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Shelter From The Storm

If the headlines are starting to sound like a Hogan's Heroes running gag about the Russian front, you've only just begun tumbling down Lewis Carroll's rabbit hole.  In draing the swamp, folks are finding it to be MUCH deeper than anyone thought.

There is a most unique crisis brewing in American politics right now, and it is one that bears close observation.

Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama of personally ordering wiretaps on the Trump campaign headquarters for what appears to be obvious political motivations.  The wiretaps seem to have been ordered both to provide intel on the Trump campaign, and to create a narrative to derail the Trump administration in the event of his election.  One imagines this would have also benefitted Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention, so the tentacles run deep in the Washington establishment.

Some folks might point to Richard Nixon and the Watergate break-in as being precedent for the current situation, but we must remember that Nixon won the election and was a sitting president when the scandal came to light.  This means that Nixon was protected to a certain extent by his position, with the only possible remedy being impeachment.

In addition, Nixon's resignation meant that Gerald Ford, another Republican succeeded to the office and was able to pardon Nixon before any criminal trials could be brought to court.

In the current case, Obama has served his two terms in office and Clinton lost the election.  Had she won, she would have been able to cover up the dirty deeds, or in the worst-case scenario, pardon Obama and head off any criminal proceedings.

We can now fully appreciate the panic going on within the Democrat Party and the sheer terror they must be feeling at this moment.  This precarious legal position certainly goes a long way toward explaining the amazing amount of effort being put forth to discredit and unseat Trump, and get an insider, if even a Republican, into the office.  The gravity of the situation vastly increases the danger to life and limb that Trump is facing, because the stakes, as we will see in a moment, are enormous - and that is not hyperbole.

If the current situation continues to roll out of control, at least from Obama's perspective, he faces felony charges without the benefit of being a sitting president.  Thus, the case would proceed directly to the courts, and not to Congress, which would be far more lenient on corruption, since they are - for the most part - just as dirty if not more so.

One imagines that if charges are brought against Obama, the proverbial blood in the water will likely bring additional scrutiny of the blatantly false birth certificate proffered by Obama some time back.  Forgery of government documents is also a felony, and seeing Obama already behind a barrel would encourage enemies to pile on.

At that point, one could make a fairly safe bet that the Fast and Furious scandal would resurface, where Obama authorized, and then-US attorney general Eric Holder carried out, the "strawman" purchase of thousands of automatic rifles.  The rifles were given to Mexican drug gangs, after which one of them was eventually used to kill a federal drug enforcement agent.

This is all bad enough, but it gets far worse, and in fact becomes a genuine nightmare crisis of amazing proportions.

If Obama were convicted of committing a felony while in office, any felony, he would certainly go to prison.  That would obviously be bad for Obama, but that's not the half of it.  If a sitting or former US president were convicted of committing a felony in office, EVERY SINGLE ACT HE DID AS PRESIDENT WOULD BE NULL AND VOID.

Let that sink in for a moment.

As a convicted felon, every single law, Presidential Directive, Executive Order, budget, and act Obama did while in office would suddenly be vacated.  The entire past eight years of his administration would become the acts of a convicted criminal, and thus considered fraudulent.  Every bomb and bullet, every life lost, every dollar spent would thus be criminal acts and unenforceable - and unprotected.

NOW one can appreciate the magnitude of what is unfolding in Washington at this moment.

Furthermore, this would make Obama and his entire administration personally liable for war crimes, banking and wire fraud (on a mass scale), and even conspiracy to commit any number of crimes (RICO in US legal parlance).

What's worse, Obama is no longer in power and the Democrats lost control of both the House and Senate.  Once the ball gets rolling, there is little or no resistance anywhere in Washing ton to protect the past administration, and Trump being the celebrated outsider that he is, has no skin in the game to protect anyone but himself.

This is HUGE, folks.

If you were in the same position, would you be doing everything in your power to undermine the election, discredit Trump, block and obfuscate every word and deed Trump makes, foment riots, formulate Russian conspiracies, activate the entire media establishment against the sitting president?  Oh hell yes, you would.

The scandal touches every corner of the Washington establishment on both sides of the political spectrum, since Congress would have been complicit at least by omission and dereliction of duty.  You can bet that every person who had any amount of power and authority over the last eight years is currently checking prices and availability of South American flights, especially landing near George W. Shrub's 100,000-acre ranch in Paraguay.

It is difficult to overstate the case.  The huge vulnerability that has opened up threatens the entire US federal government and could literally collapse the empire.  If this situation "gets legs", as they say, it will take decades to unwind and would see US politicians on trial in a dozen countries and in the World Court.  There is a critical singularity approaching.

To compound matters, the Obama gang and the DNC has chosen to fight fire with fire, rather than slink quietly off into a corner.  By throwing everything in the arsenal at Trump in an effort to completely unseat him, they have sealed their fate.  In years past, former presidents slithered off into obscurity, only trotted out for special occasions, but they kept their heads low and let the incoming administration clean up the mess.  It was a kind of unspoken rule that each succeeding president covered for the previous one, in order to be afforded the same courtesy once out of office.

Because Trump is a true outsider who financed his own campaign, there is little or no pressure that can be brought to bear on him.  Also, his personality is such that once attacked, he will go on the offensive and won't stop till the opposition is thoroughly vanquished.  Furthermore, Trump has proven himself to be very short-sighted, and so is likely not considering all the consequences for the long term.  He is in war mode and winning is his only option.  It is his defining characteristic.

Thus, we find in Washington at this moment the legendary rock beating itself silly against the immutable hard spot.  Hundreds of elected and un-elected heads sit squarely in the guillotine just now.

Throw in the already building phalanx against the PizzaGate pedophiles that spans the globe, and we are looking at a potential scandal of epic proportions. If things continue along the current course, our great-great-great grandchildren will be reading about this moment in history class twoo hundred years from now.

Yes, it is THAT serious.

Batten down the hatches, get your hip-waders and slickers on, this is going to be a major blow and seas are going to get just a bit choppy from here on out.

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