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Q The LARP Carp

UPDATE: We will appear on Rense Radio Friday, July 28, 2018, at 8p PDT.

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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At this point in the exploration of Q, it seems in order to step back and look at where we are and what reactions have been triggered by our series on Q.  There has been a lot of information put forth in our articles on the Q Phenomenon and folks need a little time to digest it all, because it gets a lot more complicated from here.

I have to say the vast majority of reactions have been negative, which is to be expected.  Those who have fallen under the Q Spell will react emotionally - usually in anger - at having their faith questioned, much as religious fanatics do.

These emotional tirades expose two main issues, 1) the poor state of American education, with folks unable to respond to a rational argument with a rational rebuttal; 2) the amazing loyalty which Q has engendered in only nine months.

Back in the old days, we learned the Trivium - grammar, logic, rhetoric - that allowed us to examine a rational argument, analyze its internal logic, and respond in an equally rational and logical way.  It is a form of discourse buried deep in the Western cultural tradition that dates back to Aristotle and Plato.  Unfortunately, US "education" (i.e. schooling) is too focused on wrapping bananas with condoms to teach such fundamental skills as these.

The second issue is practically a proof of Q's effectiveness in itself.  The speed with which Q has built up a radically loyal, unquestioning fanbase is phenomenal in every sense of the word.  Q's first post was on 28 October 2017, at 2:34p EST, and it is now the end of July 2018, as I write this.  This is an extraordinary success rate that would be the envy of any advertising agency spending millions in development costs and media buys, and Q has done it all completely free, at least in so far as we can see on this side of the veil.

One major criticism I have received is that I do not actually READ Q's drops.  Au contraire mon ami, I am not prone to sticking my neck out without some amount of protection in the form of in-depth research.

I could not criticize what I did not know and understand.  I have read all of the Q Drops (droppings?) and a fair bit of the "apostolic interpretations," and not a small amount of YouTube posts, as well.  As an example, let's take a look at Q's very first posts (on 4chan at that time):
"Anonymous ID: gb953qGI No.147005381  📁
"Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST)
"Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.
"HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities."

Perhaps I was asleep that day, but I just don't recall "HRC" being arrested on the morning of 30 October 2017, nor do I recall her movements being restricted any time in the past nine months.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Ignoring the grammatical mistake in the first sentence for the moment, it would seem that Q is not as omniscient and all-powerful as we have been led to believe.  The Q-vians (as we call them around here) ignore this bit and, in true irrational fashion, select only those bits that serve to confirm their pre-existing beliefs and desires.

Classic reflexive mind control manipulation.

In fact, it is a central part of Q Lore now that grammatical and spelling errors are part of the Q Code.  The mistakes can be assembled into coherent words and phrases with additional layers of meaning.  If they can't, then some element is still missing, and the Q-vians must wait for future mistakes to complete the puzzle.  Self-fulfilling prophesy and protective projections that preserve the myth over fact.

When there are factual errors, such as the Q Drop cited above, then this is rationalized as a communique to the Black Hats designed to elicit some reaction that will trip them up.

This is classic "operational correction," where mistakes are re-purposed to be part of The Plan.  One might even give a wink and a nod here and call it good enough for government work.  This is often seen in Indonesian staircases, where the rise/run calculation was incorrect and one of the steps ends up being 2 inches tall.  Oh well, lock it in and move on.

Another common criticism, not just of my articles but anyone criticizing Q, is that Q is not a LARP.  For those of us not in the know, a LARP means "live action role play."  It arose in the late 1970s, when Dungeons and Dragons fans started acting out their games in the real world.  More recently, the Pokemon fad was a classic LARP, combining fiction with reality.

Never mind that I have assiduously avoided the term LARP in my criticisms, this MUST be my intent, according to the critics.  This is a classic Straw Man argument.  Create an artificial target and attack it, appearing to tear down the actual argument at hand.

For the record, I do not think Q is a LARP, but I do think some of the Q-vians believe it is and act accordingly.

The Straw Man fallacy is often used when the opposing argument is too weak to confront the other side's assertions directly, so an alternative target is set up that sounds in keeping with the debate, then it is torn down in an attempt to claim victory.  Obviously, these poor folks are victims of American "education".

For the most part, the commentary on my arguments has been little more than expletive-filled rants that address none of the issues I have raised.  This is typical of what passes for rebuttal on the internet these days.  The sadly underdeveloped minds have few, if any, tools with which to fight back, and so angry monosyllabic tirades are all they can muster in their defense.  I have posted them all at the risk of offending more erudite critics for the purpose of displaying the caliber of mind Q attracts.

This is not an insult to anyone, but rather a demonstration of some of the points I am trying to make in this series.  Q appeals to its audience at an emotional level, by-passing the rational mind and going straight to the sub-conscious.  This is a key feature that I find alarming about the whole thing.

