, those abilities were free, outside of the minimal monthly charge for internet access.  The stuff of wildly absurd science-fiction movies and books just 40 years ago are now expected, and even necessary to daily life.

What is even more amazing is the cavalier manner in which most of us accept the extraordinary as something expected and required.  No different, really, than the way my generation treated cars, which were to my parents and grandparents extraordinary new devices.

Eventually, the world gets away from us.  We reach an age in which the marvels are far too frequent and amazing to bother paying attention.  We relegate the responsibility to our kids and grandkids to keep up with it all, as we opt to stroll down familiar lanes and greet old experiences.

If you are under 40 and reading this, then the same thing will happen to you, far sooner than you would imagine possible, especially now as the marvels come faster and faster.  Eventually, you will cease to be amazed, even excited.  Eventually, you will throw up your hands and quit worrying about all of it and just be happy to sit and watch the clouds.

Just as the blacksmith gave way to the mechanic, and the mechanic will give way to self-repairing robots, we all become obsolete.  We all outlive our usefulness and even our desire to remain relevant to the extant culture.  After a while, it's enough to pluck a fresh tomato and bell pepper from the garden, make some homemade vinaigrette and enjoy a fresh salad for lunch with the taste of sunshine still in it.

It's not that the creative spark is spent, it's just that we cover it with dirt in the hopes of reviving the fire later in the day with some new catch to roast.

It's not that we no longer enjoy the race, it's just that we finally realize there is no winner - each wave is ultimately overtaken by the next.

The best part is reaching that point where we no longer give a high hoot what anyone else thinks, and just worry about what makes us happy.  You can set all the records you want, but at some point someone else will come along and erase all your efforts.

It's not a bad thing, really, to realize it's fairly pointless.  The memories make a fond companion, if we bothered in our youth to make them.  That, I suppose is the real crime of hte extant culture.  All memories come through a box now.  There is no adventure, no pitting one's self against the elements and being self-satisfied that we survived whatever the world could throw at us.

It is not the same to launch an app.  There is no sense of victory at overcoming time and space.  There is no Grand Battle to fight when we can simply send a robot to do a Man's work.  The only frontier left is the one inside, and precious few dare go there now.

I grow old ... I grow old ...
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

"Shall I part my hair behind?   Do I dare to eat a peach? 
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach. 
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each."


It Is Neither Rare Nor Well Done

It's interesting to note that it was two Houston boys that, on the one hand made broadcast news respectable, and on the other destroyed it.

Back in the Stone Age of analog video, there was an Houstonian named Walter Cronkite.  He rose up through the ranks to become probably the most iconic American news faces of all time.  We called him "Uncle Walt", and he held our hands and walked us through wars, assassinations, (alleged) Moon landings, and some of the most enduring stories of the 20th century.  If he belched, his audience tasted lunch.  He could do no wrong and trained his viewers to trust visual news as if it was real.

His successor was also an Houstonian.  His name was Dan Rather.  He rose to fame by standing on the beach during Hurricane Carla in 1961, then pretended to be embedded with actual troops in Vietnam, and set the standard for "reporters" who made themselves part of the story, rather than objectively reporting it.

Both of them helmed CBSNews, which was once one of the most trusted network news shows, and is now one of the least.

Of course, both of them were globalist shills with different styles, but back then, globalism was one of those tin-foil hat conspiracy theories that only strange men babbling to themselves on street corners talked about - you know, the ones that Momma warned you to stay away from?

Between Walt and Dan, we see the beginning of the end of trust in media.  Walt sat in a studio and read copy to us with a voice and sincerity that made us believe anything.  Dan dove in, staged stories, pretended to be in the thick of it, and weaponized the trust we had in Walt against us.

Nowadays, whenever there's a storm a-brewin', every Tom, Dick and Slicker runs to the beach to try and become the story, a la Dan Rather.  In Desert Storm, CNN vidiots were "embedded" with rear-echelon supply trucks that got lost in the sand, had to be rescued, and then told us how harrowing the action was (that they never saw).

To my mind (a dangerous thing all by itself), the 1980s TeeVee show Max Headroom was the perfect metaphor for the vast difference in media theory.  Unbowed, intrepid reporter Edison Carter got down in the thick of it and told it like it was.  He brought us the live, gritty pictures of reality and told stories that hit hard and changed minds.  His counterpart, Max Headroom, was a creature of the media.  He was the deus ex machina that swam in the digibits and was as likely to go rogue as do anything useful.

Max Headroom was the epitome of Marshall McLuhan's assertion that in the future (now), the medium would become the message, that media would no longer be channels for communications, but the end-all-be-all of communications.  If you doubt this asserting, then ask yourself do you trust a talking-head on TeeVee more than the babbling loony on the street corner, given that their content is the same?  In fact, doesn't broadcasting something make it more real than reality?

This axiom is further demonstrated by the endless parade of personalities and celebrities who pitch products and causes for money.  Can you extract Al Gore the man from Al Gore the global-warming bubblehead?  Is there any difference in your mind between Michael Jordan the athlete and Michael Jordan the Nike shoe salesman?  Would either of these men have any credibility if the media had not conferred it upon them?

To my thinking, Max Headroom was a seminal moment in media history.  This fictional character because a ubiquitous pitchman and icon of the 1980s America.  He sold all kinds of products, was interviewed by "serious" news heads, was used to lampoon all manner of leaders and institutions, and became the message and the medium in a single entity.  I can trace the blurring of reality and fiction directly to him.

