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King Of The World

If you are one of the many millions of people in the world right now who are trying to make sense of global events and keep score at home, you are probably confounded by labels like, "socialist," "nationalist," "globalist," and "populist".  Let me try to sort it out for you.

There are two competing versions of the same thing: Globalism.  Each side is firmly entrenched in their version and neither side wants to give an inch.  One could think of them as the Old World Order and the New World Order.  More vividly, one could think of them as Feudalism 1.0 and Feudalism 2.0.

Feudalism 1.0 believes that God created religion and governments to control people.  On this side, you have Pope Francis I, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  This group thinks that it creates all human institutions and regulates them by Divine Order.  In a sense, this is the Devil We Know.  At this point, they are called the fascists.

Feudalism 2.0 believes that corporations are the source of wealth and profits, and that they are self-ordained to create, market and sell products that keep us all busy.  This group is represented by George Soros, Bill Gates and James Cameron.  They don't believe in God and think that corporations empower governments to do their dirty work so they can keep on milking the populace for the privileged few.  Think of this as the Devil We Don't Know.  At this time, they are called the socialists.

The 1.0s want to regulate corporations so that they don't disturb the flow of money to the religious and government elites.

The 2.0s want to regulate governments so they don't get regulated and can keep the flow of money into the hands of the corporate elite.

In the end, the whole argument boils down to, into whose hands the money flows, and thus who gets to make the rules of the game.  It's all rather quite simple really.

There is a separate New World Order, often called libertarianism.  This third way believes that every single human being is their own religion and government, and get off my back thank you very much.  Needless to say, this view isn't very popular because there are no elites into whose hands the wealth can be concentrated.  So we'll leave them out for now.

The 1.0s are often called conservatives because they want to "conserve" the Old World Order.  The 2.0s are called liberals because they want to "liberate" the corporations from regulatory control.  In neither case do any of them give a rat's ass about individual human beings.

I personally have far less sympathy for the 2.0s.  Ultimately, they want to be free to set up their headquarters on some prime piece of real estate wherever they so choose, and then operate with a single set of rules worldwide.  They hate having to have offices in every single country they operate in, follow separate and often conflicting regulations in different nations, and pay different tax rates and wages wherever they produce and sell their wares.  They would really like corporations to be above the law, or better, to BE the law so they can untangle all the regulatory environments, limit their liabilities and run rough-shod over the rest of us.

Bad idea.  Has been extremely harmful wherever they have succeeded, like the EU.

In contrast, the 1.0s want complete and utter control over everything based on them being Divinely Ordained by a fictional God who speaks only the the select few and hands down lists of "shalt nots" that must be fanatically followed to the letter.  They want to dictate every aspect of life from conception to after-life, with absolute obedience on the part of every single human.  The individual is to be grateful that they were given life and have absolute conviction that he or she will be rewarded in the after-life.

Both of these systems are fine for those who ordain themselves to be the leaders.  Popes, kings, presidents and CEOs live the high life and get all of their rewards in the here and now.  With the 1.0s, you'll get yours after you die.  With the 2.0s, you can have a little taste now if you knuckle under and kiss the right asses.

Both systems hold out the carrot that anyone can become one of the elite, but then they publish these arcane road maps that are nearly impossible to follow, meaning the elite get to pick whomever they please.

In either case, 99.99991% of us are pretty much screwed.

And that's the part they dont' want any of us to figure out.

Instead, they want us all fighting over the scraps from the elite tables.  Both sides try to drop a few bones with some meat still on them so that the rubes (us) will think their system is betterthan the other and follow dutifully to the bitter end.

In the final accounting, though, it's all scraps no matter how you slice it.  They want to have full control over which scraps go to which sheep, and at any cost, don't want us to figure out that there are other ways to do this where everyone gets a slice of pie.  Whether it's priestly mumblings or legalistic horseshit, it's all designed to keep the majority of us in line and rowing the barge.

Oh sure, occasionally one of us oarsmen get promoted to drum-beater with an extra portion of gruel and a sip of wine, but that's just a shiny bauble to keep us hard at it.

When the REAL awakening comes, you will see millions of people walking away from both sides.  That will be the point when most of us have seen the truth that both sides are the same coin, and that perhaps it's time to try another coin.  At that point, there won't be any World Orders, just free and happy individuals.

If you want to see a REAL revolution, wait till you see that one!

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