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Department Of Repeated Redundancies Department

I don't know what is more utterly amazing and laughable: is it the complete stupidity and incompetence of government, or the contempt with which government views its slaves?  Perhaps it is both.

Let's start with the headline that gobbled up the weekend news cycle - the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting.  A man, known to "authorities" to be unstable, transports a rifle and ammunition in his baggage from Alaska to Florida, but is apparently not registered on any flight arriving there.  He takes his baggage to the toilet, loads up and comes out shooting.  Then the "authorities" announce that they are questioning the suspect, which would seem like a logical thing to do.  Meantime, the entire government-controlled corporate media debate focuses on adding more of the same policies and procedures that have failed time and time again.

Either the government "authorities" are completely and utterly lobotomized (and let's include their mouthpieces as well), or they think the average American is.  I suspect it is a generous helping of both.

Next headline: Indonesia wants to boost its defense industry by making and exporting bombs that could potentially be thrown back at them.  Now, to a thinking person, you would want to make and store bombs for defense, not sell them to potential enemies.  Furthermore, the Indonesian government wants to boost its defense by continuing to disarm and distrust its own citizens/slaves.

If anyone asked me, which they obviously didn't, I wouldn't be selling my bombs and I would arm and train every able-bodied (and minded) citizen, so that an invader would have to fight door-to-door across thousands of islands in order to take over the country.

But that's just me thinking again.

How about this one: government wizards (a.k.a. "scientists") say they have witnessed a Black Hole tear apart a star and spit the pieces out into space.  In the same freaking article, they say Black Holes gobble up everything and not even light can escape.  Um...maybe I'm missing something here, but didn't you just tell me that this Black Hole is "spitting" pieces of a star out into space?

Maybe nobody reads this shit, because I seem to be the only one thinking these things are just a bit contradictory.

Trump says anyone who doesn't want better relations with Russia is a "fool" and "really stupid."  Pardon me, Mr. President-Elect, isn't that why folks elected you?  I mean, it's a bit redundant to keep telling us what we already know.  How about solutions?  What exactly are Tillerson and the Evil Mass-Murdering Bastard War Criminal Kissinger doing to alleviate the problem?

Next, we have the climate.  Yes, for some reason Al Gore and the Echoettes are sticking to the story that the Earth is suffering from man-made global warming, even though the world is cooling, there are record low temperatures and snowfall all over both hemispheres, polar ice is expanding, and rainfall patterns in both hemispheres are beginning to match perfectly with past solar Grand Minima.  And just to put a cherry on the ice cream, polar bear populations are at record highs.

Still not convinced we've fallen down the rabbit hole?

The Democrats in the US absolutely insist that the Russians hacked the election, even though Julian Assange says emphatically that WikiLeaks did not get the email from the Russians, Seth Rich - DNC IT specialist - was shot dead in the back in broad daylight and NOT robbed, none of the "intelligence" agencies can produce a shred of evidence, and the Russians have no objective motivation to do so that outweighs the risk of getting caught doing it.  Oh, and did we mention that the voting infrastructure of the US is not connected to the internet, and thus can't be hacked by typical means?

In the 1940s, the CIA was created out of some Nazi left-overs and General Galen's spook network in Europe and North Africa.  In the 1950s, the CIA took over the Corporate Media with Project Mockingbird.  In 1963, the CIA assassinated John Kennedy, who refused to follow the spook script and was preparing a full-on assault on their growing power and influence.  Since then, the CIA has virtually ruled the Executive Branch of the US government, and through organizations like USAID, have set up networks in dozens of countries to control and influence those governments, as well.

So convinced was the CIA that it could install its next-in-line lackey, Hillary Clinton, that they profoundly underestimated the amount of vote flipping and ballot stuffing needed to ensure Trump, whom they have assiduously painted as a buffoon, would not get in.  Perhaps they overestimated the somnolent effect they were having on the general public, or they grossly underestimated the number of people who were slowly but inexorably waking up from the 50-year hibernation of reason.

Even though the masses truly did elect Trump, and he is the first president that is not under the direct control of the CIA since 23 November 1961, he is nevertheless controlled by a competing faction of the Deep State, knowingly or not, though I think the former.

The US, and by extension the world, is slowly waking up from a decades-long trance that was achieved in part by the US victory and subsequent economic dominance in the world after World War 2, as well as the fact that so many US males were brainwashed by military service during that war into blind obedience to government and symbols.