In the span of 20 years, between Uncle Walt and Max Headroom, the medium went from a passive reporter to an active creator of reality.  The decay of Western civilization rests squarely on this phenomenon.  It cannot be blamed entirely on the medium, since the audience must be active participants in this process.

Oh sure, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble pitched Winston cigarettes in a prime time animated show, and that was part of the process.  Even Peter Bergman pitching cough medicine with the famous line, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TeeVee," helped blur the line.  But Dan Rather and Max Headroom finished the process.  The former created fiction out of reality, while the latter created reality out of fiction.  Together they ensnared a civilization in a perception trap of circular references.

Our world, or at least the perception of it, has been irreparably damaged by the blurring of medium and message.  There are rays of hope as new generations seem to be extracting themselves from the medium, but it remains to be seen whether they reject the medium, or only change the message.

As the legendary Ernie Kovacs rightly said, "Television is a medium, so called because it is neither rare, nor well done."  More than any other, he truly grasped the power of the message.


Thought Police Invade The Far Side

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I am proud to announce that - somehow - I have offended the Farcebook gods and have been cut off.  This must be a first for a non-terrorist site in Indonesia, since it is highly unusual for Indonesians to express politically-incorrect opinions.

Perhaps it was my ceaseless ridicule of Farcebook and its annoying thieving plagiarist owner, Mark Puckerberg.  I quite enjoy trashing the owner using his own product.

Like all fascist swine, though, they never tell you exactly what you did wrong.  Instead, they present a list of possible infractions and let your guilty conscience project its own sin onto the list.  This is a hallmark of Fascism, as any reader of Kafka will immediately understand.  The System makes an entire range of activities illegal, so that any given person and any given time has violated any given law.  Thus, you can be punished arbitrarily for any given infraction without ever being told exactly what you did wrong.

No great loss.  I have, or rather had, five Farcebook pages for various purposes.  The loss of one or another makes little difference, though it did provide an audience that I didn't reach with this blog or Twitter of YouTube.  Since I receive no revenue from my efforts on any of the outlets, the loss of one does nothing to hurt me.  One of the many reasons I chose not to monetize my efforts and become dependent on a revenue stream controlled by fascists.  Exhibit A: the YouTube producers who have had their legs cut off.

This kind of abuse and fascistic attempt to control free and unhindered speech is precisely why outlets like 4chan are so popular.  The poster is anonymous and there is no way to trace anything back to a source, and all posts eventually disappear of their own accord, so there is no history.  In this Kafka-esque world, it makes perfect sense, though in a sane world, anyone should be able to post anything under their own name and let the marketplace/peers judge the value of the content.

Puckerberg and his ilk like to call themselves the new media, but in effect they are nothing but an evolution of the gatekeepers of yore.  They sit atop their little ant hills, proudly controlling everything that goes in and out of their nest.  This is nothing but the high school group leader writ incredibly large.  They will set the standard for what is cool and acceptable, and if you want to stay in the group, you had better follow.

I am sure something will eventually happen to our Twitter account, as well.  Followers have shot up 25% just in the last week, probably due to the fact that we post news links combined with a healthy dose of sarcasm and satire.  The only real way to fight the bastards is to laugh at them.  It is the one thing they fear the most, because they take themselves far too seriously.

Eventually, these outlets tie themselves in knots of political correctness.  Take YouTube, for instance.  Advertisers complained that their ads were running against content they didn't like.  YouTube cut off the advertising stream, and suddenly no one - YouTube, advertisers or producers - were getting paid.  After all, the advertisers pay for eyeballs, and if the number of eyeballs drops precipitously, then what's to pay for?

The net effect was to strengthen the producers, who were forced to find their own advertisers and get crowd funding direct from consumers (see our Patreon link top right).  The entrepreneurial individuals are now beholden only to their consumers and direct advertisers, making them out of reach to the fascists, except to cancel accounts.

By the way, we are proud to say Google demonetized us six years ago, long before the current wave.  We were, and still are a leader in pissing off the powers that be.

The problem with things like political correctness is that, once you begin telling folks that they can't say certain things, the list will always continue to grow, until no one can say anything.  After all, we have all met folks who get offended by the simplest pleasantries.  Look at Ebeneezer Scrooge!

In the meantime, we do well to remember the immortal words of Henry David Thoreau:
"There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

And the fight goes on.


A Cultural Tidal Wave

There's an intriguing demographic shift going on the the West, and particularly in the US.  As a child of the 1960s, I vividly remember the counter-culture liberals activating against an entrenched conservative elite.  Issues included ecology, economic inequality and the drug culture.  Free sex and feminism - yes, they were once related and exploded due to the Pill - were the catch phrases of my peers in the Baby Boom generation.

The Baby Boom was a unique phenomenon in world cultural history.  A huge group of post-WW2 children grew up in a world where economies always boomed, the US was the undisputed leader of the "Free World", and the majority of the population was no longer rural.

Freed from having to work the farm and milk the cows, and dripping with Daddy's money from the post-war boom, an entire generation was afforded the ability to turn in on itself and navel-gaze.

For better or worse, the liberal Baby Bommers made significant changes to society and culture.  In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was set up, marijuana is finally becoming more acceptable, and a mini-Boom of babies - commonly referred to as GenX - were the results of Boomer influence.

The Boomers also managed to elect two of the most corrupt presidents in US history: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  The former was elected because he was young, handsome, loved free sex, smoked dope and played the saxophone; the latter because he was black, which apparently was his only qualification - not to mention that many suspect he was the son of a radical 60s Marxist.