Another criticism is that I am anti-Q, yet when I reread my articles, it seems that I have taken a primarily neutral-to-skeptical approach, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, which I tend to level at pretty much anything in the public domain.  I have never said don't follow Q.  I have only presented cautionary arguments to hopefully inoculate the reader against a very potent psy-op.  Often, being aware of how a psy-op works is a big step toward not falling prey to it unawares.

This is precisely the reason why no one will go to the movies with me anymore.  I take all the fun out of it.

As I have stated several times, I find Q fascinating on a purely professional level.  The mastery with which it has been planned and executed - the subtle emotional triggers, the message of hope/salvation, the allure of finally achieving justice - are powerful messages and motivators, especially in a world long devoid of such things.

Nor am I immune to Q myself.  I first gained notice of Q because the message was appealing.  I wanted it to be true and projected my desire onto Q.  Being experienced in and aware of the power of the media is not a cure-all.  However, there are two quotes that help me, and perhaps might help the reader:
"The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It's the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other." - Douglas McArthur
The other is even more powerful:
"If you follow the crowd, you will get no further than the crowd." - Mark Twain 
 These two quotes are, for me, important reality checks.  If I find myself lured by sweet-sounding words, I rehearse these quotes like mantras until I snap out of the spell.

In all honesty, I am not sure about Q.  I have thought about all of this for months.  These series of articles have been stewing in my brain for some time and are the actual arguments I give to myself, wondering if this Q is for real or a malevolent force with destructive goals.  I am constantly flipping back on forth on this issue.

One thing that keeps me on the skeptical side of the argument is the quality (or lack thereof) of responses to anything perceived as negative regarding Q.  That is a major red flag to my way of thinking.  If Q-vians cannot muster rational arguments in their favor, then they are not thinking rationally and others should be wary.

I do not purport to have all the answers.  I am observing a phenomenon, examining the evidence, formulating tests, and seeking the truth.  If Q is good, then it will withstand assault by critical inquiry.  If Q is bad, then it will become obvious at some level of inquiry.  In either case, it is the inquiry that is vital.  It is a fairly simple concept that happens to take a lot of effort, which is why few folks do it.

Until now, Q has remained a fairly obscure phenomenon among the digerati, creeping like an undiagnosed cancer across the internet's underbelly.  If the current pace keeps up, it will soon explode onto the general culture and we must be prepared for the secondary wave of Q-vians to come.

Second waves are always more worrisome, because the emotional response is even further removed from the initial impulse, and thus are more fanatical.

Jeff Rense and several other critical thinkers that I value have encouraged me to pursue this line of inquiry, because frankly no one else seems to be doing it.  Either they are repulsed by the general response to Q skepticism, or they are deeply divided on what to think of Q themselves.

I think it is imperative to examine what is a rapidly growing cultural phenomenon and provide what insights I can muster.  It is my hope that some number of folks will find this valuable and think twice before diving in.  I do not counsel any course but caution when approaching Q.  It is a powerful force, and one from which we are still teasing out motives from behind the veil.

Interestingly, to reveal what is hidden behind the veil is the precise literal meaning of apocalypse.

P.S. - I am well aware of the Clinton/McCain (no name) boot/cast theory.  The posts also mentioned travel restrictions, yet Clinton has been to Europe, India and New Zealand, among other places.  Perhpas the restriction is for off-planet or Antarctica travel?

As for the boot/cast theory, given the lack of public acknowledgement that they are under arrest, I can make an equally valid argument that they read the Q Drop and are having a bit of fun at the expense of Q-vians  At their Deep State cocktail parties, they are laughing their fool heads off at how gullible people are.

Same evidence, two wildly different conclusions.  In fact, the spoof theory would also include Clinton's ridiculous wardrobe choices over the past few months. 

In my view, there are no White or Black Hats, just grey ones.  They are ALL in on Q and the entire psy-op is designed solely to passify the masses.  Same data and evidence, radically different interpretation, and in the lack of public acknowledgements, mine is the more plausible.

Had Q been a thing under the Obama administration, the "patriots" would have been having strokes denying and fighting Q.  And for the record, a patriot defends the land, people and culture of a country, not the government of a nation.  There is no such thing as benign government.

We shall see.

And in response to the email comment, yes my headlines - like Q - have multiple layers of meaning.  "Carp" is a bottom-dwelling 'trash' fish, but it also means to find fault or complain querulously.  Good catch!  Someone is paying attention.

As for the frequent accusations of our supposed Zionist bent, if you read the 1,000 articles and 14,000 tweets in our archive, you will find rather quickly and with fair assurance that I have truck with neither Zionism, nor the nation of Israel.  But thanks for playing along.