The Grand Awakening is due to two primary factors: 1) the 50-year effort of independent researchers to undo the magic spell over the population, which used to be called the underground media, but which was emerged as the Alt Media (or Free Press as I prefer), and 2) the human mind can only take so much rewiring and layers of bullshit before it reboots.  We are in the reboot phase of history at this very moment.

It is also a particularly vulnerable point.  When the mind reboots, there is a time while the OS is loading that one can access the BIOS and change the system parameters.  This is what we see with the "Russian hacking" narrative.  The spooks are desperately trying to reinstall the "fear factor" before things get too far out of hand.

What makes all of this visible is the failure of the classic "black is white" operation that has gripped Western civilization for half a century.  When the flip-flop narrative becomes this obvious, then it is clear that the spell has failed and people are clearly not buying the brute-force attempt to make them believe things that are clearly in conflict with the senses and basic reason.

In so many ways, the institutions of control, such as religion and government, are losing their power over the masses.  The Big Three Monotheisms - Judaism, Christianity, Islam - which have enjoyed millennia of control, both directly and through their secular government counterparts, are falling apart.  All of the war mongering we see is these institutions attempting to drive everyone back into nationalistic, and by extension religious mindsets.  This is the real hegemony that has dominated the world for longer than any of us care to imagine.

The classic "black is white" narrative is nothing more than dressed-up "faith."  Religions have inspired fanatical loyalty by spinning fantastical tales that prevent people from thinking or acting independently by deferring everything to sometime after death when the evil-doers will get theirs, or by waiting futilely for a Messiah who will come to set everything right.  This deference is a poison that destroys critical thinking and creates bovine nose-to-tail herd behavior.

For three centuries now, the Enlightenment has sought to re-awaken the pre-frontal lobes of mass humanity by destroying the "black is white" narrative and the institutions that spin it.

The problem is that a part of the Enlightenment was corrupted and instead sought to take over the institutions of control.  The reasoning that led to the perversion is rather convoluted, but suffice it to say that they figured they could use the control structure to reprogram humanity in their own image.  This is where the Illuminati storyline comes from.

Fortunately, is seems that the true Enlightenment has survived underground and has been busily working to spark the Great Re-Awakening, a process that quite obviously the US Founding Fathers had hoped to achieve with their New Republic, the Shining City Upon The Hill.

Despite herculean efforts on the part of the ancient Controllers and the splinter group called the Illuminati, the Enlightenment has rooted and is just now starting to bear fruit.  But it is a dangerous time.  Entrenched and power-hungry organizations do not relinquish power without a fight, and that fight has only begun.

There is a covert war going on just out of sight, but it is increasingly visible to the masses.  Ultimately, it will become an all-out war in which the ensconced powers will win or leave nothing but scorched Earth behind. It is a war of profound ideologies whose prize is nothing short of an entire planet.  The one weakness of the Good Guys is that they want to prevent the scorched Earth and so are unwilling to go to the extremes that the Bad Guys are.

The next few years will be a true spectacle, even for all its gory destruction and waste.  The clash of two completely and utterly incompatible philosophies will be nothing less than cataclysmic, though it must be said that not all of it will be fought in the real world - most of it will be mental and spiritual.

If you want to see what the other side is capable of, just look at the post-election mayhem in the US.  Black teenagers streaming vile hate and complete lack of compassion on Farcebook.  Paid rioters looting and destroying neighborhoods and randomly killing passers-by.  This sociopathic violence and mindless destruction is only a tiny taste of what the Bad Guys will unleash to keep their privileged perches.

The Good Guys are neither mentally nor spiritually prepared for the hell that is coming.  Far too many people believe that electing a few representatives is enough to fix the problem, when it is in fact the very heart of the problem to begin with.

People like Trump are not the solution, though they are symptomatic of the correct instinct on the part of the masses.  He also represents to a great many people the power that they truly have, though when Trump fails - and he will - there is a terrible risk of despair and hopelessness on the part of the newly awakening masses.  At that point, they will be most susceptible to re-immersion into the control grid.

Both sides have now fired their first volleys, though the Bad Guys know how far they will go to protect their domain.  The Good Guys need to wise up fast and steel the mind and soul for the battle to come.  We have a brief moment for a little R&R, but it is dangerous to let one's guard down.

Black is White...War is Peace...Hate is Love.

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