As these generational things do, the Boomers were Marxists because their parents grew up in a time when the US was dabbling in Marxist/Communist philosophy - the 1920s and 1930s, during the Great Depression.  The Boomers echoed, and then carried their parents' dabblings to the extreme.

GenX became the Greed Generation, immortalized in Oliver Stone's Wall Street film, while the Boomers themselves cashed in on organic grocery stores, herbal teas and environmentally-friendly plastics ( a la The Graduate).

Each time a new generation echoes their parents' politics, things got just a little more extreme.  The Capitalists went overboard in the Reagan years with derivatives and paper assets, while the Marxists went overboard with Identity Politics and Share The Wealth schemes, like Global Warming, etc.

What seems to be happening now is a blend of ecological consciousness with kinder, gentler capitalism, self-identifying as the new counter-culture.  In other words, the current emerging generation is creating a synthesis of the two extremes, while eschewing the more radical ends of the spectrum.

Now, you have the YouTube millionaires spouting anti-Liberal rhetoric while working out of their parents' basements.  They are anti-consumerist, preferring to rattle the economic order with cyber currencies and a Digital Revolution.  They are shunning Old Media like broadcast networks and Hollywood movies, in favor of producing and consuming each others' projects, and sharing the wealth through crowd-funding organizations.

Culturally, they are leaving the club scenes, swapping underground band MP3s and amateur film projects, and paying for it all with Bitcoin and Etherium.

It's really a bizarre amalgam of preceding philosophies, at least to the eyes of a geezer, and quite fascinating to watch.  These folks don't buy anything the social institutions tell them, and instead actually seem willing to do the work to research information for themselves - not the mention proudly crow their findings on YouTube.

In the end, the revolution that the Boomers promised, but never delivered, is coming out of their great-grandchildren.  The digital world has empowered them to the point that they can do with a phone what us geezers used to do with multi-million dollar rooms full of equipment and distribution licenses and Hollywood studio monopolies on media, and New York brokers.

In other words, there is a shift occurring that hasn't been seen since the Enlightenment and the birth of the Scientific Revolution.  The Gentleman Scientist of yore is now the YouTube producer.  The great composers of yore are now the synth track creators.  The great artists of yore are now the PhotoShop jockeys.

It is an explosion is slow motion.  This new generation is slowly discovering just how much power is at their fingertips.  They are re-evaluating things like college degrees, when all the materials (books, lectures, etc.) are available online for free.  Who needs an investment house when you can get $1 from one million people?  In fact, the Enlightenment ideal of the educated individual is coming to fruit 300 years later, as the technology catches up to the concept, and this new generation, many with no concept of the philosophical roots of their discoveries and efforts, is inheriting the wind.

It is quite a remarkable thing to watch, as the Liberals become the Conservatives, the Conservatives become the radicals, and both are panicking because there's a whole new deal on the horizon that they never considered.

What is truly gratifying is that all of it is moving toward a libertarian ideal that empowers the individual in a self-correcting marketplace of ideas, where feedback from consumers is immediate and the rewards are direct to your pocket with no middle men.  Better yet, they are impervious to the divisive machinations of the withering elite and have no concept of national borders, racial separation and economic boundaries.

Get your popcorn warmed up.  The show is just beginning.


Practice Makes Puppet

READER NOTE: If you aren't following @RadioFarSide on Twitter, then you are missing half the major news stories in the world.  We've been covering stories that Western media haven't even touched, like the Philippines ISIS war and the Melbourne bombing.  We go where your nightly news fears to tread, from the other side of the argument, to the other side of the planet!

Every year, a couple of months or so after Ramadhan, there's an Islamic holy day called Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice.  Animals, usually goats and cows, have their throats slit with a ceremonial knife and their blood is sloshed all over the mosque in a cleansing ritual.

Keep this in mind as you read details of the London Bridge attack, where the perpetrators used long hunting knives to slit the throats of their victims as they invoked Allah.  If you are open minded enough, you might see a connection between Eid al-Adha and the attack.

Islam began as a backward religion.  It borrowed heavily from the Old and New Testaments of Judaism and Christianity.

At the time Islam was being formed, around AD500, Judaism had mostly ceased live animal sacrifices, and Christianity had replaced them with a ritualistic sacrifice called the Eucharist.  In other words, the two existing monotheisms had begun a reformation process that eschewed barbaric bloody sacrifice, at least insofar as it involved actual, living creatures.

Islam, however, sought to return to an earlier incarnation of these religions, adopting many of the (even then) ancient practices outlined in the Old Testament.

In this way, there is an existing mentality within Islam that the slaughter and spilling of blood is a sacred offering to Allah, who apparently enjoys the sight of innocent blood.  By extension, the more radical elements within Islam would transfer the concept of bloody sacrifice from animals to humans.  After all, if Allah is pleased with animal blood, he must find human blood even more so.

In other words, to the warped minds of the terrorists, if they are killed in the process of slaughtering innocents, then they are cleansed by the blood and eligible for great rewards in heaven.  It is as if their bodies are representative mosques, and the sloshing of innocent blood on their bodies is a ritual cleansing that is most pleasing to Allah.  Thus, the oft-cited "72 virgins" reward for being so pure when standing at the Pearly Gates, or however it is rendered in Islam.

This built-in mentality has been weaponized by certain elements in the West.  It has been fostered and promoted since at least the days of Lawrence of Arabia.  This mentality has been made a tool of Western policy and used to herd the citizens of the US and Europe in whatever direction is needed at the moment.