  1. Anonymous25.7.18

    I, for one, have enjoyed your series immensely. You’ve echoed and expanded upon thought’s I’ve had about this phenomenon, although you’ve clearly put more time and research into your opinions than I have. I also think you’re quite brave.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest installment in this serial high drama, but some camps are now running with the “Q is really JFK Jr.” concept. I must admit that their evidence that this is at least the intended message is compelling. It also adds another “Q” to your list: the graves/monuments to both JFK and Robert Kennedy, when seen from above, are contained within a perfect “Q” formation.

    I mention this to segue into the only line I’ve ever written about Q before now, and the response it garnered. I noticed that the “R” post (JFK Jr), which is supposedly linked to Q, contained errors in spelling and grammar. I made the rookie mistake of pointing this out and questioning whether JFK Jr., being such a highly educated man, would have made such mistakes. I got the expected “Oh, Q often leaves those as secret messages, just like Trump does in his tweets!” responses, but another one reminds me more of the messages people have been leaving you. “To judge the TRUTH by spelling and grammar is shallow.” I came within a hair’s breadth of pointing out that, no, it would have been shallow to discount the message because I disliked the font or background….but I thought better of it and just stepped away from the keyboard instead.

    Later on, I watched a video of a man making discoveries about this topic on the fly , and for the first time I witnessed this phenomenon for what it truly was, regardless of the veracity of Q. His eyes were blazing, he was shaking, and he was downright reverent. I think he even placed his hand on his heart as he watched—through watering, shining eyes-- a slideshow he had made of JFK Jr. To be clear, I’m NOT making fun of this man. I truly felt for him, wanted this to be everything he hoped it was for HIS sake--and feared what he might feel if this turns sour. He NEEDS this to be true to restore his faith in something greater than himself. What will become of him if Q --- and now R—lets him down?
    Sorry for the long response, but I had to tell SOMEONE these things, and I dare not speak of it elsewhere.

  2. Hillary was indeed arrested and tagged with an ankle bracelet last year --- as was John McCain. Google "Hillary ankle boot" and "hillary arm cast" and also google McCain ankle boot. --- They wore fake boots and casts to conceal the devices. They are still tagged ---- Mueller and Rosenstein work for Trump

  3. Amazing sets of information. Keep working at it.

  4. Anonymous29.7.18

    10/30 of LAST year, or THIS year???

  5. At one point in my life I was a big critic of Conspiracy Theory, and then in 1989 I watched a C-Span speech that John Stockwell, the former CIA Director of Operations in Angola, gave at American University.

    I read most of the books that he recommended, and then the world started making sense. Part of my reading appetite also included a life-long interest in Nostradamus’ writings and prophecies.

    That starts here:

    After reading Stockwell’s recommended books on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, suddenly I had my Nostradamus’ Epiphany. It all made sense.

    There are two facts that I wrote about over 11 years ago, one is that there exists a group Nostradamus identified as The Pagan Sect of New Infidels. That group has a long sordid history, and I try to keep it up-to-date here:

    Nostradamus also predicted a Great Scandal regarding this group…

    “Then the impurities and abominations, will to great shame, be brought out and manifested in the darkness of the obscured light; [it] will cease towards the end of the change in reign.”

    Some of that is examined here:

    So, The Q PSYOP is really a recruitment operation as well as a mechanism for selling a war with Iran.

    There is no-doubt in my mind that Podesta-PizzaGate is real, as well as the existence of an international group of child-sacrificing cannibal Satanists. It is there in Nostradamus’ writings and in the three books that I have written in the last 11 years.

    Andrew Breibart’s tweets about Podesta’s child-trafficking operation go back to 2012.

    Barack Obama’s Arab Spring is Nostradamus’ Great Proscription, and the NATO attack on Libya was the beginning of World War III.

    The Obama Ukrainian coup in 2014 I predicted by date, its conclusion will happen in 2019:

    The ball has been in play since they crowned Barack Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize that included a display of wizard weaponry now known as The Norway Light Spiral.

    All that said, there is no doubt in my mind that The Q PSYOP is Trump and team, and most likely President Donald J. Trump. In fact, Q’s tweets sound like Trump on steroids.

    Unfortunately, Trump and Team seem to be a part of The Greater Israel NeoCon Team financed by Sheldon Adelson.

    The sad connection and inclusion of notable villains to common sense, John Bolton and Nikki Halley on the Trump Team make every Trump-Q move questionable.

    Bolton had no problems playing for the Bush Team, as do other Trump Team players, so there is clearly something going on other than the Bush-Clinton Deep State vs. President Donald J. Trump and Q.

    In my book, Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, Volume I, Barack Obama returns in 2019. Trump and Q have to really screw up to allow that to happen.

  6. Anonymous31.7.18

    Q is not a psyop, you will be proven wrong soon, research #Qanonproofs as evidence

    your article is a larp

  7. Anonymous31.10.18

    i thought Q may well be an algorithm a few months ago,reading this article convinces me my hunch was spot on.


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