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Pretzel Logic

I came across a video that does a fine job of placing left-wing absurdity on display.  It places the insanity of identity politics in stark relief, especially in the hallowed halls of academia.

For instance, rockets are sexist because the aerodynamic shape resembles a phallus.  Noted, but as far as I can see, the shuttle was vulva shaped, but required three phalli to get it off the ground.  A vulva-shaped craft that could launch and land without a phallus would probably be welcomed by the space industry, as it would likely save quite a bit of money and effort.

Recently, the "University" of Washington-Tacoma declared that grammar itself was "racist" and "sexist".  How they arrived at that conclusion is a complete mystery, though they claim that the grammatical "hierarchies" lead to biased language structure.  I suppose they had to overlook "it" and "one" as gender-neutral pronouns, or that "black and white" and "color" as adjectives for printing and photography obviously place non-white in higher regard, hierarchically speaking.  Perhaps they are referring to the standard order of adjectives in the English language: Quantity or number, Quality or opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Proper adjective (often nationality, other place of origin, or material), Purpose or qualifier.

The only thing I can figure is that Size and Shape coming so high up the list makes this grammatical convention sexist, while Color coming so far down the list and in close proximity to Proper adjectives makes it racist.  In any case, I am flummoxed by the claim, since this is a common convention, but does not preclude a little mix and match.

Regardless of all the histrionics on the part of the left, there are only two sexes, represented by the X and Y chromosomes within our genetic structure.  Gender, on the other hand, is nothing more than grammatical constructs representing the natural dichotomy.  How do they plan to attack German, which assigns nouns one of three genders (seemingly at random), which is integral to the language's structure and affects all sorts of other things in the grammar?  Perhaps they intend to eliminate the masculine and feminine, and use only the neuter?  While this would greatly simplify the language, it would also make it incomprehensible to most German speakers.

Even more tortured is the leftist logic that science can be racist, sexist or nationalist.  By this logic, the molecular structure of water must be racist and sexist because it was first proposed (in primitive form) by Empedocles in 450 BC, a white European male.  Disregarding the fact that two hydrogens and one oxygen have been shown to be the structure of water throughout the Universe, our fundamental concept of this molecule must be skewed by racial, sexual and ethnic bias.

Forget that Neil DeGrasse Tyson promotes "white" science, or that male and female skeletons display objectively quantifiable differences, this is all a racist, sexist plot to dominate the world!

Forget that Sickle Cell Anemia statistically affects more blacks, or that Fanconi Anemia C statistically affects more Ashkenasi Jews, or that by definition you must have a uterus to contract uterine cancer, its all a racist, sexist plot!

While the basic impulse is correct - everyone should be treated equally according to their skills and talents - identity politics is conceived and implemented solely for divisive purposes.  As George Carlin so lucidly put it, "they" want to keep us fighting with each other while "they" run to the bank with our money.  It is so perfectly Machiavellian that even a most cursory read of The Prince would highlight the technique.

"Divide and conquer" is one of the oldest and most fundamental of military strategies, right up there with "Fish in a Barrel" strategy, that it is amazing how many people have fallen for it.  One has to tip the hat,though, to the brilliant addition of Orwellian "Double Think," wherein the lefties have convinced themselves that dividing everyone into smaller and smaller groups constantly fighting each other is called "Diversity" and is praised and honored among the loftiest aspirations of humanity.

The left has got itself so twisted into 'pretzel logic that it has literally become a parody of itself.  It seeks truth by declaring there is no truth.  It declares solidarity in diversity.  It employs war to establish peace.  It espouses genderlessness by recognizing dozens of genders.  It decries racism by employing it.  Honestly, don't these people recognize their own glaring inconsistencies?

I had to laugh.  An article yesterday said that independent cinemas in the US would show the brilliant film 1984, on April 4th, as a protest against Donald Trump.  Do they think they are making a comment about Trump's administration, or are they pining for a world that could have been in an alternate reality.  I don't think even they can clearly answer that.

Another article declared that a website allows leftists to live in an alternate reality.  Frankly, I hardly think they need encouragement.

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