The weaponization reached a peak under the Nazi regime, where the natural rivalry between Jews and Muslims was a ready tool for those wishing to rid Europe of Jews.  The network developed by the Nazis in the Middle East was taken over by the US after WW2, and put to use in recent times as a means of steering the masses.

This goes a long way toward explaining why Western governments are loath to stop the Muslim influx, and why these bloody attacks occur even when the perpetrators are known to be radicalized and have been under surveillance for some time.  This is why Muslims are allowed to run amok in European countries and have the red carpet rolled out for them.

The radicalized Muslims are tools.  They are created and controlled by Western governments as a means to herd the masses into surrendering their rights.  The radicals are not out of control, they are completely under control.  They have been brainwashed and sold a bill of goods by evil slime hiding in the shadows of Western power centers.

This is a condemnation not only of Western elites who foster and use the radicals, but of the radicals who allow themselves to be manipulated and used in such a way.

It is time for Islam to recognize that it is being manipulated by Western elites, and to reform itself in order to free Muslims from this crass manipulation.  There is no glory in slaughter of innocents, there is only hell on Earth and elsewhere.

The other religions of the world have long since reformed and ceased the senseless and barbaric practice of bloody sacrifice.  Isn't it about time Islam took a long, hard look at itself?


Pharisaic Duplicity At The Break Of Dawn

"There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny."
- Frederick William Robertson

Well, it's that special time of year again, when Muslims the world over sleep all day to avoid having to actually suffer the fast.

Don't know if you're familiar with the rituals of Ramadhan, so I will regale you with the fun and excitement of being surrounded by hungry, thirsty people in really bad moods.

Oh sure, it always starts off with lots of fanfare and enthusiasm, but in about 14 days, folks will be sullen, exhausted and listless - even the folks to opt to sleep through the month to avoid too much suffering.

If you are a devout Muslim, then for the next four weeks, you are forbidden to eat, drink or even swallow your saliva from sun-up till sun-down.  While the idea is to mortify the body and take command of its cravings, the actual practice is somewhat less dramatic.

Most folks around these parts get up around 3am to gorge themselves on massive breakfasts and drink gallons of water to hold them through the day.  Ironically, food prices spike before and during Ramadhan as people buy much more than their usual take.  This practice of early morning gorging makes one feel full and able to get through most of the day before hunger pangs set in.

By the evening call to prayer, roads empty as folks dive into the nearest food stall to grab a meal and water.  Even the folks who slept all day feel the need to chow down, even though they put forth their best effort to remain unconscious during the better part of the fasting hours.

One of the most annoying practices are roving gangs of noise-makers - drums, horns, clangers, and chanting - who stroll the neighborhood at 3am to wake the devout for their early morning feast before the 4am call to prayer that marks the beginning of the fast.

Newspapers and media outlets are wall-to-wall with fasting strategies and humorous tales of people passing out - particularly children in schools - from hunger and thirst.

In years past, I have made a concerted effort to be respectful and not eat or drink in view of those who have chosen to fast, and who can get rather irate at those of us who choose not to.  It apparently does not occur to them that others might have different rituals, such as Catholics who fast for 40 days before Easter, rather than 28 days for Ramadhan, and whose fasts are around the clock and not just 12 hours a day.

This year, however, I've decided I don't really care.  Since I have not seen or heard any Muslims crying in outrage at the killings of innocent people in England, Indonesia, Syria, Egypt, and the Philippines in the name of Islam as a way to mark the beginning of the Holy Month, then I feel no need to respect those fasting.  Perhaps my complete disregard for their discomfort will in some small way be a reminder of all the suffering Muslims have caused to families around the world this Holy Season.

I have little use for religion to begin with, but one that appears to think it is perfectly alright to kill and maim hundreds of innocent people as a means to mark its holiest time of the year is beneath contempt.

I have not heard a single Muslim decry the slaughter of teenagers at a concert in Manchester.  No one has beat their breast over the Coptic Christians gunned down in cold blood.  None have shown remorse, nor even discomfort, at the wholesale butchery in Syria or the Philippines.  And oddly, not a whimper of protest for the Muslims blown to pieces by Muslims in Jakarta.

If it were me, and the religion I professed was slaughtering, raping and beating people around the globe in the name of something I believed in, I would immediately and loudly quit that religion and walk away in disgust, just as I did from my home country when it began slaughtering thousands of innocent people under false pretenses.

I don't have much truck with hypocrites.  Those who spew love of a god and find it quite alright to kill innocents in the name of that god do not deserve, and will not receive respect from me.  And when folks put on a big show of fasting in the name of their religion, but do everything they can to avoid the unpleasant aspects of fasting, the hypocrisy is the same, though thankfully fewer people die horribly from it.

I walked away from Catholicism because of the hypocrisy and pain it had caused in the world.  I walked away from the US because of the gross deception and anguish it has caused for something as petty as political expediency.  I will certainly not give my respect, nor empathize with a religion that condones wholesale slaughter in cold blood of women, children and young folks who are obviously not combatants in any conceivable way.

Unless and until Islam and its followers can feel shame for its grave errors and evil actions, why should anyone go out of their way to accommodate those who fast in show only?


Who Would Fardels Bear

Indonesians are hard-core realists.  It's at once one of their most frustrating qualities, and one of their most endearing - at least for people who live in the real world.

Minutes after two bombs went off in a crowded area of East Jakarta last night, social media was circulating graphic photos and videos of scattered body parts: a head here, a leg there, an arm over yonder.  They like to take a good hard look at death.  It's something that might change a few people in the West.

