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Fear, The Root Of Evil

Here's a question for you: Why do "refugees" spend so much time trying to change other countries and cultures into something they are trying to leave?

Here's the deal: if you truly want to emigrate to another country because you think the life there is, for some reason, better or different or offers more opportunities than the one you are leaving, then why would you refuse to integrate and rather bring all the worst aspects of the culture you are leaving?  Doesn't that seem to defeat the purpose?

I do not, nor have I ever agreed with mass immigration.  This is not true immigration, it is an invasion.  Invasions are forceful take-over of other countries and cultures, replacing them with something foreign.  In my humble opinion, when this happens it is an act of war and the existing population is fully within their rights to fight back violently.  They have the right to round up and forcefully expel the invaders and to do everything possible to eradicate the invaders, and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any of their own who aid and abet the invaders.

It astounds me to no end that the EU and US populations have reacted with such passivity to the forced invasions of millions of foreigners with incompatible legal and social mores.  To my mind, this demonstrates the profound extent to which Western civilization has declined, in that there is no longer enough people with moral and physical fortitude to stand up to this literal take-over that supplanting millennia-old cultures practically overnight.

Some readers might argue that Brexit and Trump and upcoming "leaders" like Marine Le Pen and Janos Ader are the reaction, but I say this may be too little too late.  First, what can one say about the mentality of the masses who rolled over and accepted the invasion in the first place, or allowed "leaders" to fling open the doors years ago?  Second, there are sufficient numbers of apathetic or mind-controlled idiots who still fight to destroy their own cultures and still have a significant voice.

In a matter such as this, there should be no polite tolerance.  There should be no compassion or passivity.  When one witnesses the wholesale destruction of one's nation and culture.  It is one thing to accept incoming individuals who want to contribute to the general well-being and merge into extant society, but when waves of faceless masses swarm into a nation, absorb irrational amounts of the economy as a "right" and immediately demand that thousands of years of development be thrown out in favor of a wholly incompatible system, that is an invasion and should be repelled with all available force.

It is perhaps instructive to note that this exact situation, though far slower, was the primary cause of the fall of Rome.  By the time Alaric I and the Visigoths sacked Rome in AD410, the social and cultural core had eroded to such a degree that what was once the greatest force on Earth could not repel, nor really gave much effort to it, the invading hordes.

These invaders do not deserve tolerance because they are not tolerant.  They do not deserve compassion because they are not compassionate.  They have as their primary motivation to destroy the existing order and supplant it with their own.  They don't seek to contribute to the general welfare, but to loot it and like locusts leave nothing but barren earth behind them.  The hordes are not educated, thinking people, they are blank slates upon which ideologues can write any program they choose.

If these hordes were truly motivated to change things for the better, they would stay home and reform their own countries.  That is not their goal.  They are exporting their error in a way that is destructive to the invaded lands.

At this point, many readers will take issue with me, having not made it this far and thinking that somehow I am singling out certain peoples over another.  However, I castigate ANY invading culture, whether it be my own or any other.

I have watched closely as the American Way has infiltrated by stealth or force into dozens of other cultures.  I have walked through the wastes of many unique and fascinating cultures now supplanted with McDonald's, KFC and Starbucks.  I have seen what passes for American entertainment muscle out homegrown forms.  I have witnessed American greed literally rape other nations for profit.

To a certain extent, I see the poetic justice embedded in the waves of humanity pouring over US and EU borders.  I have experienced first-hand the effects of British, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese colonialism.  I have seen the same effects of Arabic and Chinese domination of unsuspecting lands.

I do not care what color or background the invaders have.  To me it is sufficient to revile the invaders who seek to destroy, plunder and replace any other culture.  I don't care what ISIS believes, and they are free to attempt to convert others, but when they blowup and bulldoze ancient monuments because the culture that created them is not their own, then they deserve to be eradicated with prejudice.

In history, we have seen great art and wisdom wiped out by invaders.  The European powers that colonized Asia and the Americas should be sufficient warning to the world that this type of behavior is not acceptable, and it doesn't matter who is invading whom.  We cannot change the past, but we can certainly change the future, and the the extent possible, we can seek to preserve as much of the cultures that were destroyed, if for no other reason than to serve as a lesson for the future of humanity.

Trump will not fix the problem.  Brexit, Le Pen and Ader will not fix the problem.  The problem in buried in the core of the individual and no amount of "leaders" can change it.  It is a flaw in human nature that we accept leaders in the first place.  Humans are programmed to roll over and beg whenever confronted with power of any kind.  It is our lack of faith in our own characters and abilities to control our lives that is at fault.  That humans can be herded so easily is our fundamental weakness.

By the same token, when an invader is successful, it is the individual's personal responsibility for that success.  It is our lack of conviction and strength to resist that is to blame, not "leaders."

In short, it is our fear that is our defeat.

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