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Bumbledicks, Pizza And Congresscritters

As usual, the Bumbledick GeezerMedia has set out to blame guns for the shooting of two cops, a congresscritter and two other people who aren't getting any attention.

So let's get this straight...the Bumbledick (Democrats) GeezerMedia (print, broadcast) has been on a year-long campaign to radicalize the Know-Nothing Bumbledicks in America, including calling for and actually dramatizing violence against the Bucketheads (Republicans).  When they finally trigger someone to pick up a gun and shoot, they get all bent out of shape on the availability of guns.  Do I have that right?

Both the shooter and the complicit GeezerMedia have shown a major flaw in their reasoning, if one can apply that term here.  They believe that guns are the reason for violence, not one of many tools for it.

This is obvious in the results of the shooting.  The shooter got off well over 50 rounds.  I watched the video several times and counted the pops before the cops arrived.  In this literal hail of bullets, the shooter only managed to injure five people.  So much for one shot-one kill.  The Big Prize was shooting a Congressional Leader type in the hip.

What this tells me is that the Bumbledicks honestly think that just waving a gun around and pulling the trigger kills people.  It's the gun's fault right?  If that were the case, there'd be a whole lot of dead people at the end of the shooting - 30 would be an acceptable ratio with that many shots.

Guns don't kill people.  Trained shooters with properly functioning tools who control their breathing and heart rates and take careful aim at kill points (head, chest) kill people.  The shooter in the park clearly knew nothing about guns and believed the Bumbledick hysteria that the guns did all the work.  All he had to do was carry it and pull the trigger and the guns and bullets would magically do the rest.

Another thing that was obvious in the video of the scene was that I get nearly every one of the cowering bystanders wished they had a gun at that moment.  It took cops a full 10 minutes to drop their coffee and donuts and get to the scene.  Surely, the congresscritter with the gushing hip wound dragging himself away from the shooter dearly wished he was armed.

The thing that struck me, though, was the pattern here.  Lone nut takes gun, goes on rampage, gets killed so he can't testify in open court.  At least since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, this has been a pattern in US politics.  John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckley (&c ad nauseam) have all been completely isolated from all other interests and contacts, acting completely on their own, with no further conspiracy involved.

Yet, the congresscritter who was shot - Steve Scalise - was supporting a bill called the "Frederick Douglas" bill, that directly attacked trafficking of children for sex - i.e., PizzaGate.

Ah, remember PizzaGate?  That's the scandal that almost broke based on comments in John Podesta's Clinton email that were veiled references to child sex.  Seth Rich was offed for releasing those email, the federal investigation got quickly buried, and the Frederick Douglas bill is being trounced, even to the point of killing (or trying to) congresscritters.

As with all conspiracies at this level, there are multiple layers upon layers.  As Jack Ruby said about the JFK assassination, the rabbit hole was deep and dangerous and no one wanted to go there.  Same with PizzaGate.

Blackmail is the oldest game in politics.  Compromise a public figure and you own them for life.  They get their most animalistic desires fed on a regular basis, and you get control of governments without your face being all over the media.  The word blackmail dates to the 1500s in Scotland, but the practice is far older than that.

Child sex trafficking is one of the most effective and widely used forms of control across the globe today.  Even the hint of it can bring down kings and presidents, and that is the idea.  Organizations like Child Protective Services "disappear" children into a slimy underworld where they are traded for access and control by the real leaders of the world - names you and I will likely never know.  If you don't play by their rules, you get the Anthony Weiner treatment.  If you try to stop it, you get the Steve Scalise treatment.

To hide the tracks of the conspiracy, a left-wing Bumbledick was activated and steered to the appropriate target by...whomever.  It was important to shut down his support (as Majority Whip) of the Frederick Douglas bill.  Only problem with the plan is that Bumbledicks are notorious afraid of guns and have been told for decades that the guns kill, not the shooters.

Fortunately, the plan failed miserably, though if I were Scalise's family, I would have someone watching every move by the hospital staff.  Amazing how survivable wounds can suddenly kill someone.  Just ask Seth Rich.

In the end, the Virginia shooting is another one of those many-layered conspiracies that can easily be spun in a hundred different directions to cover the tracks of the real perpetrators.  Gun control, crazy Bumbledicks and other stories are perfect examples of the effort to hide the PizzaGate tracks.  Hopefully, none of us Rubes will notice the connections.

There is another, equally deep level to this story, and that is the control the GeezerMedia still has over the minds of so many people.  The constant barrage of images showing politicians getting killed (Public Theater's Julius Caesar and Kathy Griffin's antics to whit) is having an effect on the masses, whether we acknowledge it or not.  But that's a story I have covered incessantly for years.

Do yourself a favor - turn off and unplug the TeeVee.

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