It would be good for the Katy Perrys of the world to take a good hard look at what terrorists do.  All the open borders and fuzzy hugs and Post-Modernist hickies will not change this reality.

It's important to keep in mind that the Jakarta bombs last night were created by Muslims to be used on Muslims during a traditional pre-Ramadhan parade - the highest of holy days in Islam.  This is what terrorists do to their own, why should we expect anything less against any other target.

The fact is that these terrorists have only one goal in mind: destruction.  Can events like Manchester and Jakarta have any positive effect on reasonable people?  Does anyone really think that wholesale death will win converts, much less hearts and minds?

These terrorists are sub-human beasts.  They have no desire or purpose other than to kill, maim and destroy.  They are weaponized individuals who honestly think there is some great reward in the afterlife for this kind of behavior, and their higher-reasoning facilities - if they ever existed - have been shorted out by those have no souls.

There is no amount of love and psycho-babble that will change these people.  They are beyond hope.  They have no loyalties but to death and destruction.  There is no humanity in them to reach with group hugs and therapy sessions.  No amount of concessions will ever placate them.  At best, they are mindless beasts before they set off bombs in crowds of innocent people, and at worst they are wads of hamburger to be swept up before the dogs get to the meat.

In fact, there is one possible way I can see that might dissuade a few of these despicable animals.  If clean-up crews were shown on global television in graphic color and detail picking up the scrambled remains of these wastes of life and feeding them to dogs and pigs.  That might even be a fitting sentence for convicted terrorists - thrown into pits of ravenous dogs and swine.  Let their fellow scum watch their buddies be defiled by haram animals on global TeeVee - that just might make an impact.

The point here is that we, the normal functional part of the world, are at war.  The bad side knows no boundaries or rules.  It is all-out warfare.  Every other human on Earth is a combatant and these slime have one goal - wipe everyone out.

No, it's not to convert anyone to Islam.  They blow up Muslims as frequently as any other group.  They need to be utterly destroyed because they cannot be turned off or remediated.  They have no ideals and cannot be reasoned with.  They are hardly more than single-minded machines aimed and released at the desired targets.

The main problem here is not how to deal with these mindless scum.  Since they will kill anyone for no reason at all - they are not aimed at any one offending group, but all humanity - they are not driven by ideology.  They are, in fact, weaponized humans.

And that means there is someone else pulling their strings.

Behind these empty meat jackets called terrorists is some hidden group with an agenda.  It is not religion, but social engineering that is the purpose.  This hidden force has created a mass of disaffected psychopaths that they can set off against any target, anywhere for any reason.  Anyone who tells you this is about Islam is either ignorant, or part of the hidden group.

The point of all this terror is fear and capitulation.  It is not about spreading any religion, much less Islam.  If it were, do you think the Muslims would be busy blowing each other up?  No, this is an agenda to create a certain kind of society that accepts fear and domination as an everyday way of life.

The point of all this death and destruction is not to force us to accept a religion, it is to force us to accept domination and slavery.  It is not about any god or philosophy, it is about abject submission to authority.

The use of fear and death is to herd us into begging authority for protection, to accept the dominance of the State as mother, father and source of life.  The terrorists are just machines put to use by this hidden group of cowards, who want to spring forth at just the right moment to save us from the chaos.

There is only one way to fight, and that is to defend ourselves.  We must take our own safety into our own hands; take full responsibility for protecting ourselves.  We must fight for those things we all thought was a job delegated to governments.  The governments obviously don't care, so we must forget about them, stop supporting them, and figure out our own ways and means to survive.

Witness the US, where the day after Manchester, the TSA became even more invasive and destructive of personal rights and dignity.  Their job is not to protect anyone, otherwise they would be going after the real perpetrators.  Their job is to make us choose between slavery and death, and frankly death is a better choice.

We must clearly see the target, and the target is not a bunch of weaponized drones spouting religious epithets.  The target is a bunch of cynical overlords using our cultures against us.  It is the media, the governments and the social structures we take for granted that are closing the trap around us.

We are cows to be herded, and the terrorists are the cowboys whose job it is to drive us into the corrals.  The more we turn to "authorities" to save us from these drones, the more we play into the hands of the overlords.

Terrorists aren't the problem, they are a symptom of something much larger and far more evil.  The terrorists are willing tools for something they can hardly comprehend, but which they have mistaken for a god.

We cannot make the same mistake.  That god will not save us, it is the heart of the problem.  Our job is to reject all the hands of the Machine and start relying on ourselves once again.  The only remedy for this disease is personal responsibility for our own safety and well-being.  And our best weapon is our wallets.

Tune in tomorrow...


The Sacrificial Victims

Do you feel sorry for the Manchester Arena victims?  I don't.  What I feel is disgust.

Suppose your kid comes home every day crying about how the bully stole his milk money again.  The first couple of times you feel pity and want to give comfort, but as some point you get disgusted.  Why do you take the same route to school every day, you ask?  Why don't you fight back, you ask?  Why don't you get some of your buddies together and kick the bully's ass, you ask?

I'm fed up with the constant chorus of "we have to be understanding" and "we can't fight back" in the propaganda Street Meat Media.  I am sick of governments, established to protect their citizens, instead do everything to mollycoddle the bullies by letting them past the borders, then handing them the keys to the city.

It's time society grew a pair and, if the government isn't going to do its job, take matters into their own hands.

