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The Real Identity Politics

At more or less the same time, I have discovered a YouTube channel and a movement that I truly respect.

The YouTube channel is Lauren Southern, and it begs the question, why are all the hot babes on the good side?  Lauren says what every sane person should be thinking.  She takes on the tough topics and is unafraid to go there, challenging all the sacred cows of the Post-Modernist Marxists, confronting them with camera and microphone at the ready.

Lauren Southern introduced me to a group that is quickly rising in my esteem.  The group is called Génération Identitaire, or Generation Identity, and they are literally putting it all on the line to defend history and culture from Neo-Fascist invasion and governmental collusion.

Lauren's passionate report on the willful destruction of New Orleans landmarks made me weep for the loss of history, while at the same time enraged me.  Her on-the-spot reports from Paris just before the election brought me images and reports that the StreetMeat Media will not ever show us.

And of course her report on Generation Identity filled me with hope that a younger generation will not roll over and allow Western civilization to be destroyed.

This young woman has more moxy than most of the men I have ever known.  She is of the right age, intelligence and temperament to inspire the generation that mine left dangling in the wind.  It inspires me to watch her videos.

When I watch Generation Identity in action, I remember fondly my days as an activist with the Texas secessionist movement.  I was ridiculed and dismissed and even had my former life destroyed by a political system dead set on destroying my cultural heritage.  I spent many hours in jail, as well as driving all over the countryside to deliver and listen to speeches.

I was often accused of being a racist because of my activities, but were forced to eat their words when they realized I was married to an Apache-Latina, spoke multiple languages, and had traveled to dozens of countries - not as a tourist, but as someone genuinely interested in the history and culture.

It makes me misty-eyed to see these young folks training, fighting and taking action, while us old farts sit around and grouse.

When I rail against Islam, it is not the real Islam that named most of the visible stars in the northern hemisphere, or gave the world algebra, or bequeathed the world a rich heritage of art and architecture.  The Islam I rail against is a perverted form of rigid fundamentalist dogmas that has gotten loose - an unintended consequence of Western powers who saw it as a weapon.  It is anti-art, anti-philosophy and anti-reason.  It is fascistically dogmatic and unyielding in its error.

It is no different than the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, with its destruction of "pagan" temples, pogroms against science and Holy Inquisitions, and even in our own age supported Nazism.

Real tolerance and real diversity means that every culture has the intrinsic right to a space where it can grow on its own, or die of its own folly.  Good, bad or indifferent, though, every culture and must be allowed to grow, dominate, merge, or die off as the organic structure that it is.

What we are seeing, though, is artificial mixing that is catalyzing a war to be used as a distraction for a particular agenda.  This cultural war - a world war if you like - is part of the classic Hegelian Dialectic: create a problem and install a chosen solution by controlling the discourse.  As the poles calcify, the outcome becomes inevitable, since the destroyers of culture are relentless, and the defenders of culture have no choice but to answer with equal force.

Since one side cannot talk and the other side cannot listen, the inevitable result must be all-out war.  At the end of that war, whatever the final result, those with the agenda will say we must do something to stop these wars, and oh by the way, here's our pre-formulated plan to do just that.  Rest assured that the Final Solution will be just as abhorrent as the war itself, though perhaps less chaotic and bloody.

Individuals like Lauren Southern and groups like Generation Identity are likely the West's last-ditch effort to stop the march to war and the destruction of history and culture.  The open questions are, is it in time, and is it enough?  It depends a lot on who listens and how well they can remain focused on the real goal.

As is often the result, people like Lauren are bought off by the corporate interests and groups like GI are infiltrated and steered the wrong direction.  Let us hope and pray that they have the integrity, strength and will to stay on the Path, and more importantly, that others will join them in the fight.

The most important tools they, and we have at our disposal are books.  We must read the ancient foundations of our civilization and take the lessons of those before us to heart.  It is not the first time our civilization has faced these challenges, nor will it be the last, but it is the challenge we have in front of us.  It is incumbent on Muslims, Christians, Atheists, and everyone else, to see where we have been before choosing where we will go.

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