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Spe-Q-lating On Q

We want to express our sincerest thanks to Jeff Rense and his team for their invaluable support.  If this topic interests you, please keep an eye on the Rense Radio Network for exclusive content and updates as we ferret out the Q.

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For the reader wishing to investigate Q further, we recommend Serial Brain 2 posts and/or War Drummer videos.

Keep in mind that Q posts in EDT, and I post in WIB, which is roughly 11 hours ahead.  This will become important.

In the month of July, I have posted five articles on Q, with the first being published on 4 July 2018, my time.  This would have been during the night of 3 July 2018 EDT.  Q published a "drop" on 4 July 2018, then went silent.

My post just prior to this one was published on 24 July 2018, again during the night of 23 July 2018 EDT. Q began publishing again on 24 July 2018, but at a time that would have been 25 July 2018, my time, which was officially my birthday.

Given the internal logic and rules used by the Anons to interpret and decode Q drops, this would mean Q is communicating directly with or about me.  Do I believe this?  No.  Is this a curios coincidence?  Yes.

Q has frequently said, "There are no coincidences," and "Everything has meaning."  These are generalizations that are not true.  Therefore, on a purely objective, logic-based analysis, Q presented untrue statements as tautologies.  Therefore, Q is not always truthful.

If you are a Q-vian, turn off your emotions for a moment and look at the naked facts using logic, which Q commands that followers always do.  We have thus proved that Q is not always truthful, QED.

I think Q is real, not a LARP.  I think Q is part of a larger operation, known as a psy-op, to modify the thoughts and actions of a mass audience.  I think Q is working closely with Donald Trump, but I am unsure of the agenda and desired outcomes.  I have shown in previous articles that Q is highly sophisticated and operating on multiple levels of meaning in order to attract as many people to the psy-op as possible, for whatever ultimate reasons it has.

Q claims to want transparency, yet it operates in a completely opaque manner, not revealing who or what it is, not openly stating that it is working with Trump, using multi-layered codes and ciphers, and using symbols, which are powerful things.  Ask any religious person how they feel about the menorah, the cross or the crescent.  This is hardly transparent behavior.

Q purports to be US military intelligence, and that "Q" is the highest level of security clearance, yet according to public sources, Q is only used by the Department of Energy.  The military uses TS-SCI.

Q always uses the first-person plural "we" to refer to itself.  This could be implying that it is the work of a team of people, or it could be the "royal we," a collective pronoun that includes the reader or listener.  At this point, we don't even have conclusive proof that Q is human, and there are plenty of reasons to suspect it isn't (artificial intelligence, not aliens).

Given this lack of clarity on the issue of Q, we are left to speculate on who/what Q is and what its agenda is.  As wide open as that may sound, we do have some constraints, even in light of the fact that we cannot trust anything Q says, since we just proved it isn't always truthful.

Regardless of what your emotional response to Donald Trump is, we must admit he is a marketing genius.  He has built a sizable empire selling little more than his name.  None of his products are particularly innovative, but his techniques are.  In Texas, we would say he can sell ears to a mule, and he has according to observation.

Trump is also a master at reading people and trends.  This is why he excels in negotiating, since he is able to quickly ascertain what someone wants and what they are willing to do to get it, and he uses that very effectively for his profit.  I make no value judgement on this aspect, I simply note it as a fact.

We must ask, then, would Trump be capable of creating a mass marketing effort using resources that are free or nearly so, to create a plan that would appeal to a vast number of disaffected and disenfranchised people, and cement them into a solid voting base?  I must conclude yes.

I suspect, therefore, that Q is a marketing operation - a very sophisticated and powerful one, no doubt - but a marketing plan nonetheless.  I have demonstrated in previous articles how Q works as marketing, and that it is a psy-op by its very nature.  All marketing plans are.  Given that Trump has built a career on associating his name with quality, and thus imbuing anything with his name on it with an air of quality shows that he is more than capable of designing Q.