It is abundantly clear that the SJW/Post-Modernist bullshit is getting people killed.  The more folks give, the more the bullies take.  As if the past 40 years of bullshit hasn't been enough, these social numbnuts keep rolling over and asking to be slapped again.  It's a case of mass masochism, and it needs to stop.

A tiny group of sub-humans have been allowed to kill, maim, rape and plunder with complete abandon.  We, the victims, have been told to just let it happen, because all the killing and maiming is due to the bullies being victims, too.  Well, guess what, I don't care what kind of childhood a mass murder had, he needs to be dispatched to the Great Beyond when his personal trauma becomes a detriment to society, and a bunch of kids being shredded by a nail bomb at a concert is most certainly a detriment.

The only thing bullies understand is force.  It is how they relate to the rest of the world.  They use force, and the only way to stop them is to return force.

Billions of people are being held hostage by a tiny group of shitwits who wave a book around as justification for causing death and mayhem.  Well, guess what skeezix, it's time to get your ass handed to you on a platter.

The longer people continue to buy into this psycho-babble pablum, the more the bastards will escalate their attacks.  They are like spoiled 3-year-olds.  When they get away with saying "no" once, they continue until they find where daddy's limit is.

The way I learned it, a combatant puts on a uniform and identifies himself as a warrior in battle.  Civilians used to be off-limits.  You didn't attack the women, children and infirmed who weren't part of the fight.  You picked your fights with those committed to fighting back.  That was the manly thing to do.

When you use children to secretly plant bombs in public places to purposefully and with malice aforethought cause grievous harm to non-combatants, then the gloves came off and the fight got really, REALLY nasty.

Well, folks, it's time for the fight to get really, REALLY nasty.  When a bunch of Shia muslims blow up a bunch of Sunni muslims who blow up a bunch of Wahabi muslims in their own countries, that's their problem.  But when these folks pose as "refugees" in foreign countries and loudly demand respect - even special treatment - so they can blow up a bunch of teenagers, it's time to get nasty.

The only way to stop the bullies is to get a whole lot nastier on them than they have been on us.  They main one, we main ten.  They blow up 20, we blow up 50.  No, I don't mean flying our gleaming coward machines (usu. called jet fighters) over their homes and bombing their non-combatants.  I mean finding the assholes doing this harm on home soil and take them into the street and beat them senseless.

It is all they understand.

A couple of years ago, a bus driver here in Jakarta accidentally hit and killed a 12-year-old girl who ran out into the street in front of the bus.  A crowd of men gathered around and pulled the driver out on the street and beat him to death on the spot.  That's what bullies understand.

These are not religious people.  They aren't even human in any sense of the word I know.  They are vile vermin who slink around in the dark and kill those who can't or won't fight back.

And if it turns out that our own governments are supporting these slime in order to promote an agenda?  Well, that makes the governments complicit in the crimes and on the same level as the bullies.  And they should be dealt with accordingly.


Another Fairy Tale Shot To Hell

One of the many reasons I so despise the Post-Modernist/Social Marxist/SJW (etc. ad nauseum) movement is that it stifles free and open inquiry, basing its entire philosophy on loosely defined "facts" that can change at any moment.  People who subscribe to this movement cling desperately to a set narrative that is not only eroding quickly, but was hardly established to begin with.

A perfect example is this article in the Telegraph reporting on a new paper that says the oldest humanoid fossils may now indicate that Europeans are the oldest branch of Humanity.  Yes, that's right, the Out Of Africa theory may have just been blown out of the water.

The problem with basing entire social movements on science is that science is never settled.  At any moment, new data can appear that simply sweep everything that preceded it into the trash bin.

Once upon a time, we were taught the Darwinist line that there were three basic races of Humans: Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid.  Then, along came research in genetics and blood-type groups that completely blew all that away.  Quietly, science textbooks just dropped the narrative without any real public discourse on what followed.

We now know that Europeans inter-bred with Neanderthals, which used to be considered impossible, but right there in the gene pool is proof.  Then we discovered Denisovians and the Flores Hobbits who, it turns out, were likely completely different forms of humanoid creatures that co-existed with Homo Sapiens-sapiens, at least for a time.

There are volumes of books and studies that show both quantifiable and qualifiable differences between racial groups.  This is not a racist statement, it is observation of objective and subjective facts that can be verified independently by other observers.

What is most intriguing and curious about the honest facts is that the quaint little story we have built for ourselves about our origins is, at best, a fairy tale.  It makes us feel comfortable and can be used to justify all sorts of draconian social manipulations, but it is not true in the strictest sense of the word.

For instance, we refer to Native Americans when the data support a non-native origin for the original inhabitants there.  There are certain groups of Indonesians who refer to themselves as pribumi, or native inhabitants, but recent studies say it isn't so.

For the most part, people don't want to know the truth.  They establish for themselves cute little narratives that make them feel important and like they have a grasp on the world and the Universe.  They pick and choose the details that fit their self-image, and toss the rest.  They certainly don't want to put in the effort to really understand the world.  That would require constant reading and learning.  They don't want that - not when there's lots of time to waste brow-beating others into accepting their little fairy tales.

There's this topic called "Alternative History".  That's where people take new, fresh, updated facts and try to weave new, fresh, updated narratives.  Some folks join in and construct new fairy tales and then get stuck in them.  Others get involved and realize that there are almost no such things as "facts".  As fast as we nail down a "fact", it moves away.  New data comes in, replaces old data, and now the old stories don't fit.  For the aware mind, this happens practically daily.

The only fact I have come to rely on is randomness.  Why does one highly talented person get crapped on their whole life, while another talentless hack gets all the toys?  Random grouping.  The talentless hack will construct a fairy tale that seems to explain why he has all the toys, while at the same time, the talented one will do the same to explain why he has been screwed.  Both will live out their lives believing in their fairy tales and acting upon them, never realizing that their fairy tales were complete illusions, as were all the toys they both thought they wanted.

Here's where it gets fun.

The Social Marxists/Post-Modernists/SJWs have constructed a fairy tale that certain groups are crapped on, while others are privileged.  They turn to "leaders" to change this situation.  Ironically, the "leaders" are the ones who created the fairy tale to keep the numbnuts busy and thinking that in a completely random Universe, there is such a thing as justice.  The "leaders" happily take the numbnuts' money and transference of power, thinking they really are better, because their own fairy tale says they deserve to be "leaders" because they have randomly been placed at a temporal whirlpool that could evaporate tomorrow.

They are all wrong.  We have all been randomly placed in arbitrary positions that we have woven complex fairy tales around to explain and justify the happenstance.  In reality, we know nothing for sure, except that we individually exist and that our situation this moment is such a ways.  That's it.

The upshot is that we have all woven a fairy tale that we billions of people need a handful of "leaders" to tell us what to believe and how to act.  We are born with that information, and if we took more than a hair's breadth of time to think about it, we would understand that fact.

There is no system of justice.  There is no law.  There are no "leaders".  There are only human beings who are scared and lonely and unsure of what the hell all this Life stuff is about.  We organize ourselves around fairy tales so as to feel like the Universe has meaning, when it doesn't.  It simply is.

Let go of the fairy tales.  They will change tomorrow when some new discovery comes along.  We don't need leaders and no one is better than another - luckier maybe, but not better.

Lately, some friends of mine have been all into gambling systems.  They think that they can identify patterns in randomness, rather than whirlpools of time.  They try their systems and if they (randomly) work, it confirms their fairy tale.  If they (randomly) don't work, they toss it and move on to another.  These guys are like a microcosm of Humanity.

We try out our fairy tale.  If it works, we call it religion, if it doesn't we call it evil.

In the end, the only difference between the two systems is our accidentally standing in the right place at the right time.


Roil, Roil, Foil And Fumble

It is amazing that anyone can take the Trump/Russia conspiracy seriously.  At the very least, for the US to accuse ANY other country of interfering with its elections is so disingenuous as to induce guffaws in any aware individual.  Furthermore, the story employs one of the simplest forms of deception - misdirection.  Finally, it is nothing more than a 100-year-old geopolitical effort to isolate Russia, as it sits squarely in the middle of nearly ever strategic location on Earth.

To quality my remarks, I hold no truck with Trump (score for triple-letter alliteration).  I think he is a bombastic blowhard who may be a wily real estate mogul and carnival barker, but has zero interest or sense when it comes to history and long-term effects beyond the bottom line of the annual report.

That said, for the US to get its panties in a bunch over election rigging is seriously funny.  The country that has interfered with elections in nearly every country on Earth has little room to call the kettle black.  Since at least Teddy Roosevelt's Cuban and Panamanian adventures, and certainly since the 1948 Italian elections, the US has begged, borrowed and stolen elections the world over.  In addition, the US Department of Homeland Security assured voters that the 2016 elections were secure on its say-so.  If not, then disband the DHS and put its officers in prison.

The Russian hacking story got legs after WikiLeaks released internal email it received most likely from Seth Rich and others on the inside of the Democratic Party leadership.  Other than firing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and killing Seth Rich, the DNC has opted not to address its internal pond scum, but rather keep everyone distracted with accusations of Russian interference.  The whole issue is little more than a case of sour grapes, combined with a panicked effort to keep everyone looking at the messenger, rather than focus on the message: the DNC is full of slime-sucking pigs.

In the final analysis, though, the US effort to create Russian bug-a-boos is a continuation of a century of more effort to isolate Russia.  With the largest land mass of any country on Earth, spanning Europe and Asia, with vast natural resources, Russia could easily threaten the US empire, and has for a long time.  The US considers Europe its plaything and is deathly afraid to have Russia exert any influence over it.  In recent years, Russia has cozied up with China, an economic monster created by the US in the 1970s, and together they are an existential threat to US hegemony.  The Russia-China alliance, which increasingly includes Africa and South America (see Brazil), could easily expand to surround the US in a way far more threatening than NATO pop-guns in Poland and the Ukraine.

All empires need an enemy to prop them up, and Russia fits the bill.  The US can't attack China directly, because most of its manufacturing has been exported there, so that leaves Russia by default.  Furthermore, greenies in the US have all but shut down oil and gas production in that country, making Russia the logical supplier of choice for Europe's energy needs.  The US desperately needs to keep Europe a vassal state, but Europe desperately needs Russia to survive.  Catch-22.

That Venezuela and Brazil are in melt-down mode is a perfect example of how the US manipulates countries for its geopolitical ends.  That the US can actually accuse Russia of interference with its internal affairs is laughable, at best.  We won't even get into Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador, much less the Central American republics that the US steadfastly stirred and shaken.

While the US implodes, the rest of the world watches with bemusement at the astounding duplicity and perfidy of its internal politics.

Come to think of it, Trump is exactly the president the US needs and deserves.