Like all good leaders, though, Trump knows that he cannot execute every aspect of his plan without the input of a great number of experts in various fields creating the operational aspects of the plan.

For this reason, I suspect a large and diverse team is operating Q.  I have no doubt that military intelligence is involved, but there are likely many others working on the many functional parts of Q.  There are researchers and coders and writers all adding their talents and skills to the effort.  Trump would certainly have access to such people, given his background in real estate and media.  There is no reason to doubt that he could assemble such a team.

Alternatively, Q might just as easily be an artificial intelligence able to perform most of these functions through a well-constructed series of algorithms.  It could research, compose, post, and analyze distribution and effectiveness (Q-analysis, see The Name of the Q).  If the system is well designed, it would likely take fewer than two or three humans to monitor it and manipulate the target results desired.  It would also be programmed with a set of rules for "speaking" that would make it sound as if it is a single person, in other words have a personality.

It is here that the reader may point out that Q speaks with a single voice.  It always uses the same grammar and syntax and vocabulary.  It almost never varies in the way it "sounds".

It is at this point that we introduce the concept of "corporate voicing".  For those who do not work in media, marketing and PR, you may be unfamiliar with this concept.  In simple terms, corporate voicing is a common practice of designing a "voice" for a corporation.  It is carefully crafted by committee to use the same syntax, vocabulary and grammar so that all public communications - press releases, publications, etc. - sound as if a single person is speaking to the reader/listener.

It is a well established practice in corporate marketing to develop a "voice book," key phrases, vocabulary, etc., that the marketing department uses to present the public "face" of the corporation.  This is most apparent in brands like Gorton's or Mrs. Smith's or Sara Lee, but most large corporations use this for annual reports, white papers, internal and external memos, and even automated email responses.  The reader can easily collect a variety of publications from any major corporation and notice that they all "sound" as if they are coming from a single person.

Using corporate voicing for Q is a major requirement for it to be as effective as it has been.  All the drops sound like they are written by one person.  Posted photos look like they are taken by one individual (lens height, perspective, etc.).  Even seemingly extemporaneous responses to Anon inquires follow the same tonal rules so that it sounds as if the same person is writing.  Simply, this is a very sophisticated chat bot.

If I were designing Q, the voice would be at the top of the list of things to do starting up.  Q must sound to the reader as if he is getting personal information from a single insider, much like a reporter meeting a source.  To my eye, the frequent repetition of key phrases is a dead give-away in this regard.

The voice is also important in giving Q authority.  It must sound confident, in charge, military, and plausibly connected to inside information to be believable.  Q's voice must project an image that engenders loyalty in the followers.  If at any time Q sounded unsure or insecure, it would break the illusion and cause doubt among the flock.  I cannot believe that any Q post is extemporaneous.  They are all carefully composed and ordered to maintain an image.

In our speculation, we need to decide what Q is in order to proceed.  This might evolve over time, given more information, however we need a working model.  So let's apply a test to see what we can tease out of Q.

If we apply the classic test of means, motive and opportunity to Q and, by extension, Donald Trump, then we can conclude that Q could certainly be a new kind of marketing design initiated by Trump.

Does Trump have the means?  He has a long career of very successful marketing efforts.  He has turned his own name into a luxury brand.  He created a very successful television show, by any measure.  He would most certainly understand all of the key features of a successful marketing plan, and be able to weaponize it in practice.  He has the people, experience and ability to create, fund, staff, and execute an effort as sophisticated as Q is.

Does Trump have the motive?  He wants to be elected to a second term, as well as populate Congress with sympathetic politicians, both to protect himself and to advance his agenda.  Having a tool like Q at his disposal would be a powerful ally in achieving his goals.  It builds and cements a solid voting base, by-passes the hostile mass media and social platforms, and communicates directly with voters, and presents an image of quiet power and authority necessary for a leader in his position.