In Search Of A River

Well, it's been an eventful week.  Started off with a massive web virus attack initiated by the NSA and targeting specifically Russia and China, and ended up with special council being appointed to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia issue, which of course is entirely fabricated to keep eyes away from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

I've made it abundantly clear I don't care much for Donald Trump.  I think he's a self-aggrandizing circus barker who happens to be a marketing genius, but he's only as good as the people he surrounds himself with, since he's not much of an intellect, just a bundle of impulses that appear to have coherency.  I must admit, though, I miss him using "bigly" all the time.  Great adverb that no one, even the late night blabber-mouths picked up on.

In any event, it's all very exciting and makes for hours of knee-slapping entertainment.  The Russians are certainly bemused, though we must keep in mind that Russians are second only to Germans in their lack of a sense of humor.  The Chinese and North Koreans are completely nonplussed, given that Trump sailed half the US fleet over to the South China Sea to deliver the message that he was ready to talk.  A nice note delivered by the ambassadors would have been more than sufficient.

Given the global circus currently playing on a Fake News channel near you, it seems that humans should try something we haven't done in a long, long time - try life without governments.

Just imagine: no taxes, no police brutality, no wars, no corporations, just folks going about their business pursuing happiness, however one defines that.

One of the greatest books in English literature is Huckleberry Finn.  No one is allowed to read it anymore, because one of the main characters is named Nigger Jim, but its demise is a loss to all humanity.  Here's a link to a free copy.

This book has had a profound effect on my life.  It was one of the first books that I critically analyzed in school, meaning it was instrumental in my revelation that great literature had multiple layers of meaning.  More importantly was its message that civilization was often less civilized than living the free life of pure, unadulterated anarchy.

The story is about Huck Finn and Nigger Jim taking a rafting trip down the Mississippi River in the early 1800s.  The river, of course, is a metaphor for life and freedom.  However, whenever the two characters stopped off on the banks, they were immediately burdened with the authoritarian world, where people and institutions began imposing civilization upon the two hapless travelers.

In one adventure, Huck is adopted by a godly woman, forced to bathe and dress "appropriately," and bundled off the church on a regular basis.  Huck is like a fish out of his element, as he lies on the beach of law and order, gasping for freedom, even though he thought he was supposed to meet these expectations as part of the "good life".

In another adventure, Nigger Jim is captured and labelled as a runaway slave.  Again, the assumptions and prejudices of "civilized" society entrap our heroes and force them to flee in fear and disgust.

It is a brilliant book and one which every conscious mind should take in.

For my own experience, some of the best times of my life have been when I had hardly a coin in my pocket, no schedule and thousands of miles from "civilization".  One of my most memorable adventures was backpacking from Morocco to Egypt, through Algeria and Libya, in 1980.

I had undertaken the journey after a run through Morocco to see Casablanca and El Fez.  Wanting to see the pyramids, but finding it rather out of the way to go through Spain, Monaco, Italy, and Greece to go from North Africa to North Africa, I decided to take buses across the Mediterranean coast.

On the first leg of the journey from Tangiers to the Algerian border, I was packed into the barely road-worthy bus with all manner of humans and livestock.  The lack of A/C meant that there was more dust swirling around the inside of the bus than could possibly be found in the entire Sahara desert.  For the remainder of the trip, I opted to sit on the luggage rack welded precariously to the back of the bus, and with a towel wrapped around my head and face, proceeded to watch the unfolding of where I had been.

I had maybe $100 in my pocket at the outset, and roughly $85 when I arrived at the foot of the Great Pyramid.  It took four days of rib-cracking, kidney splitting rides and it was among the best weeks of my life.  No bosses, no one to talk to (my French was pretty limited back then) and nowhere to be in any particular hurry.  Other than the occasional passport stamping routines, I had no authority over me at all, and needed none.

Oh sure, a number of folks tried to rob me or scam me out of my money, but I managed to get through those events relatively unscathed, and they only occurred when I entered cities.  On the open road, life was blissful, quiet and safe.  I imagined myself as Huck Finn at that time, minus the abundant water, which would have been nice for the occasional bath.

The point of all this rambling is this: how much of what we assume is necessary for life to go on do we really need?  And how much of it is just a scam that we have been raised to believe is a critical part of life?

When you really contemplate the unholy mess we call "civilization", almost all of the bad things are CAUSED by authority, not solved by it.  Honestly, outside of "don't cheat, don't steal, don't lie, and don't murder", how many laws actually do us individuals any good?  Most simply protect corporate, government or religious interests, not you and me.  The bulk of civilization benefits a handful of folks at the top of the pile, and the rest of us be damned.

When you look at all the crap going on right now with governments around the world, how much of it actually affects you and me?  Does it really matter that Kim Jong-un is playing with rockets (like a couple dozen other countries that aren't being threatened)?  Does it really matter that Ahok had an opinion about a couple of lines of text?  Does it really make a difference what Trump told Lavrov?  Will Macron or Brexit or the entire EU make damn bit of difference in a thousand years?

How much of the truly important things would still be there without governments?  I'm willing to bet that demand would mean someone would supply electricity, water, housing, and the internet out of sheer self-interest.  In fact, I'm willing to bet all of it would be much better without all the "authority" fingers in those pies.

I would love for some country to take the first step.  Imagine Iceland or Switzerland or even Venezuela declaring an end to government and free, happy living.  I would bet that in 50 years' time, nearly every country on Earth did the same thing.  What would the governments do about it?  After all, there are only a few million "public servants" to us billions of real people.  Not like they'd have much choice.

But, oh, ain't there a whole lot of conditioning and mind control to overcome.