Does Trump have the opportunity?  This question virtually answers itself.  Having the resources of the US federal government at his disposal would guarantee success in designing and launching something like Q.  There can be no doubt that he has the opportunity to operate Q.  Compartmentalized security would also afford him the opportunity to operate Q with almost no one else knowing about it.

We come, then, to some speculative conclusions about Q - what it is, how it functions, where it came from.  I caution the reader that I may be completely wrong, but given the overwhelming intersecting lines of inquiry in this matter, I think my conclusions hold up to scrutiny.

Given that Q displays all the primary - and many secondary - aspects of a marketing campaign, there can be no doubt that at least one major function of it is to market Trump's presidency, and to manipulate both the 2018 mid-term elections and the 2020 presidential election.  I make no value judgement here, as all marketing is designed to manipulate, regardless the product.  It simply is.

Q creates an image, builds trust, brands a product, and can be transferred onto any target the operator chooses.  It uses classic marketing tools, such as voicing, multi-layered sub-conscious appeal, emotional triggers, etc.  Regardless of any other consideration, Q is a marketing plan.

Given the winks and nods (a.k.a. "proofs") that Trump is said to have given Q, we can assume that he is, at the very least, aware of it.  Given his background and success in marketing, we can also assume that he played a major role in designing and implementing Q.  Since he is a primary beneficiary of Q, he would have some ownership of it, much as the CEO of a corporation would approve every aspect of a corporate branding campaign.

If we take Q's claim as true that Trump was recruited by US military intelligence to enact a counter-coup against the Deep State, then we should assume that military intelligence had some significant input on Q.  We should also assume that Trump brought his experience to the table and had at least significant input on implementation of Q, if not many of the design aspects.

Trump has stated for decades an interest in running for US president, and would have had a great amount of time to think this problem through.  It is quite likely that military intelligence presented a desire to communicate with civilians in a way similar to Q, and that Trump presented the means to do so.

When it comes to designing and launching Q, Trump meets the classic tests of means, motive and opportunity.  At least on a superficial level, Q could easily be Trump, or at least a collective of people loyal to him.  This is further reinforced by the fact that his presidency would be a primary beneficiary of a successful Q operation.

In closing, we remind the reader to go back to the beginning of this article and see that we have proved on a strictly logical and objective basis that Q is not always truthful.  Therefore, we must take any claims by Q with a healthy dose of skepticism.

We emphasize once again that we are not making a value judgement on or about Q.  We are examining the evidence, analyzing the facts, testing our conclusions, and weighing the possible outcomes.  The reader is asked only to approach Q with eyes open and be aware of what Q is, so as not to fall prey to a powerful psy-op.

There are hundreds of voices on the internet promoting Q with impassioned appeals.  To our knowledge, we are the only source of cold analysis of Q - so far - and we use the rules of the game Q itself has established.  We have not made our own mind up on what this phenomenon is, but we have presented careful arguments in favor of caution.

The choice to dive in feet first into the Q phenomenon is entirely the reader's.  We only advise testing the water before doing so.


  1. Not much in this article. While calling Q a liar, you forgot to mention that Q HD stuff many times that disinfo is necessary. The deep state reads Q.

    1. The current "system" has been established hundreds of years ago and a lot of mechanisms are at play to keep it that way. If you for a moment think that Q with his disinfo will fool anyone, you are naive.
      The good things Trump has accomplished are good indeed, but insignificant toward the whole...
      Arresting few sick people, even thousands trafficking humans,or engaging in stomach revolting activities is like wiping the stove while letting the pot overboil...
      You pick a gov agency and de facto nothing has changed...

  2. Anonymous5.8.18

    you forgot to mention that Trump has been suspected for decades of performing as John Barron to do phone interviews attesting to the greatness of Trump Co. projects. Q is not quite an avenue of military intelligence to communicate with the public, but an extension of their experimentation with cult/ mk-ultra projects.


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